28. DDLJ…

Nandini slowly – slowly moving towards Manik. She is continuously talking and giggling, skipping Manik’s heart from its place. He is still in her land that’s why he didn’t know about his whereabouts. He kept looking at her in a daze.

Raj is seeing Manik and Nandini shockingly. He is continuously moving his neck from Manik to Nandini shockingly. Because their dresses are exactly the same. It looks like their dresses are made up of one single cloth.

Raj:-  wah…… Kya Pyaar hai. Their clothes also showing their love.

Manik came out from Nandini’s land listening to raj and then noticed his or Nandini’s dress to be the same. He smiles seeing their same choice.

Soon MURTHY’s family reached near them. Seeing them Nandini excitedly wished them. 

Nan:- Good morning Raj uncle ….. Good morning Manik.

Raj:- ( while kissing her forehead ) good morning to you too my lovely lady.

Nan:- By the way, what are you guys doing at the door?

Raj:- oh… Nothing else, it’s just my son is helping wedding decorators to set the flowers perfectly. You know na… how helpful nature he has.

Ram:- ( mocking ) ohh yeah I know how helpful nature he has. ( Giving both father and son Knowing looks which say I know everything why you are standing here )

Understanding his looks Manik too gives a “DON’T UNDERESTIMATE ME, MY SASUR JI” look to Raj who makes a bad face at it.

Ram:- ( mockingly ) How irresponsible you guys are? Your guests are standing at the entrance and you are not inviting them inside. This is not good manners at all.

Saying this he moves inside holding Nandini’s hand. Raj and Manik both frowned at his mocking tone.

Raj:- ( frowning ) why is he behaving like this? ( Turn towards Manik ) Did you do something? Or does he also have the same dream as you?

Ma:- ( suspiciously ) did you tell him about my dream?

Raj:- oh….. So my guess was correct. You really saw that dream. ( Patting his own back ) good job Raj …… You are an astrologer also.

Ma:-  so should I buy land for your office.

Raj:- which office??

Ma:- arey, your ASTROLOGY office.


Manik said this in a sarcastic manner but Raj took it seriously.

Raj:- Right now I don’t have time for this. You know an office and all. And I have a wife too. If I take this then I don’t get time to romance with her.  But I think about this when I retire only till the time you don’t make me grandfather.

Ma:- ( frustratingly rolls his eyes ) dad, you know what are you saying? You are clearly telling me to make you grandfather.

Raj:- So what I am just telling you. But you have to do it. You know what I mean. 

Ma:- ( palmed his face ) answer my one question. ( Clearly pronouncing each and every word ) DID YOU TELL RAMAN UNCLE ABOUT MY DREAM??

Raj:- No… Are you mad? If I told him that na…. then he holds my neck first then yours.

Ma:- you have a point. But why is he behaving like that? 

Raj is going to say something but Manik ignores him and goes inside leaving him with an open mouth. Seeing him like that, the workers who are working around giggle.

Raj:- Kutta ….. ( To the workers ) what!!! …… do your work. There is nothing to laugh at. 

Here Manik comes and stands beside Nandini. Seeing him beside Nandini, Raman pulls Nandini in a side hug and takes her away while making an excuse for something. Seeing Raman’s move, Manik makes a horrified face.

Raj:- tch tch tch….. my POOR SON. Now, what will you do to have your girlfriend?

Ma:- ( smirking ) don’t worry dad. Yeah DILWALA APNI DULHANIYA LE JAYEGA. ( this lover will take his girl away from everyone ) 

Soon Everyone gathered in the living area and the whole ceremony started. At last Dhruv and Alya exchange the rings. Everyone clapped for them and their family members congratulated them. After this everyone dispersed to the dining area to have lunch.

All the family members came and settled down together. Everyone is having a gala time while teasing the engaged couple but there is one soul who is doing something different from everyone.

That’s none other than Manik Malhotra who is flirting with Mrs. Ishita Murthy.

Ma:- ( to Ishita ) Hey, my name’s Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight?

Ishita giggles hearing him. I mean why not, every woman loves when men give them special attention. Whereas Raman is becoming a hot air balloon that is ready to go into the sky with Manik. 

Ram:- And I am an ANTIVIRUS. Can I scan your system?

Manik laughed but controlled himself because he doesn’t want to flop his plan.

Ma:- I must say aunty you don’t look like a mother of three kids. Tell me, did you adopt all of them?

Raj frowned seeing his son flirting with the mother of his girl leaving his girlfriend. Raman becomes jealous listening to his cheesy lines and glares at him. He glares at his wife too because she is responding to his flirting with a smile.

Whereas Nandini becomes suspicious and gives him a “what is going inside your brainless brain” look. Which Manik ignores royally. 

Ram:- Mr. Not so smart Malhotra, stops flirting with my wife and the second thing is that Only Cabir is adopted whereas Abhi and Nandini are our own kids.

Everyone heard a glass breaking sound and everyone moved their gaze towards the direction from where the sound came.

The sound is coming from Cabir’s side. Actually, Cabir is doing his favorite job which is eating. Listening to Raman he becomes shocked and the plate falls from his hold and makes a shattering sound.

Ca:- ( cribs like a baby ) Mumma……. See na…. What’s dad saying?

Abhi:- Dad is saying the correct, Cabir. I know the truth always hurts but this is reality my brother accepts it.

Nan:- Bhai…… Don’t say it like this.

Ca:- I love you my Kajol, my sister only you love me.

Nav:- Cabir, she doesn’t love you she is showing sympathy only.

Ca:- navya you also supporting them.

Ram:- see…she is my daughter.

Ca:- ( dramatically ) Mr. Raman Murthy, I am fed-up with all this. Now I want all my rights and the whole property which is under my name.

In return, he received a flying shoe which was thrown by his dad.

Ram:- take it you deserve this. I have only this for you. Take it and go away.

Ca:- Dad, at least give me another pair of these shoes. What will I do with only a single piece?

Hearing him everyone palmed their faces and muttered “gone case”.

Ram:- Navya beta, why are you spoiling your life for him? You deserve a better man.

Ca:- Dad, don’t you want your grandkids? Who will give you this happiness?

Abhi:- For your kind information my brother, I already gave this happiness to dad. So now we don’t need you for that. You can go now.

Ca:- it’s cheating Bhai, you said muku bhabhi is pregnant. Now you are telling dad that you are going to give grandkids. To whom I trust?

Raj:- Cabir, go back home and bring one thing which you forgot at home.

Ca:- ( confusingly ) what?

Instead of Raj, Raman replied. 


Everyone laughs seeing Cabir’s sulking face and goes towards the dining area to greet the other guests. Manik followed Ishita everywhere and flirted with her all the time giving hard time to Raman. 

Raj:- ( to Manik ) what is going inside your mind, my son?

Ma:- ( smiling ) nothing dad, I am just diverting Raman uncle’s attention from Nandini to Ishita aunty.

And his plan is working in his favor only. Raman’s attention is now shifted on Ishita. He is deliberately taking his wife away from Manik so that he can’t flirt with her. In this process, he forgot about Nandini.

Raj:- oh… So that you can have your personal ” WE ” time with her. Not bad … I always thought that you are a brainless creature but today you proved me wrong my son.

Ma:- Dad, are you complimenting me or insulting me?

Raj:- ( genuinely ) I answer it with honesty. I am insulting you but you can take it as a compliment. 

Ma:- ( bad face ) ohh thank you for complimenting me. I have been waiting for it since birth. Now I feel like my motive of living is fulfilled.

Saying this he goes to find his lady. It’s been 15 minutes since he is finding Nandini but there is no trace of her.  But suddenly someone pulled him into a room. He closed his eyes due to fear and shouts.

Ma:- ( in panic )  MUMMA………

But suddenly someone slapped him on his cheek, making him quiet. After the slap, he opens his eyes to get shocked seeing the person standing in front of him. Seeing the person he became angry.

Ma:- ( gritted teeth ) DAD………. What is this? You have no right to pull me like this. What will you do with me alone in a room?

Raj:- oh… If Nandini will do this then you don’t have any problem. And I don’t want to do anything with you MAN, I am straight don’t you know. You and Alya are my proof of being straight and being loyal to my wife. 

Ma:- you know what sometimes it’s become irritating having a cool father. And please I don’t have any interest in your sexual life. So, cut this crap and tell me why you pulled me here.

Raj:- Ohh …haa I forgot that Nandini is in my room. Actually, Nyo gave her some work. I know you have been finding her for so long. So, go and meet her, my lover boy.

Manik has slight tears in his eyes which he wipes dramatically.

Ma:- you are a great dad. I am happy to have you as my father. You are not like an AKHBAR who gave punishment to ANARKALI, his son’s lover. You are like an AMRISH PURI from DDLG who is sending his daughter with her lover.

Raj:- ( confusingly ) but Manik you are my son, not a daughter.

Manik ignored his stupid question and kissed his cheek tightly out of the excitement of spending quality time with his lady love.

Suddenly the door opened and the group of people entered inside with bats and brooms making both father and son duo scared.

To be continued ……….

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