Manik and Nandini both serve lunch to everyone except Innaya as she was not present there at this moment. Later both the lovebirds sit too beside each other and wait for everyone’s response. Today they felt like they were school kids waiting for their report cards. 

Manik is more nervous than Nandini and why could not he? His wife’s respect is at stake today. Although he doesn’t care about the result as he knows Nandini is the best cook, still he wants everything in her favor for her happiness. 

On the other hand, the family is testing their patience and is well aware of the nervousness at the dining table. They all are trying to hide their smiles seeing the nervous Manik which is a rare sight to witness. 

Manik:- ( annoyingly ) Why are you guys testing my patience? Have your first bite and tell me how the food is. 

The family giggles seeing his desperation while Nandini squeezes his hand to stop him from creating any embarrassing situation for themselves. After what felt like an eternity, everyone has their first bite of the sweet dish and moans as the dish touches their taste buds. The love birds crossed their fingers and hoped for the best. 

Vishamner:- Nandini?

Nandini:- ( nervously ) Ji?

Vishamber:- ( smiles brightly ) The food is amazing. Although you don’t care about praise, but you deserve that. Undoubtedly, you are an amazing cook. 

Nandini smiles brightly showing all her teeth making everyone giggle at her cuteness except one soul who is happier than anyone right now, that is Manik Malhotra himself. 

Manish:- ( with a naughty smirk ) but Nandini, the sweet dish tastes extra sweet today, any specific reason? 

He asked this question as Yashoda informed everyone that Manik helped his wife in the kitchen to prepare lunch, making them go aww on him. 

Asha:- Ya Dadu, I also think the same. The sweet dish is extra sweet today. Why so, Nandini? 

Before Nandini could open her mouth to say anything, Arjun speaks.

Arjun:- ( teasingly ) Asha, the sweet dish is extra sweet because Manik Malhotra took EXTRA EFFORTS and did EXTRA ROMANCE to sweeten it. 

The “OH…..” chorus goes at the table making Manik and Nandini blush like a newly married couple. 

On the other hand, in Innaya’s room, she is sleeping keeping her head on a boy’s chest who is wide awake. The whole night she was so busy pleasing him that she forgot about the day and night which resulted in her sleeping till the afternoon. After an hour, she opens her eyes and the first thing she notices is the boy. 

Innaya:- ( rudely ) Why didn’t you leave yet? 

The boy:- Why would I leave such a girl in the bed who is lying naked in my arms? 

Innaya:- Our agreement ended after the night, right?

The boy:- absolutely right! 

Innaya:- then give me the thing which I asked for and leave from her without coming to anyone’s notice. 

The boy:- ( smirks devilishly ) I will go but before that don’t you want bullets? 

Innaya:- What do you mean by that? 

The boy:- I mean, you asked for the gun only so I brought one for you but you didn’t ask for the bullets, and without bullets, the gun is of no use. 

Innaya:- So? 

The boy:- you have to please me to earn those bullets. And trust me Babygirl I will shower bullets on you after that. 

Innaya smiles naughtily and hovers over him while bending down towards his lower to take him on a pleasurable ride making him groan. The room filled with his groans and her moans. Their voices are so loud that anyone can hear them from outside but luckily everyone is present at the dining table for lunch. 

After an hour they completed their one more round and finally, Innaya got what she wanted in return for her hard work which she did the whole night. 

The boy:- ( handing the revolver to Innaya ) do you know how to use it? 

Innaya:- Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult to handle. 

She smiles devilishly and opens one more bottle of alcohol while gulping down it in a minute without any stop. She is already not in her senses and now the fresh alcohol worsens her condition. 

Innaya:- ( evilly ) I WON’T LEAVE YOU NANDINI!…………….. I WILL GET MY MANIK BACK. 

The boy:- Who is Nandini?

Innaya:- none of your concern. 

Saying this she walks towards the gate only to stop by that stranger boy. He hugs her from behind and tilts her head before sucking the lovebites that he gave to her on the collarbone last night.

The boy:- ( huskily whispers in her ear ) I don’t mind seeing you like that………….. ( seductively ) but your parents won’t like seeing you like that. 

Saying this he eyes her naked self, lustfully. She rolls her eyes and wears his plain shirt which reaches to her upper thighs showing the excess skin without her inners. The top buttons of the shirt are also open which shows her cleavage and the bite marks giving hints to everyone about the happening. She was so drunk that she didn’t care about her state, not even the boy cared about it. She hides that revolver cleverly and walks down with an obsession to kill the girl who is behind her all miseries i.e. Nandini. 

The boy gathers his stuff and wears his pants without a shirt because his shirt was worn by Innaya. He didn’t know what blunder he is going to create but still, he follows her.  

Downstairs, Varsha is the first one who notices Innaya descending the stairs, and her mouth is left wide open seeing her state. She stood up from her chair in shock making everyone frown.  

On the other hand, Innaya comes down totally drunk and calls out for everyone, making everyone startle with her tone. 

Innaya:- arey… You guys are having lunch without me. ( looking at Divya ) Maa, what is this? Don’t you care about me anymore? 

Randomly everyone turns their head towards her side and sees her dress and state. Embarrassingly everyone averted their eyes and stood up in shock. Before they could come out from their shock, the same stranger boy comes down whistling and stands aside watching everyone’s expressions. They didn’t even take a second to understand the whole situation whereas Innaya didn’t show any sign of regret as the obsession to kill Nandini is on her head. 

Divya:- Innaya, What is this? ( surprisingly ) What type of cloth are you wearing? 

Hearing her statement, Manik rolls her eyes and murmurs “Is she even wearing clothes?”. 

Everyone gathers around her and the strong smell of alcohol hits their nostrils making them take their steps back. 

Nandini:- Innaya, are you drunk? 

Innaya:- ( sarcastically ) uups….. I am sorry, THE GODDESS NANDINI. I should not do that, I know! 

Nandini rolls her eyes at her sarcastic comment and asks Suhana Ji to bring a shawl or something to wrap it around her. Whereas Innaya had a sip from her alcohol bottle making everyone gasp. 

Varsha:- Innaya, what is this behavior? 

Innaya:- Uff mother-in-law, why are you shouting? My head is paining hearing your voice. 

Parveen:- Be in your limit, Innaya. You have no right to talk like that with my wife. 

Innaya:- Oh my god! How can I forget that Malhotras can never hear against their wife? 

Divya:- ( crying hard ) Innaya…

Innaya:- Uff… Mother India, don’t show your fake tears to me. I am fine, don’t worry.

Suhana Ji walks toward them and wraps a decent shawl around Innaya to cover her body. Furiously, Innaya removed that and pushed Suhana Ji back making her stumble but at the correct time, Nandini held her before she could touch the floor. 

In all this Viahamber is the one who is composed as he already knew about Innaya’s this shade. In contrast to this, Varsha is shedding tears while standing in the corner. She is cursing herself for blindly loving that girl who doesn’t deserve it. Today her trust breaks into million pieces, making her shattered. 

Seeing the atmosphere turning dark, the boy named Jack is all ready to leave but how can Innaya let that happen? Today she is in a mood to show her real self to her family and end Nandini’s chapter. In her obsession, she didn’t care about the consequences of her actions. She didn’t know that she would lose everything from Manik to all her wealth. 

Innaya:- ( sweetly ) Hey! Jack, where are you going? I am not done with you. I want you more. After that, you can go and I will look for another guy for tonight. 

Everyone gasps whereas her eyes land up on Manik. She looks at him from head to toe and smiles lustfully. Manik shifted a little from his place as her gaze is uncomfortable for him and no one can bear such creepy gazes on their bodies if they were men or women. 

Innaya:- I think I got my partner for tonight. Manik, will you FUC* ME?  

To be continued…

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