Nandini is doing her regular Check-up round in the COVID ward. While asking the patient about their health from a distance she comes towards a boy who is around 9 or 10.

Nandini:- How are you, little champ?

Boy:- hmmm not good… I don’t like staying here…doctor can I ask something? 

Nandini:- sure….

Boy:- will I be able to see my family again? I just want to hug my momma one last time.

Nandini:- hey…… why are you saying this? You will get better soon, just a few days more. 

Boy:- I heard the nurse talking about corona patients. She said that this disease has no cure. 

Nandini:- I won’t  lie baby, but it’s true that there is no cure for this virus. But this is not the way to behave. We have to fight this all together. You know what God is taking our exam and we have to top in this. 

And trust me soon we will get some medication and vaccines too to fight it. Just keep faith in god. God will never let anything happen to us. 


In the Malhotra mansion, Manik is handling Mia smoothly. She is troubling him but he is handling her calmly. 

Manik:- Now, what will we do, Bella? I don’t know how to cook. So, what we will eat.   

                         IDEA !! 

Manik:- ( to Mia ) we will take your grandmother’s help. 

He dialed his mother’s number, happily. When she picks up the call he immediately asks her. 

Manik:- Mom, how to make dal chawal. ( Rice and lentils ) 

Mom:- ( frowns ) why? ( Angrily ) You again fight with my bahu ( daughter in law ) why do you always fight with my daughter? 

Manik:- mom…. Relax. I didn’t fight with Nandini. Actually…….

Then he narrates everything to her in a few words.  

Mom:- ohk……  so, I will instruct you and you follow my instructions. ok? 

Manik:- ok maa, but what about my bella?  How will I cook holding her? Above all she is very naughty, she doesn’t let me do anything and she is not ready to sleep also. 

Mom:-hehehe… Manik, she is the same as you. You also troubled me like this in your childhood days.

Manik:- mom please don’t start again…… Nandini already lectured me on this. 

Mom:- ok..ok… I have an idea. You make Mia sit somewhere around you and make sure she is comfortable and doesn’t fall down. I will tell her dadu ( grandfather )  to make a video call and entertain her. You know your dad is a joker so he will keep her busy in his talks till then you cook. 

Manik:- yes, good idea mom. You are a genius. Today you proved that you are my mom. ( Raise his imaginary collar ) 

Soon a voice came from behind. 

Dad:- don’t call me joker. But I will do this only for my granddaughter.  

Manik makes Mia sit on the baby chair in front of himself so that he will keep his eyes on her. He gave his tab in her hands. Now Mia is busy gossiping with her joker Dadu ( grandfather ) who is making her laugh. Although no one understands what Mia is blabbering about.

On the other side, Manik cooks their dinner following his mother’s instructions carefully. 

From time to time he moves his gaze towards his daughter to see her endorsed in secret talks with her grandpa. He felt jealous seeing his baby giggling and talking with his father. 

Manik:- ( sulking like a baby ) she loves my dad more than me….. this is not fair!! Dad, you also took her in your team. 

His father laughed wholeheartedly giving him a victory look. 


After having dinner Manik is moving to and fro holding Mia in his arms to make her sleep. But his daughter is not ready to sleep and now she became a little cranky. 

Manik:- sleep my bella. 

But his daughter is the same as him, a stubborn head. She makes a cute angry pout as if saying she wants her Mumma. She will not sleep before seeing her Mumma bear. 

Manik:- ( thought ) both mother and daughter are the same. They both just want to rule over me. ( pouting ) Why am I feeling sad? I toh… love whenever they make me dance on their fingers. 

He giggles at his own thoughts. Seeing him giggling Mia makes a confused face. She lightly punched his chest which had no effect on her monster dad. 

Seeing his daughter’s frowns he mumbles a sorry to her and tries to make her sleep but he doesn’t know that his daughter is more stubborn than him. She needs her mother’s warmth to slip into a deep slumber like her father.  

Without saying anything Manik is roaming in the living area taking sad Mia in his arms whose head is resting on his chest. 


The next morning, around 6 Nandini came back home for just half a day. She placed her bag, phone on the table near the door. And move inside to see both father-daughter duo asleep on the couch. 

She smiles seeing her both lifelines sleeping cutely holding each other. Not wanting to disturb their sleep she moves towards the stairs to go for a bath but stops in mid hearing her name. 

Being tired both the father-daughter sleeps around 3. But Manik felt Nandini’s presence and immediately woke up and called her lovingly. Because of his movements, Mia also woke up. 

Manik and Mia both become happy seeing her. Manik picks up Mia and moves towards Nandini to hug her but she immediately moves back. 

Nandini:- Manik don’t come near me. First I have to take a bath. But tell me why you both slept on the couch? 

Manik:- ( sadly ) we didn’t even sleep without you. Because we both need you to make us sleep. I want to sleep in your arms. 

Mia is continuously moving in Manik’s arms irritatingly because she wants to go in her mother’s arms. She is continuously making sounds and extends her hands towards Nandini indicating her to take her. 

Nandini:- sorry……… my coco I can’t take you. Mumma needs to take a bath first . 

Beemar hai jo kis dharm ka hai

Humse na kabhi ye bhed hua

Sarhad pe jo wardi khaki thi

Ab uska rang safed hua

Nandini immediately moves towards the guest room to take a bath. Seeing her going away without taking her in arms. Mia cries loudly and tears roll down from her big doe eyes. 

Manik consoles her but she is not ready to stop her cries. Soon she starts hiccuping in between her cries. One thing is clear to him that no matter what, now she needs her mother. 

Nandini takes a bath immediately and comes towards her family in a bathrobe. She takes Mia in her arms who is crying badly till now. As soon as Mia comes in her arms she stops her cries but still hiccuping. 

Nandini:- aww, my baby misses me. Sorry baby. Really sorry. 

Nandini kisses her whole face madly. And keep her close to her chest and give her warmth to her.

Mia bites her shoulder, showing her anger.

Nandini:- my coco, is angry with her Mumma…….. Sorry my coco. It’s important for Mumma to go. 

Manik brought Mia’s water sipper and gave it to Nandini. She takes it and makes Mia drink water from it.

When she calms down. Nandini makes her lie in her lap and starts feeding her to make her sleep. 

Meanwhile Manik went downstairs to prepare something edible for his wife.

After feeding, Nandini makes Mia sleep in the middle of the bed by keeping pillows beside her to prevent her from falling. Then after changing into something comfortable she went downstairs to join her husband. 


Nandini descends the stairs and sees Manik is laying breakfast on the table for her. She thanks Ayyappa for sending such a supportive yet lovely husband in her life. 

Nandini:- MANIK! 

She runs towards him while calling his name and throws herself in his arms. 

Hearing his name from her’s he immediately turns around and opens her arms wide to engulf her.

He takes a round lifting her in his arms. 

Manik pulls her even more close to seek her warmth as much as he could and snuggles in her neck. 

Manik:- ( breaking the hug ) come have something….. you must be hungry. Ummmm ( hesitating ) actually you know na… that I don’t know anything about cooking and all, that’s why I made these simple noodles for you. For now, adjust with this only… tomorrow I promise I will learn something to cook for you. 

Nandini smiles at her cute and adorable husband. 

Nandini:- I can eat these noodles for a lifetime only because you cooked this for me. Your efforts matter to me not the dish or nor the taste. 

Manik smiles in return and makes her sit on the head chair and himself serve her. Till the time she is having her early breakfast Manik gives her all the details of his day, how Mia makes him run, and how he prepares dinner for himself and the list goes on…and on.

After having the romantic noodles date, Nandini stood up and started collecting the used dishes for washing. 

Without saying anything Manik pulls her away from the dinner table and picks her up in bridal style. 

Nandini:- Manik!!!! What are you doing? 

Manik:- taking you in our room because you need rest. 

Nandini:- but I need to do the dishes.

Manik:- ( placing her on the bed beside Mia ) I will do that afterwards. 

Nandini:- How much will you do alone? 

Manik:- shhh ….. sleep, you are tired. ( And adjust himself beside her in a little space ) 

Nandini placed her head on his chest and snuggled in his neck. Manik also pulls her in his arms and strokes her hair. 

Nandini:- thank you so much for doing all this for me. 

Manik:- doing what? 

Nandini:- cooking and taking care of yourself and Mia a whole day Without me.  

Manik:- you always do all this for both of us but I never thanked you. Then why are you thanking me?…….  Nandini, it’s our home, our daughter, so it’s not only your responsibility, it’s our responsibility to take care of everything when the other one is busy. 

Nandini:- hm….. I LOVE YOU. 

Manik:- ( kissing her head ) I LOVE YOU TOO. SWEET DREAMS. 

Not getting any reply he looked down and saw her asleep. 


To be continued…

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