Keeping a stone upon her heart and with the fakest smile plastered on her lips, Innaya walks inside Asha’s ward. 

Innaya:- ( sweetly ) May I join the celebration? 

Manik’s smile vanished seeing her near Nandini. Well, Arjun and Asha both couldn’t look happy too with her presence. 

Divya:- Why are you saying that, Innaya? You are a member of our family and my lovely daughter. So, you don’t need permission to join us. 

Innaya smiles wickedly and hugs her mother to make Nandini jealous but she is unknown of the fact that she would never get jealous of anyone because she has MANIK WHO IS WHOLEHEARTEDLY HER’S whereas Manik chuckles at Innaya’s failed attempt to make his Nandini jealous. 

Nandini got immense love from her Kaka in her childhood who was her mother and father both that now she doesn’t want that motherly love from anyone. Kaka would always stay in her heart in her mother and father’s place. 

Ajay:- By the way, Innaya, where were you last night? ( after a pause ) You were not in your room when I came to inform you about going to the hospital. 

Innaya fumbled, making the youngsters suspicious. 

Innaya:- Um…. I…. I was with my friend. Recently she shifted here so I went to meet her.

Varsha:- ( sternly ) No problem, Innaya. But you should inform any of us about you going out with your friend. 

Innaya looks at Varsha with wide eyes as for the first time she used a hard tone for her which didn’t go well with her. She understood that Nandini is making a place in Varsha’s heart which increases her insecurity. To make the situation in her favor she lied. 

Innaya:- I informed Nandini about me going out with my friend. ( innocently ) Didn’t she inform you guys? 

Divya looks at Nandini as if she committed a crime whereas Nandini looks at Innaya shockingly because it is a proper lie. She didn’t even go near Innaya after Manik’s warning then talking with her is not even an option. Before she opens her mouth to defend herself, Manik and her Bhai, Bhabhi come forward for her support. 

Manik:- ( sarcastically ) What a joke, Innaya! Didn’t you get tired after joking out of your capacity? 

Asha:- By the way Innaya, why would Nandini inform anyone about your whereabouts? Has she started a job as a messenger? ( to Nandini ) Did you, Nandini? 

Nandini denies instantly and defends herself. 

Nandini:- Innaya, Why are you lying? You are lying in front of your parents. Didn’t your parents teach you not to lie? 

Manik chuckles seeing his wife who turned the table and put Innaya in a complicated situation. Whereas Divya looks down in shame as she is the one who forgot to teach her manners because of her pamperings. 

Varsha:- ( disappointedly ) You are lying to us, Innaya. Today you disappointed me. 

This is the second shock for Innaya that her true supporter is taking Nandini’s side. But being a cunning daughter of Avantika she turns the situation in a second. 

Innaya:- I am sorry, Mumma. 

Divya:- ( smiles forcefully ) It’s ok, baby. 

Innaya:- ( tries to be over-excited ) Nandini, I also want to hold the baby in my arms, give him to me. 

Asha:- Did you know how to hold a baby, Innaya? 

Innaya:- What type of a question is this, Bhabhi. Obviously, I know how to hold the baby. ( to Nandini in a rude tone ) What are you looking at Nandini? Give the baby to me. 

Not having any option, Nandini unwantedly hands over the baby to Innaya and instructs her how to hold the baby, properly who shoots glares at her. 

Picking up the baby Innaya held him so tightly that the hold pained the little soul who ended up crying but still she didn’t loosen her hold. Seeing this Nandini immediately took back the baby, making her frustrated. As soon as the baby comes into Nandini’s hold he gets quiet, making everyone surprised. 

Innaya:- ( frustratingly ) Nandini, Why are you snatching my rights? Don’t you have enough! 

Nandini:- ( calmly ) calm down, Innaya. Don’t speak so loudly when the baby is around. It is not good for the baby and do you enlighten me when I snatched something from you? ( possessively ) What I have is because I owned them. So, throw that misconception that I snatched something that was yours. 

Arjun:- ( sternly ) For your information Innaya, Manik is not a thing that anyone can snatch from anyone. He is an adult who can choose with whom he wants to love and live. 

Divya:- Why are you guys targeting Innaya all the time? 

Asha:- It’s not about targeting anyone, Maa. It’s about the truth which Innaya should be aware of. Every day she creates a situation and tries to put her down, don’t you see that or do you try to cover that? 

Nandini palmed her hand to stop her because she didn’t want to be the reason for the conflict between anyone. 

Nandini:- calm down, Bhabhi. It’s a happy moment. Please don’t spoil it because of anyone. 

Yashoda smiles seeing Nandini’s maturity and the way she handles the situation. She pats her head lovingly and caresses her cheek affectionately. 

Yashoda:- She is right. Leave everything and suggest any name for this cute little minion. ( caresses the baby’s cheek ) 

Kiran:- Arjun, Asha, did you guys think of any name for the baby? 

Arjun:- Ji Dadi, we finalized three names for the baby and we want Nandini to choose any one name for him because it’s her right as a Bua. 

Nandini feels overwhelmed by their gestures whereas Innaya has nothing to do except getting jealous of her. 

Asha:- So, Nandini chose one name from… Atharv, Krishav, Ritvik. 

Nandini:- ( pouts cutely ) Tough choice, Bhabhi. 

Manik:- I am here to help you, my love. 

Saying this he kisses her cheek in front of everyone making her shocked. Asha hoots like a teenager brightening Nandini’s blush and complaints to her husband. 

Asha:- ( to Arjun ) why are you not like Manik, Arjun? Why don’t you romance with me? 

Arjun looks at his wife with horror while Kiran says pointing at the baby. 

Kiran:- If he didn’t romance with you then where did he come from? 

Asha bites her tongue and joins Nandini in her blushing session. 

Manish:- If everything is done then, Nandini, choose a name for the baby. 

Nandini closed her eyes and took a deep breath before whispering the chosen name in the baby’s ear. Hearing the name, the baby’s lips curved into a smile slightly. His smile is so small that only Nandini noticed. 

Asha:- ( excitedly ) So, What is the name, Nandini? Tell me….. 


Everyone claps happily while Arjun and Asha repeat the name with moist eyes to feel the pleasure. 

Innaya:- ( smiles faintly ) Nice choice, Nandini. 

Nandini:- ( sweetly ) Thanks! 

Manik narrowed his eyes seeing Nandini who passed a smile to Innaya much to his annoyance. 

Asha:- Arjun, when will we go back from this hospital? 

Manik:- Don’t worry Bhabhi, I talked with the doctor and she informed me that you will get discharged after two days. 

Asha:- Two days? Are you serious? I am not going to lie in this bed for freaking two days. 

Arjun:- ( while rolling his eyes ) You have no choice, wifey. 

When the bickering is happening, Innaya leaves the hospital in a rage and ends up again in a club. Nowadays she is getting added to alcohol and sex. She can’t even spend a day without the drinks and sex. Now and then she needs a guy who will fuck her like a monster so that she can imagine Manik and feel the pleasure of getting into his pants. She is spending Ajay’s money in the clubs or on the bed-like waters to get what she needs. 

Today is one of such days, she walks inside again a strippers club and finds a guy who is on one of her nightstands. Without any shyness, she approached him like a slu* and throws money in his face. 

Innaya:- come to the room. 

The guy smiled evilly while Innaya ordered a shot for herself to get drunk. 

The guy:- ( eyeing the notes bundle ) this is not enough. I want more and something different from you. 

Innaya:- what was that? 

The guy:- What can you offer? 

Suddenly Innaya smirks devilishly and throws one more bundle of notes on his face, making him delighted. 

The guy:- So desperate to fuc* by me!…….. I like it! 

Innaya:- I want your help. If you will help me then I will make you a billionaire. 

The guy:- ( while smirking ) What did you want? Directly come on point. 

Innaya:- I want you to arrange a gun for me and I want it within a day. 

The guy:- ( suspiciously ) What would you do with it? 

Innaya:- None of your business. 

Saying this she walks closer to him and grabs his hardened tool making him forget everything. The guy feels immense pleasure from her hold. 

Innaya:- say, would you arrange the gun for me? 

The guy:- ( lost in pleasure ) Why not? But now I want you!…

He picks her up while smashing his lips with hers and takes her inside a private chamber to fulfill her once more pleasurable ride. 

To be continued…

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