Nandini is ready to go to the hospital but before going she gives clear instructions to both father and daughter to not make a mess of the house. 

Manik:- ( kissing her forehead ) Go and fulfill your duty. And please be safe for me and Mia. We both need you more than oxygen and come soon.

Nandini:- I will try my best to come back soon. 

Nanhi si hasi

Bholi si khushi

Phoolon si woh baahein bhool gaye

Jab desh ne di aawaz humein

Hum ghar ki raahein bhool gaye

Nandini takes Mia in her arms and hugs her tightly because it’s really difficult for anyone to go anywhere leaving their family during this crisis. Also, It’s very difficult for a mother to leave her child alone in the initial days. Tears slipped down from her eyes but she controlled herself for them and planted a small lovely kiss on her forehead, silently giving her love to her child. 

Nandini:- ( to mia in a toddler tone ) momma will come back soon my coco. And don’t trouble your dad it’s only your momma’s right. Ok??

Mia very keenly listened to her and nods cutely as if she understood what her mother said. 

Manik:- ( mocking ) see….. Now, who is spoiling my daughter? Ha…..

On his statement Mia smiles sheepishly. 

Manik giggles seeing her daughter’s antics  and takes her from Nandini’s hold. 

Once again he hugs her and drops her till the car. 

In hospital 

Dr. Anubhav:- Dr. Nandini, I think you should leave it’s 6pm. Your daughter must be missing you.  

Hum soye nahin kayi raaton se

Ae jaan-e-watan sau chaand bujhe

Humein neend usi din aayegi

Jab dekhenge aabaad tujhe

Nandini:- but sir how can I leave. There are many emergency cases pending. I can’t leave them and go home to spend time with my family. It’s my duty to serve them. 

Dr. Anubhav:- you are truly a talented and a good human being, Dr. Nandini. Seeing doctors like you doing their duty without any expectation is really making me feel proud of being a doctor.  

Nandini:- sir, it’s not only me who is working alone. There are many other doctors, paramedical staff, policemen, and others too who are doing their job in this pandemic. So, there is nothing special in me. 

Doctor Anubhav smiles at her gentle nature and leaves after blessing her. 

In the evening, Manik calls Nandini again and again but she is not picking up the call making him restless. At the last ring she picks up his call and Manik immediately starts asking her questions in a worried tone. 

Manik:- nandini are you fine? Why are you not picking up my calls? You know how worried I was. Ohhh god…… you scared me like hell MRS.MALHOTRA. 

Nandini:- ( smilingly ) Manik, relax I am fine. Actually I got so busy that I forgot about my phone. 

Manik:- here, I am worried for you and you are smiling….. great. You couldn’t understand my situation when you didn’t reply to any of my messages. 

Nandini:- sorry naa….. I was busy and the phone was on silent mode. ( After pausing ) How is mia…? 

Manik:- wow…. Your husband is tense here and instead of asking about me you are asking about your daughter. ( Dramatically ) you replaced me with that LITTLE PACKET. ( Pointing towards mia ) 

Nandini:- that little packet is OUR DAUGHTER. 

Manik:- arey…wah!!! Glad to know that.

Nandini:- don’t know I left you to babysit my daughter or I left my daughter to babysit you. Isn’t it really confusing to know who is the child in the house? 

Manik:- haha….. is it a joke? 

Nandini giggles at her husband’s antics. Whereas Manik signed in peace because it’s his plan to divert her mind from all the negativities and to hear his all-time favourite music i.e her giggles. 

Nandini:- ( smiling brightly ) so…. What are you doing?

Manik:- nothing…. Just living the moment talking to you and fulfilling father’s duty. 

Nandini plamed her face on his ever romantic behaviour. 

Nandini:- so…. FATHER ON DUTY… what is my daughter doing? Is she giving you a tough time? 

Manik:- ( proudly ) she is Manik Malhotra’s daughter. She is very smart and intelligent, not like her mumma. She is playing with me or precisely I say she is forcing me to play with her. ( At last his tone turned into a tired one ) 

He said while looking at her daughter who is sitting in front of him on the mat and keenly observing him with her big doe eyes. 

Nandini laughs at her cute husband. She knows how difficult it is to handle a baby and that to a MALHOTRA baby who is hyperactive and a trouble maker.  

Nandini:- she is the same as you….. mom, told me once that you also troubles her the same as your daughter does. 

Manik:- mom na…. Never leave a single chance to embarrass me in front of my wife and daughter. Leave all this tell me, had your lunch?  

Nandini:- Um…. Not yet. 

Manik:- ( freaking out ) what!!….. Nandini it’s 6:40 in the evening and still you didn’t have your lunch…. What should I do of you? Your health is also important. 

Nandini:- sorry….. please don’t get angry. 

She asks forgiveness so cutely that it melts her husband’s anger. 

Manik:- ok…. I forgive you only for this time. 

Nandini:- I love you….. 

Manik:- love you too… come back soon I am missing you. 

Nandini:- hmmmm

Manik:- How is the situation there? 

Nandini:- ( getting serious ) it’s not fine, Manik. Everyone is scared. I don’t know whether I am doing right or wrong but I can clearly see the hope in their eyes. They are scared but they too want to get better and want to see their family again.

(She continues further after taking a short pause)

you won’t believe Manik. There is a girl who is just one month older than our Mia. She is also suffering from the same virus. And much to my disliking we have to put her away from her parents. Can you believe it? She is staying away from her parents. 

Listening to all this Manik got scared and took Mia in his arms and tightly hugged her. As a father, he can’t even think of staying away from his daughter, his MIA.

Manik:- No problem Nandini. I will handle everything here. But please don’t make yourself tired. Take care of yourself for me and for mia. ( From his tone anyone can understand that how much he is scared for her ) 

Nandini:- you too take care of yourself, my love. Please eat something and make Mia eat her cereal too. I will try to come soon. 

Manik:- ok…. I will wait for you. 

Nandini:- hmm…ok, we will talk later. I need to go.  

Without replying anything Manik cut the call immediately knowing the depth of the situation. 

After putting the phone on the side table he immediately squeezed his daughter in his arms. The mere thought of staying away from her is enough for making him restless. 

Mia made a bad face because of his tight grip. She struggles to come out from his hold but all her attempts failed. At last, she cries, and as expected Manik loosened his grip around her. 

Manik:- what happened, bella? 

Mia turns her face aside showing her anger towards her father. 

Manik smiles and squeeze her both chubby cheeks lovingly to make her laugh. 

Manik:- ( in toddler tone ) why…my baby…is sooo cute… 

The room filled with her laughs and with manik’s giggling sounds. 

Manik:- ( to mia ) sorry my bella, your mother can’t come right now.  She needs to fulfil her duty. So , you have to eat what your father  cooks and no tantrums. Understood?

Mia :- ooooooo…….

Teri mitti mein mil jawaan

Gul banke main khil jawaan

Itni si hai dil ki aarzu

Teri nadiyon me beh jaawaan

Tere kheton me larawan

Itni si hai dil ki aarzu


Nurse:- Dr. Nandini it’s an emergency. Dr. Supriya is waiting for you in the ICU. 

Nandini:- what happened? 

Nurse:- The COVID infected patient having problems in breathing. He needs to be treated immediately.  

Nandini fastly wears her PPE kit ( Personal protective equipment )  and moves towards ICU.   

Majboor hui jab dil ki duaa

To humne dawa se kaam liya

Wo nabz nahin phir thamne di

Jis nabz ko humne thaam liya

To be continued…

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