PART-D The next morning, Manik woke up earlier than usual and prepared a special and healthy brunch for Nandini after taking some instructions from his mom. Much to his relief Mia is sleeping because of crying in the night for her mother.  After doing all the dishes and setting the table for their brunch he […]

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PART-C IN HOSPITAL  Nandini is doing her regular Check-up round in the COVID ward. While asking the patient about their health from a distance she comes towards a boy who is around 9 or 10. Nandini:- How are you, little champ? Boy:- hmmm not good… I don’t like staying here…doctor can I ask something?  Nandini:-

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PART-B Nandini is ready to go to the hospital but before going she gives clear instructions to both father and daughter to not make a mess of the house.  Manik:- ( kissing her forehead ) Go and fulfill your duty. And please be safe for me and Mia. We both need you more than oxygen

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PART-A MANIK MALHOTRA ( male protagonist ), perfect businessman, a supportive husband of Nandini Manik Malhotra, and a loving father of Mia Manik Malhotra. Loves his wife and daughter a lot, and can do anything for them. Totally mama’s boy. Attention seeker. Wants his wife’s attention all the time. Sometimes it became too difficult for

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