Manik ignored Raj’s stupid question and kissed his cheek tightly out of the excitement of spending quality time with his lady love.

Suddenly the door opened and the group of ladies entered inside with bats and brooms making both father and son duo scared. Seeing the lady who is in front of them both yelled.

Ma / Raj:- MOM / BIWI ……….

Nyo:- where is the girl, Manik?

Al:- you don’t take tension, Manik. I will handle her, you just tell me where is she?

Nav:- why are you standing?

Hearing her, Manik who is shocked till now seeing his mother and sister in their real Avatar with bat and broom comes back to his senses and sits down on the bed quietly.

Nav:- ( irritated ) now why are you sitting?

Ma:- ( innocently ) so what can I do now? I can’t fly.

Before Navya smashed his face a voice came from their back. And a person comes forward struggling among the ladies.

Ca:- ladies let me come forward. ( To Manik ) Bhai …..you don’t need to get scared I am with you, I mean we have this ladies gang now tell us, who is the girl who pulled you here?

Ma:- which girl??

Ca:- Manik you don’t need to hide it. I saw with my eyes ( pointing towards his eyes ) someone pulled you here and you shouted saying “MUMMAA”. That’s why I brought our ladies army to handle that girl who is forcing herself on you. 

Muk:- Manik, just tell me where is she? I will handle her in my way.

Ma:- ( frowned ) but you don’t bring any stick, bat, or broom with you.

Muk:- ( showing her hands ) you really think that I need those materialistic things to show someone their real place.

Nyo:- Manik, why are you standing quietly? Who is the girl who pulled you here? You don’t have to be scared of that girl. I will show her hell because she tried to reach her hand on your dignity.

Raj:- ( frustrated ) please keep quiet guys. No girl pulled him here. It’s me who pulled him here and trust me his dignity is safe with me.

Ma:- maa, dad is saying right. He is the one who pulled me here. No girl dares to pull me like this ( in a low voice ) except one.

Muk:- aunty I told you right, not to trust this Cabir. He is mad and making us mad too.

Nyo:- ( angrily ) Cabir…… What’s this? You have to confirm it before coming to us.

Ca:- sorry Aunty …… This happened so suddenly that my mind got blocked. I got tense about Manik’s self-respect. What if all this turns out to be true and a girl takes advantage of him in his house only.

Ma:- ( sarcastically ) yaa….. And I will let her take me.

Ca:- don’t know ….. You are a boy na ….. I am also a boy and I know we boys have very little control over ourselves in these matters. 


Ca:- ( nervously ) sorry bro, you got angry. I am just kidding.

Al:- but we are not kidding, Cabir. I will not leave you. Only because of you I come here leaving everything in mid. 

Saying this all the ladies move towards Cabir to beat him. Seeing the perfect opportunity Manik sneaks out from there to meet his lady love.

Ma:- only because of this stupid Cabir my precious 10 minutes got spoiled.

Soon he reached his destination and started knocking on the door. But Nandini is not giving any answer. 

Ma:- Nandini, please open the door. It’s me.

Here inside the room Nandini is sitting and doing her work. She heard a knocking sound and got up to open the door but hearing Manik’s voice she planned to tease him.

Nan:- ( from inside ) WHO “ME”? I don’t know someone named ME.

Manik banged his head on the door seeing her drama mode on.

Ma:- Nandini, please open na…

Nan:- ( cutting him in mid ) haww…… Manik what will I open? You shameless boy. Stop your double-meaning talks.

Ma:- ( lean his head on the door ) haww….. You cheater. You are the one who is thinking of double-meaning things. Now, please open the door. Don’t waste time.

Listening to his pleading voice her heart melts but her teasing plan is still on.

Nandini immediately opens the door and Manik’s head lands directly on her chest.

Nan:- ( pointing towards their position ) DOUBLE MEANING …. Right?

Manik straightens himself and holds her hand tightly. He dragged her Whereas Nandini was clueless. But still, she is in a naughty mood. She abruptly stopped in mid.

Nan:- ( dramatically ) hawww…… Manik, you are kidnapping me? Why? I loved you………….. then why??

Ma:- ( horrified ) what do you mean by LOVED YOU? You still love me and will always do!

Nan:- ( in attitude ) you never know. If I fall for someone else, Then?

Ma:- I will break his bones.

Saying this he picks her up, making her shocked.

Nan:- ( in a loud voice ) Manik what are you doing? Someone will see us. Please put me down.

Ma:- ( simply ) No… I am proving you right by kidnapping you.

Nan:- ( shouting ) Manik, I said put me down or else…

Ma:- ( lovingly ) or else my love??

Nan:- or else I will shout ……

Ma:- ( sarcastically ) so, what are you doing right now?

Nan:- ( angrily while wrapping her arms around his neck ) I will show you now ……

Ma:- Nandini, your words and actions don’t match.

He laughs after saying this. Nandini got irritated listening to his laughter. She bites his chin making him wince in pain. 

Ma:- ( teasingly ) although I love your bites on my body. But I love it more when you give me this in different-different places.

At this time he reached his room. He places her down and goes to lock the door.

While here, Nandini is standing thinking of something to do to irritate him. After getting an idea she moves to execute her plan. 

After locking the door Manik is moving inside but something comes in between his way due to which he tripped and fell on his stomach. He yelled in pain gaining Nandini’s attention but she ignored him.

Manik makes a crying face seeing her doing something in his cupboard instead of giving him attention.

Ma:- ( still lying down in the same position ) Nandini, it’s hurting me. Please come here and help me to stand.

Nan:- Manik, you are not a kid. Help yourself. I am busy right now. By the way, how did you fell? I mean your weight is the same as a road roller. And it’s not easy to move a road roller.  Then how?? ( Ask innocently )

Ma:- ( joining his both hands together still lying on the floor ) I am really sorry for asking for your help. You keep doing your work ( gritted teeth ). It must be more important than me. 

Shrugging her shoulders she keeps doing what she is doing. Here Manik himself got up but again one cloth directly came on his face making him frowned. 

Ma:- from when these clothes start flying??

He looks around to see the source from where the clothes are coming. When his eyes landed on Nandini he got scared. He quickly moved towards her and pulled her back from his cupboard.

Ma:- ( scared ) Nandini, why are you throwing my clothes here and there?

Nan:- ( pouting ) because you forcefully brought me here.

Ma:- ( joining his hands ) please don’t do this, if mom sees this na….. then she will break my legs for messing my room and cupboard.

Nandini giggles seeing his scared face. She locks her hand around Manik’s neck. He too holds her waist pulling her close and signs holding his peace in his arms. 

Nan:- awwww……. Mumma’s boy. But I love this Mumma’s boy.

Ma:- ( pulling her closer, their chests touching each other ) I am daddy’s son too….. should I show you.

Nan:- ( winking at him ) I would love it too.

Ma:- ( romantically ) ohhh….. So Miss.Murthy wants to do some romance.

Giving a damn to his talks Nandini slammed her lips on his. Whereas Manik giggles seeing her desperation for him.

But to his annoyance, she moved back before he could respond.

Ma:- what the ….!!!

Nan:- ( innocently ) What happened, Mr.Malhotra?

Ma:- don’t act innocent, Nandini. Why don’t you let me kiss you?

Nan:- ( in attitude ) MY LIFE, MY TERMS, AND CONDITIONS.


Nan:- no…There are no rules in love. That’s why MY TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Ma:- ( facepalmed ) you are impossible.

Nan:- thank you.

Ma:- ( narrowed eyes  ) it’s not a compliment.

Nan:- but I take it as a compliment. Any problem?

Saying this Nandini pushed him and he fell on the bed. She settled herself on his torso, making him smirk.

Ma:- I loved this Nandini. ( Pointing towards her )

Nan:- this Nandini means. ( Holding his collar in anger ) how many Nandini do you know??

Ma:- this Nandini means THE ROMANTIC NANDINI which I see only a few days in a month. You know na….. how much actual Nandini is unromantic.

Nan:- ( tracing her nose with his nose and cheek, in a seductive manner making his breath heavy ) so what do you think about this Nandini?

Ma:- ( with closed eyes, biting his lower lips ) hmmm…..

To be continued ……

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