62. ATHARV! Keeping a stone upon her heart and with the fakest smile plastered on her lips, Innaya walks inside Asha’s ward.  Innaya:- ( sweetly ) May I join the celebration?  Manik’s smile vanished seeing her near Nandini. Well, Arjun and Asha both couldn’t look happy too with her presence.  Divya:- Why are you saying

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60. DELIVERY! Manik opens the door while cursing the person in his mind but frowned, finding Arjun who is panicking. As soon as the door opens, Arjun speaks, making Manik worried.  Arjun:- Manik,….. Manik…… woh……  Manik:- Calm down Bhai, I am not running away. Stay calm!  Instead of calming down Arjun freaked out gaining Nandini’s

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