96. BONUS CHAPTER! 2 Manik, Nandini, and their daughter Kairavi are having a good family time with each other. Their little daughter is lying in between them on the bed and asking questions about her parent’s love story which is her favorite topic.  Kairavi:- Daddy, Did you propose to Mumma for marriage?  Hearing her question […]

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95. BONUS CHAPTER! Nandini walks into their room and finds her little vixen daughter on the bed looking at her new soft toy while making a grumpy pout. Seeing her expression Nandini giggles, making her scoff at her mother.  Kairavi:- ( irritatingly ) Mumma…………  Nandini:- What happened to my little vixen?  Kairavi:- Daddy cheated with

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94. EPILOGUE! All the Malhotras and Murthys are at the dinner table for breakfast. But the situation at the table is not that pleasant for the rest of the members except Raman Murthy.  The little girl:- ( stubbornly ) Dad, I need a friend, friend, friend……..  Manik:- I don’t know anything, KAIRAVI. You are not

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93. ACCIDENT! Manik:- Why are you helping me, Harshad?  Harshad took a deep breath and looked at Nandini before explaining.  Harshad:- I met Nandini…… last night and instantly fell for her at the first sight. I never felt the way I felt for her. This is the first time I liked or said…… loved a

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91. KIDNAPPING! Ma:- I mean you are still a ki……  Before he could pronounce the complete word Nandini took his lips in hers’ aggressively and pinned him on the nearby wall making him numb.  Her lips are aggressively ripping his rough ones making him go mad in need. While Manik is still not in his

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88. HORMONES! Ma:- ( accusingly ) why don’t you get jealous in your sober state?  Nandini giggles hearing his question and encircles her hand around his neck to keep herself stable.  Nan:- because I know that you won’t look at any girl except me.  Ma:- ( surprisingly ) you are so confident in that?  Nan:-

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