Vishamber walks out of Manan’s room followed by his wife running behind him to match his speed. He closed the door of their room and Yashoda asked the question which has been troubling her since morning. 

Yashoda:- Why didn’t you tell Manish Ji about Innaya’s club night till now?  

Vishamber:- What will I say to him? I don’t have proof to prove anything. 

Yashoda:- He is your friend. I am sure he will trust you. 

Vishamber:- I know he will trust me but at the same time, he bought up Innaya as his granddaughter. He will be hurt after learning Innaya’s true colors. 

Yashoda:- but this is not right. Manish Ji has the right to know about Innaya. Not even Manish Ji, everyone should be aware of her truth including Varsha. She is the one who wanted Innaya to be Manik’s wife. 

Vishamber:- Varsha would be hurt after knowing Innaya’s truth. She loves her like her daughter. She dreamt of seeing Innaya as Malhotra’s daughter-in-law. I can’t even imagine her state when she will get to know about that. 

Vishamber took a deep breath and slumped down on the bed. 

Vishamber:- I don’t know what I should do. I was too shocked when I saw Innaya with that boy then I can’t even imagine Varsha’s state. At that time I didn’t even want her to be Manik’s wife but still, the floor slipped from my feet seeing that scene. ( Stammers emotionally ) And I can’t…. Let Varsha go from that state. 

Yashoda:- The truth will never stay hidden for a lifetime. It will come out anyhow.

Vishamber:- I know! And I am fearing that dreadful day. 

They are unaware of the fact that Innaya’s truth will come out soon which will shake everyone to the core.

Well unaware of the upcoming storm, the love birds are busy bickering with each other making Suhana Ji and Arjun laugh at the crazy couple who are madly in love. 

Both the love birds i.e. Manik and Nandini standing at the entrance of the kitchen while Arjun and Suhana Ji are enjoying the free show. 

Nandini:- ( frustratingly ) Manik, Why are you so stubborn? 

Manik:- I can ask the same question Nandini, Why are you so stubborn? 

Nandini:- Manik, you are going from here or not? 

Manik:- Nandini, In how many languages should I tell you that “I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE”? ( after a second ) ok, let me pronounce it in Hindi…मैं कहीं नहीं जा रहा हूं। I can pronounce it also in Punjabi, listen… Oh kudiye, Maiṁ kitē vī nahīṁ jā rihā.

Arjun and Suhana Ji go aww hearing his sweet and cute Punjabi. They giggled seeing Nandini’s expressions who didn’t even understand a word in Punjabi. 

Arjun:- Wow Manik, you spoke Punjabi so well. 

Nandini:- shut-up Bhai. 

Arjun:- ( innocently ) Sorry. 

Manik:- oh hello, Mrs. Malhotra, why are you shutting everyone’s mouth who is praising me? 

Nandini:- Manik, don’t divert the topic. 

Before Manik could say a word more Yashoda walked near them and frowned seeing the drama. 

Yashoda:- What is happening here? 

Arjun:- oh nothing, just a casual Manik and Nandini fight. 

Yashoda:- ( gasped ) you both are fighting again? 

Manik and Nandini at the same time:- I AM NOT FIGHTING! 

Yashoda:- ( sarcastically ) ya… ya… I can see that! Will you please enlighten us on what is the matter now? 

Nandini:- I will tell you, Dadi. ( eyeing Manik angrily ) Manik wants to help me in the kitchen to prepare lunch. 

Manik:- Dadi, Why can’t I do that? She is going to prepare her first Rasoi which is not her first but still. I want to help her as this is MY WIFE’S FIRST RASOI TECHNICALLY MINE TOO.  ( dramatically ) So where am I wrong? If helping your wife in the kitchen is wrong then I am ready to make that mistake. 

Yashoda and Nandini roll their eyes hearing his filmy dialogues while Arjun and Suhana Ji clap with moist eyes. 

Yashoda:- Nandini, what is the problem if he will help you in the kitchen? You are lucky that your husband is treating you equally. 

Nandini:- ( unknowingly words slipped out from her tongue ) You won’t know HIS KIND OF HELP IN THE KITCHEN, Dadi. He will keep romancing instead of helping me out. Kisses and hugs….

Suddenly she stopped when a flushed Manik pinched her waist bringing her back from her land. 

Nandini:- ( innocently ) What happened? 

Manik:- ( blushingly ) rewind your words, you will understand yourself. 

Nandini innocently rewinds her words and a loud gasp leaves her mouth making her palm her lips in shock while the rest of the audience laughs at her expense. She curses herself while making cute-cute faces. 

Manik:- ( complaints, to Nandini ) Now say, who is shameless, me or you? Who discloses private secrets in front of the family? Idiot. 

Nandini tries hard to hide her blush but that damn blush is not ready to leave her cheeks while she murmurs a cute apology to her husband. 

Yashoda:- ( teasingly ) Oh… Manik, you do hanky-panky in the kitchen also, not bad. 

Manik:- ( smirks ) Ya… I learned it from my Dadu. ( raise his eyebrow with a smirk while crossing his arms ) You are aware of it, aren’t you? 

Now it’s Yashoda’s turn to blush like a newly married bride. 

Arjun:- ( teasingly ) well Manik, I don’t care what you will do inside the kitchen but I hope that you won’t serve poison to us as you know I want to live for my son. 

Manik shoots daggers at him for making fun of his cooking skills and seeing the right opportunity Yashoda and Nandini ran in the opposite directions to hide their blush. Arjun runs towards his room to save himself from MONSTER MALHOTRA followed by Suhana Ji. 

Otherside Nandini is breathing heavily and palms her eyes blushingly. Manik walks inside the kitchen and the sight just makes him go aww on his wife. He covers the distance in two big steps and puts his chin on her shoulder, making her blush darker. 

Manik:- ( brushes his lips on her ear, sensuously ) So… Mrs. Malhotra, Do you want my help or am I allowed to do anything which I want?  

He whispers huskily and travels his hand a little down to grab her curve which only he owns. Nandini’s heart rate increases while the blush is constant as he palms her both the twins making her go insane.

Nandini:- ( stammers because of the proximity ) Manik, we are in…. In….. the kitchen. 

Manik:- ( teasingly ) I know, that’s why I am maintaining my decorum. 

Nandini spat his hands away from her curves and turned around to face him. 

Nandini:- This is your decorum, right? 

Manik smiles cheekily, making her roll her eyes. 

Nandini:- Shall we start? 

Manik:- ( surprised ) I mean here!… right now? I have no problem, let’s start. 

Saying this he bends down to capture her lips only to be pushed by his dear wife who looks at him shockingly. 

Nandini:- One track mind! I am talking about lunch.

Manik nods, hiding his naughty smirk. 

Manik:- I will make dough for chapatis and you will prepare dishes as per your wish, ok?  

Nandini:- do you know how to make dough? 

Manik:- Nandini, don’t underestimate your husband. 

Nandini nods her head in disbelief and takes out the wheat flour into a bowl. Manik took the bowl from her hand and as per his naughty nature, he poured a little flour on her, making her giggle. 

Nandini:- You won’t change! 

Manik:- ( giggles ) Never!!!

Nandini too giggles seeing her charming husband and gets busy with her work. After an hour she almost prepared all the dishes and looked around her husband who is busy cutting veggies for a salad. He is working innocently without troubling his wife. Although he doesn’t know even C of cooking still he tried to help her in every possible way. He also cried like a kid while cutting onions making her adore her cute husband. 

Nandini again falls in love with him seeing him supporting her in every thick and thin. HE IS LITERALLY A HUSBAND’S GOAL and any girl can be jealous of her because she got such a supportive and loving husband. Without caring about anything, she hugs him from behind while circling her arms around his waist and places a kiss there as a thank you gesture. 

Manik:- ( imitating her ) Nandini, what are you doing anyone can see us? We are in the kitchen? Who gets horny in the kitchen?

Nandini pouted cutely and smacked his bicep. 

Nandini:- Don’t copy me! 

She breaks the hug after hearing the chaos in the dining area. 

Nandini:- I think everyone is here. 

Manik:- Hmm… let’s serve together. 

Nandini:- Manik, you go and wash your hands. I will serve everyone. 

Manik:- Nandini please, don’t start again. 

Saying this he walks out with the dishes and places them on the table while Nandini brings the rest of the dishes. Seeing Manik’s state everyone got to know that he helped his wife in the kitchen as his apron is covered with flour and flour but nobody says a word to him. They all are happy that they raised a gentleman who knows how to treat his wife.

Asha:- Manik, you look cute in the apron. So, wear it more often. 

Manik gives a lip-tight smile to her and serves everyone. 

To be continued…

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