Innaya:- ( with a nasty smile ) I think I got my partner for tonight…… ( looking at Manik, seductively ) Manik, will you FUC* ME?  

Everyone gasps seeing her approaching Manik for such a thing in front of everyone when he is already married to the love of his life. Manik and Nandini fume in anger but before they could do anything Varsha comes ahead like a lioness. She stood in front of Innaya and placed a tight slap on her cheek for insulting her parent’s upbringing. 

Varsha:- Is it you who is speaking or it’s the alcohol effect? 

Innaya:- ( angrily ) You slapped me!… May I know why? Because I don’t think that I did anything wrong. ( roared angrily ) I am just asking for a night of Manik’s, nothing else… and if he wants then I am also ready to PAY BUT I WANT MANIK MALHOTRA AT ANY COST. 

And this is a limit for a mother. A mother can never hear such words or comments for her son or daughter. But today Innaya crossed every freaking boundary of hers, making her parents embarrassed. 

Varsha:- ( angrily ) Innaya, be within your limits and forget about MY SON. He is not a manwhore like you ( eyeing that stranger boy ) who will sleep around for money and pleasure.

Innaya:- ( in a rage ) What is wrong with this? 

Varsha:- For god’s sake! He is married. Don’t you have any shame? You are asking him to spend a night with you! 

Innaya:- ( smirking cleverly ) So what happened, Mrs. Malhotra? You are also dreaming about his and my marriage when you already knew he is married to his love? Isn’t that shameful for you? 

This is a reality check for Varsha who wanted to tie her up with her son who is already married to his love. Realizing all that she looked down in embarrassment and stayed quiet. The truth is always bitter and today she realized that. She realized that she was going to make a blunder while tying her son with her. 

Otherside, not having enough patience, Nandini comes ahead angrily and grits her teeth. 

Nandini:- Do you even know, What are you saying, Innaya? You are insulting MY HUSBAND and I won’t take that shit. 

Innaya grits her teeth seeing Nandini’s audacity to shout at her. 

Innaya:- Nandini, don’t you dare to raise your voice on me. 

Nandini:- why not, Innaya? You are standing in my home and insulting my husband and I can’t even raise my voice on you. 

Innaya:- ( sarcastically ) Your house! Really? Isn’t Manik, the one who bought this house? 

Manik:- ( annoyingly ) Well Miss Innaya, you don’t have any brain to understand this thing but still, I want to highlight that THIS IS OUR HOUSE, MINE, AND MY WIFE’S LITTLE PARADISE. So, please never try to separate me and her because it won’t be good for you. 

Innaya smiles brightly like a psycho lover of Manik and comes near him only to stop by Nandini who blocks her in a way, shielding her husband. 

Nandini:- ( angrily ) Don’t you dare to take a step NEAR MY HUSBAND or else…

Innaya:- Or else? What will you do, Nandini? Nothing! You can’t do anything! Today, I will make sure that Manik will be mine. 

Nandini:- You can’t even think what I can do to save my husband from a psycho lover like you. ( in an attitude ) Being a LANDLADY of this house I can throw you out of my home without caring about anyone. 

Innaya fumed in anger and curled her fist tight from taking out her revolver then and there. Nandini’s attitude is the last nail in the coffin for her. She is going overboard and her mind is bursting with jealousy. 

Innaya:- ( to her mom, Divya ) Mom, did you hear what she is saying?….. She is saying that she will throw me out. Throw me out!….. Does she have so much authority to throw Innaya out? 

Manik:- ( in a pissed-up tone ) Nandini has every damn right of this house. She can do whatever she likes without the consent of anyone. And I wish that Nandini would throw you before seeing your true face like this. 

Not caring about anyone, Innaya comes closer to him and holds his hand which he jerks in reflex. 

Innaya:- Manik, don’t say that… I LOVE YO…

Before she could complete her sentence Nandini pushed her back with all her force and gave a slap right on her cheek with a warning. 

Nandini:- ( angrily ) This is my last warning, Innaya. If you come near MY HUSBAND one more time then I would forget that you are a woman too. Don’t be in a misconception that I am a poor Indian lady who will bear all your touchers. I am an independent woman who dares to bring a fool on the right track. 

Innaya’s expressions change from frustration to pleading as she understands that nothing will happen in aggression. She has to compose herself and take sympathy to get what she is here for. 

Innaya:- ( with fake tears ) Mom, did you see that she slapped me? ( pointing at Nandini ) This low-class girl slapped me! 

And to her major shock, Divya turned her eyes away from her while crying hard. This is the first time when her mother didn’t consider her tears which comes as a shocker for her. Her gaze was broken by Arjun. 

Arjun:- ( gritted his teeth ) I wish that mom would slap you before so that we won’t get ashamed right now because of you. 

Divya looks down feeling ashamed of her upbringing. She realized that she spoiled her with her over-loving nature. 

Innaya:- ( in an offensive mood ) you are ashamed because of me, how ridiculous! You guys should be ashamed of her ( pointing at Nandini ) don’t know, with how many men she shared her bed with before ending up in Manik’s life. 

Manik roared and grabbed her neck to choke her to death. His red eyes made him look angrier and seeing him in this state the boy named Jack ran away. Whereas Nandini is trying to stop him from committing a sin. 

Nandini:- Manik, Leave her. You will kill her….. Manik, are you even hearing? 

Arjun:- Nandini, moves aside. Manik is doing right, she deserves that. 

Nandini:- This is not right, Bhai. No one deserves this! ( to Manik ) Manik, I said leave her. 

Manik:- ( with red eyes ) No… I won’t leave her alive. She points a finger at your character Nandini which I can’t afford. 

Nandini:- Manik, this is not a solution to a problem. By the way, if she is saying rubbish about my character that won’t make me impure, and trust me I don’t care about anyone except you. 

Manik:- ( roared ) But I care!……. I can’t hear such things for you. 

Nandini looks at Innaya who is on the verge of losing her consciousness. Seeing her condition she panics. 

Nandini:- Manik, you have my swear, leave her right now or else you will see my death.  

In a reflex, Manik pushed Innaya back and looked at Nandini, angrily. Whereas she relaxes a bit. 

Manik:- Don’t you dare to utter that word again. 

Nandini nods and massages his arms to cool him down. Everyone’s attention further turned towards Yashoda whose words again snatched the floor from everyone’s feet.

Yashoda:- ( to Innaya ) How dare you use such words to address my daughter? Did you see yourself in a mirror? You are the one who is selling your body and soul to get the pleasure for a few minutes. ( after a short pause ) You did the same that night and are doing the same today but the difference is only that…. That day you hid it from your family and today you confessed your nightstands in front of your family. 

It won’t take a second for everyone to understand her words. 

Varsha:- You knew about this beast side of her? 

Yashoda:- Yes! I am very well aware of this side of her because I am never in love with her blindly. 

Unknowingly she taunted Varsha about her blind trust in Innaya making her embarrassed again. 

Manish:- Why didn’t you tell us before? 

Vishamber:- ( dejectedly ) we have no proof to prove this…

Manish:- Vishamber, Did I ever ask for proof in any matter to you? 

Vishamber nods negatively. Otherside Innaya settles down on a couch royally and starts speaking in an annoyed tone. 

Innaya:- Oh please! Stop your melodrama. I can’t take it any more. Nandini… Nandini… Nandini this… Nandini that… I love Nandini… Nandini is a good choice for Manik… Manik loves Nandini the most… Nandini… Nandini… Nandini… I am fed up with this Nandini rant. 

Everyone looks at her with a frown as they are unaware of her next move. Whereas she expertly sneaks her hand in her shirt and grabs a revolver without giving hint to anyone. 

Innaya:- Nandini, I am fed up with you. So, I want to know… do you have any last wishes? By the way, I don’t want to fulfill that but still for formality. 

Arjun can sense that she is up to something dangerous because the rage and hatred for Nandini are clearly visible in her eyes. 

Arjun:- What are you up to, Innaya? 

Innaya:- Nothing, just asking casually. ( to Manik ) Manik, if Nandini would never come in between US then you would be married to me, right? 

Manik:- No! Manik Malhotra is only reserved for Nandini. 

Innaya:- Your bad luck but I am giving you a chance to live a HAPPILY MARRIED life with me. 

Manik frowned as well as everyone and seeing the perfect opportunity Innaya took out her revolver and shot a bullet aiming for Nandini only to hear a gasp from her in return. 

To be continued…

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