Innaya took out her revolver and shot a bullet aiming at Nandini only to hear a gasp from her in return. She triggered the gun three times at a time, making her shocked and scared. 

Nandini:- ( yelled on top of her tone ) MANIK!!! 

Hearing a strange sound and her yell everyone turns their attention toward her only to gasp at the scene. They all looked at her condition and panicked, ignoring the smirking Innaya. They followed her gaze and looked at the revolver in Innaya’s hand and it took them a second to understand what just happened!


The Dixits’ are shocked to see the monstrous avatar of Innaya. They can’t believe that Innaya can stoop so low to get what she wants. They never imagined that Innaya’s jealousy could be turned so evil that she would try to kill Nandini who has no fault. All the love and pampering they showered on her from her birth feel nothing right now. Today, they can’t do anything except cry on their faith and their upbringing.  

Otherside, Nandini panicked and palmed her stomach while looking at Innaya with teary eyes. Manik held her arm and wrapped his hands around her waist to prevent her from falling. His condition worsens than Nandini’s as if he is feeling the pain of her’s. His teary red eyes are proof of it. At the same time, his anger toward Innaya has no boundaries. He doesn’t know what he would do if anything happened to his wife. He can even kill Innaya for doing this with his wife but right now Nandini is his priority. 

Manik:- ( scaredly ) Nandini… Nandini? 

He pats Nandini’s cheeks who is getting unconscious. He palmed her stomach which she was clutching and felt nothing abnormal. Gathering all his courage, he looked down and didn’t even see a drop of blood. 

Manik:- Nandini, Where did she shoot you? 

Nandini:- ( in a timid voice ) In my stomach…

Manik frowns as there is no blood. Till now everyone gathered around her and panicked seeing her state but they heard their conversation which made them confused too. Before anyone could do anything Nandini faints in Manik’s arms, making him scared like hell. He cries hard and pats her cheeks to bring her back to normal while everyone tries to handle him. 

Manik:- ( panics ) Hey!… Nandini, open your eyes… Baby, please don’t scare me. ( stammers ) See, the bullets didn’t even touch you. Please, open your eyes. 

Hearing his last statement, Innaya looks at the faint Nandini only to realize that NOT EVEN A SINGLE BULLET TOUCHED HER. Now it’s her time to cry. She checked her revolver and bullets like an impatient psycho. At the same time, Arjun and Asha walk toward her in a rage and snatched the revolver from her hand before pushing her back hard. 

Arjun:- ( angrily ) Asha, call the damn police now. Someone needs treatment desperately.  

Asha:- ( angrily ) I already did that, Arjun. But she needs mental treatment before anything else.

Innaya:- ( hissed angrily ) What do you mean, Asha? I am not psycho.  

Asha:- that’s what I am saying! You are not just a psycho, you are an obsessive yet mentally ill patient. 

Innaya fumed in anger but Arjun’s words grabbed her attention who was checking the bullets with keen interest and ended up laughing.   

Arjun:- Innaya, are you even real? I meant don’t you check these bullets before…. THESE BULLETS ARE FAKE. THESE BULLETS WERE USED BY ACTORS TO MAKE NOISE ONLY AND DIDN’T HARM ANYONE. 

Yes, the bullets which Innaya used to kill Nandini were fake ones. Jack, the stranger boy tricked her because he wanted to have her body again and again with this same excuse. At the same time, Innaya is such a fool that she trusted that boy with whom she just spent a night.

Asha:- ( with a smirk ) Woh kehte hai na… JAKE RAKHO SAIYA MAAR SAKE NA KOI. ( It’s a saying, The one sheltered by God cannot be killed by anyone. ) 

On the other hand, everyone too heard Arjun but it didn’t calm Manik. He can never forget the thing that Innaya shot his wife thrice. 

Varsha:- ( worriedly ) If the bullets were fake then why was Nandini still unconscious?

Hearing her question, everyone remembered Nandini’s state and Manik instantly picked his ladylove in his arms. He walks out of the house while picking up an unconscious Nandini in a bridal style. He is taking her to the hospital because he can’t be lenient when it’s about her health. 

Arjun:- Manik, take care of yourself and Nandini. I am here and ( looking at Innaya with hatred ) will take care of her. 

Manik:- I want her in jail, Bhai. If I ever saw her around ME and MY WIFE then that day would be her last day. 

Saying this he walks out followed by the whole family except Arjun and Asha who is here to teach a lesson to Innaya. 

Seeing the tables turned in the opposite direction, Innaya used her favorite tears to melt Divya’s heart. 

Innaya:- Maa, please, save me! I know that I committed a sin but… ( crying hard ) but I wasn’t in my senses at that time. 

Asha:- ( sarcastically ) Oh really? You were not in your senses when you bought this revolver? You were not in your senses when you loaded bullets in your revolver? Or you were not in your senses when you pointed your gun at Nandini? 

Innaya:- ( tries to justify her act ) woh Mumma…. ( here she is talking about Avantika ) Mumma brainwashed me and made me realize that you will forget me just like Manik did when Nandini came into his life. 

Arjun:- ( disappointedly ) Such a terrible daughter you are, Innaya. You are blaming your biological mom just to prove your sin was an accident. I always thought that you won’t stoop so low then this… but every damn time you prove me wrong. 

Asha:- What can we expect from a girl whose parents are criminals and dragged her along on the wrong path? 

Innaya:- ( angrily ) Hey!… Don’t you dare to bad-mouth about my parents. I will kill you for doing that. 

Asha:- ( with a naughty smirk ) You will kill me but how? ( pointing at her revolver ) With this gun which has fake bullets? 

Innaya flared her nose angrily but she knew that she couldn’t do anything. She has to run from here before the police will catch her. 

Divya:- ( emotionally ) Why did you do that, Innaya? Where do we lack in? 

Innaya:- ( chuckled devilishly ) Where you were lacking, seriously? Why did you forget that I was just a replacement for Nandini in your life? 

Divya:- ( shocked ) Replacement for Nandini? ( emotionally ) How can you think like that, Innaya? I loved you from the bottom of my heart. I…. I never differentiate between you and Nandini. Instead of finding Nandini, I showered my love on you after accepting the fact that my daughter is dead. And here you are saying that you are a replacement! 

Somewhere she is right. She is a mother and she never can differentiate between Innaya and Arjun even though Arjun is her biological son. 

Innaya:- Then why didn’t I feel that your love for me is real? 

Asha:- because you were blind for the property. 


She broke down while crying hysterically and blamed herself for the entire thing. Arjun too got tears in his eyes seeing her state but he didn’t attempt to calm her. Otherside, Innaya has no regret except for the fact that Nandini is alive and with Manik.

Innaya rolls her eyes at Divya’s drama but her eyes soon widen when the police officers walk inside. Arjun explained every detail of her act, making her scared. She moves back and yells before the lady officer comes ahead to take her into custody. 

Innaya:- ( smartly ) What is the proof that ( pointing at the revolver in the officer’s hand ) this is my gun? 

This makes Asha nervous because she is right. The revolver has Arjun’s fingerprint because he held it in the end. 

Arjun:- ( grits his teeth ) We are witnesses, Innaya. We all saw everything with our eyes.

Innaya:- Officers, you can’t arrest me because there is no solid proof against me. They are creating a conspiracy against me to defame me.  

For a second the officers look at Arjun and Asha with suspicious eyes. 

Asha:- She is lying, officer. We witnessed everything… 

The officer:- ( cutting her in mid ) I can understand, Mam. But you don’t have any solid proof against her. 

Innaya smirks and smartly douched the police. But today is not her day. 

A voice came from behind which startled everyone. 

Suhana Ji:- I have proof! 

Arjun and Asha smile brightly whereas Innaya becomes nervous. 

Innaya:- What… What proof? 

Suhana Ji came forward and stood in front of the officers, confidently. 

Suhana Ji:- Manik Baba installed the CCTVs in every nook and corner of the house when everyone comes here. He is very protective of Nandini that’s why he installed security cameras everywhere except the rooms. 

This comes as a shocker for anyone. Arjun and Asha are not aware of this either. They can’t even dream that Manik can do such things for Nandini’s safety. Well, this shows his madness for her whereas Suhana Ji continues. 

Suhana Ji:- No one knows about that except me and Manik baba, not even Nandini Beti. Manik Baba told me about cameras so that I can keep an eye on everyone and can save Nandini from any harm as I always stay beside her. Because of so much chaos, I forgot to check the footage but you can check it. 

To be continued…

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