The next morning, Manik woke up earlier than usual and prepared a special and healthy brunch for Nandini after taking some instructions from his mom. Much to his relief Mia is sleeping because of crying in the night for her mother. 

After doing all the dishes and setting the table for their brunch he moves towards their room and sees the most beautiful view. 

Mia is totally snuggled in Nandini’s neck and clutched her right arms as if stopping her from going away. 

Manik smiles at his daughter’s nature which is somewhere the same as his. He moves towards her lady and adores her for some time. 

Manik:- I don’t have any heart to wake her up….( Sadly ) but I have to. 

He kisses her forehead and calls her lovingly.

Manik:- wake up, baby. You have to go to the hospital. 

Hearing the hospital’s name Nandini immediately wakes up and starts panicking. Because of her moments Mia also woke up. 

Manik:- stop panicking baby…. Take a breath. 

Nandini:- ( irritatingly ) what breath, Manik? I have to take a bath then I have to prepare lunch for you and Mia. 

Manik:- brunch is already prepared and I will make Mia eat her food. ( Naughtly ) but the bath is still left. If you want I can also do that for you. So….. Can I join you in the shower. 

Nandini:- ( blushingly ) BESHARAM….. ( shameless ) 

Saying this she pushed him aside and left for taking a shower. 

Here Manik for sometime plays with Mia and takes out Nandini’s outfit for today. At the same time, he received a call from his P.A. about something important, so he got busy with it. 


After having their meal and spending the much needed time with her family Nandini is ready to go to the hospital again. 

But she is having a tough time while handling Mia who has become cranky. She didn’t let her go anywhere. 

Ma :- my bella …. come to papa… see.. Mumma has to go. 

Manik forwards his hands to take her from Nandini’s arms but his stubborn daughter slaps his hands and digs her face in her mother’s neck while blabbering something. 

Nandini giggles. 

Ma :- ( irritated ) hehehe….. stupid! 

Nandini laughs wholeheartedly on his irritated face. Seeing her laughing, Manik too smiles and Mia makes an adorable pout with a confused face not knowing the reason behind their laugh. 

After almost 15 minutes of consoling, Manik took Mia forcefully from Nandini’s arms, making her cry out loud. 

Mia is crying hysterically in Manik’s arms and struggles hard to come out from his hold but her efforts fail miserably. 

Seeing her condition both got tears in their eyes. Who will see tears in his/her child’s eyes? Their condition is becoming worse witnessing Mia’s tearful eyes.   

But this time Mia is crying continuously seeing her Mumma going again. Manik tries everything possible to stop her or to distract her but his every effort seems to be failing. 

Ma :- shhhh….. bella… sh…. Mumma will come soon….. till then you play with your papa….

Nandini moves away from there keeping a stone on her heart and with tears in her eyes. It’s very difficult for her to leave her daughter. But she needs to do this for her country. It’s her duty to give priority to her patients for whom she is like a  god figure.  

Teri mitti me mil jawaan

Gul banke main khil jaawan

itni si hai dil ki aarzu

Teri nadiyon me bah jawaan

Tere kheton me larawan

Itni si hai dil ki aarzu

Manik comes out behind her to see her off. He takes her in a side hug while kissing her head lovingly and wipes a tear that slipped down from her eyes.  

Nandini:- Manik…. She is crying so much. I am her mother. How will I go seeing her in this state? 

Manik:- ( calmly while controlling his own tears )  I am her father too…. Nandini. Don’t worry I will take good care of her till you come back. And she will get used to it within a few days. You go…. 

Nandini nods with a heavy heart and walks out. Mia’s cries follow her till she gets out from Malhotra residence. 

Seeing her fading car, Manik was not able to control himself more and tears fell down from his eyes. 

Manik:- ( with slight tears ) come back soon. Be safe  and take care of yourself, LOVE. 

Seeing her father crying Mia stopped her crying session and wiped his tears cutely while nodding her head in NO. 

Manik chuckles with tears in his eyes on his cute bundle of joy. 

Manik:- oh… my BELLA…… BELLA……. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY CUTIEPIE….. ( pouting cutely )  let’s go inside and make something to eat because your father is hungry again. 

Mia claps seeing her father’s pout. Finally seeing her smile Manik too signed in relief. 


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