Manik pushes Nandini on the bed and hovers over her. Caging her hands under his hold above her head and places his lips on her cheek for a gentle peck. 

Nan:- ( shocked ) mani… What are you doing? Someone will see.

Ma:- No…… First, give me a kiss without arguing or else…

Nan:- ( narrowing eyes ) or else?

Ma:- or else I will not let you go until you give me a kiss.

Nan:- mani…… ( But stops in mid listening to him )

Ma:- ( with seriousness ) Nandini, first tells me how you felt when cabir says that you are pregnant?

Nan:- I really get shocked. You tell me how you felt?

Ma:- I don’t know why but I become super happy hearing this news. 

Nan:- but how can this happen? I mean you know we never did it, then…..

Ma:- I know that we didn’t do it. But I am really looking forward to that day. When I will make you pregnant.

Nandini’s cheeks turn red like a tomato. She turns her face avoiding his constant gaze.

Whereas Manik smiles at her shy nature and kisses her cheeks tightly.

Nandini turns her gaze again and looks into his eyes to find deep love or desire for her. Manik moves downwards to take her lips for a soulful kiss.

Nandini closed her eyes seeing his lips approaching hers. Finally, Manik placed his lips on hers and sucked it like a lollipop. He kisses her passionately.

Nandini gives him full access and pulls him towards herself through his neck.

Suddenly the door opened with a THUD sound-making both of them come out from their kiss land. Someone came inside with a shocked expression.

Manik made an irritated face and got angry because his kiss stopped in mid. Whereas Nandini is shocked and her eyes widened, knowing that someone saw them together in this position. She tries to push him and to look at the person who opened the door but she is trying to do impossible things.

Soon the love birds heard a shout which shook them to the core.


Raman roared, making Manik faint in Nandini’s arms. Whereas she is scared like hell although she knows that her father is very cool but he is very much possessive for her. And on top of that, no father likes their precious daughter in someone else’s arms in front of his eyes.

She is continuously patting Manik’s cheeks to wake him up but there is no improvement in him. He is still lying above Nandini and sweating like hell.

Having enough of Manik’s PDA, Raman pulls him up from his collar and pushes him away from his daughter.

Due to movements Manik comes back to his senses and opens his eyes with a jerk. He makes a cute innocent puppy face seeing Raman standing in front of him with a baseball bat.

Nandini immediately stands up and goes towards Raman to cool him down. 

Nan:- ( nervously ) dad….. Please calm down. It’s not like that, what you are thinking ……..

Ram:- Nandini, you go out. I will handle him.

Ma:- ( scared ) NO….. Nandini don’t go. Your father will MANHANDLE me. You know na…I am a  ” handle with care product of MALHOTRA’S “.

Nan:- ( rolls her eyes ) Manik shut up!! This is not the correct time to discuss all this. 

Before Manik could protest, Raman raised his hand which had a baseball bat and hit him on his bum.

Manik yelled in pain and sat on the bed immediately. He rubs his bum because it hurts him a lot.

suddenly he opens his eyes after hearing some laughing sound to see his dad is rolling on the bed laughingly. He roams his eyes and finds himself in his own room and there is no Nandini around which makes him sad. But he released his breath, not finding Raman here.

Something stuck in his mind. He took a few seconds to understand that HE IS DREAMING  and right now he is sitting on his bed and his dad is still laughing, don’t know why.

But one thing is true that he is seriously feeling pain in his bum. He glares at his dad, blaming him for the pain and asking him through his eyes why he hit him early in the morning.

Raj replied, seeing his glares. 

Raj:- I didn’t do anything. See your back. ( Pointing towards a person who is standing behind Manik )

Manik frowned and slowly turned behind to find his sister standing in full rage holding a rolling pin. He gulped his saliva in tension. He almost forgot about his pain.

Al:- MR. MANIK MALHOTRA, did you forget that today is the first function of your sister’s marriage.

Ma:- ( stammers ) nn…..

Al:- ( angrily ) don’t just don’t !!! Here your sister ” slash ” bride is standing and waking you up. Don’t you have any responsibility towards me?

Ma:- I…

Al:- ( yelled on top of her voice ) And why the hell YOU ARE SMOOCHING YOUR FELLOW PILLOW SO PASSION?

Listening to her, Manik’s eyes widened in shock after knowing that he is smooching his pillow assuming it to be Nandini. His hands automatically move towards his lips and rub them vigorously.

Here, seeing Manik’s actions Raj could not control himself and again rolled down on the bed laughingly. But soon controlled his laughter.

Raj:- ohh… My… My… Alya, why did you disturbed him in his romance? Don’t you want his babies who call you BUA ( aunt )? Trust me his babies are going to be super soft, super comfy, yes not to forget light weighted.

Ma:- ( whining ) dad….. Please don’t start your comedy circus here. ( Turning towards Alya ) di… Why did you hit me so hard? It really hurts me here. ( Rubbing his bum again )

Al:- so, what should I do to wake you up? I am waking you up for the last fifteen minutes but you are really into kissing your pillow assuming it to be your girlfriend. Now get up and come down after getting ready and be fast.

Saying this Alya went out.

Ma:- ( to raj ) now will you do the honours to get out of my room.

Raj:- I am your dad, show some respect to me. And what is this MY ROOM ….. This is my house, I built this home from my hard work. There is nothing which belongs to you, not this house or my wife. ( Showing his possessiveness towards his wife )

Ma:- ( rolling his eyes seeing his dad’s drama early in the morning ) dad… Why didn’t you tell me that you were labour before becoming a businessman?

Raj:- shut up!!!  I am going out but tell me first why you were sweating in your dream?

Manik nervously rubs his nape. Raj noticed his every move keenly.

Raj:- did you see Raman in your dream?

And he hits the bull’s eye. 

Ma:- ( widened eyes ) wha…t…ar…e…

Raj:- ( after some moments with a suspicious look ) you are kissing a pillow assuming it to be Nandini and the way you were sweating before… It looks like Raman caught you kissing his daughter. ( thinking deeply ) If Raman caught you both together… That means ……

Saying this he laughs again assuming his son’s condition. Whereas Manik looks down in embarrassment and runs inside the washroom to save himself from his dad.

Here, Raj is still laughing at his son’s expense. He knocked on the washroom door and yelled from outside.

Raj:- Manik wash your lips properly. I don’t want you to ditch MY NANDINI.

Here inside Manik is standing in front of a mirror and washing his lips. He felt like his lips lost Nandini’s taste and he found himself cheating on her.

Soon he heard Raj’s voice and his possessiveness woke up when Raj referred to Nandini as “MY NANDINI”.

He immediately came out and saw his dad retreating.


In MALHOTRA’S living area all the decorations are ongoing which is handled by the one and only the bride herself. She is too excited about her wedding that’s why she is handling everything herself. Nyonika is behind her all the time telling her to go into her room to get ready for the function.

Today is the first wedding ritual of Alya’s wedding which is known as KURMAI. In this AKHAND PATH is held by both the families at the same place. After this wedding date is going to be finalised. Then the families shower each other with some gifts. At last the bride and groom exchange rings. It’s like a small engagement party. 

Within an hour the Malhotra house is chirping like a bird. All the guests have started arriving. But for whom Manik has been waiting for so long, she still has not arrived yet. He couldn’t talk to her either because his dear sister took his phone and kept it inside her locker as a punishment for waking up late on her special day. He deliberately set the already set flowers on the door to get her one glimpse. Raj too joined him with a motive to tease him.

Raj:- ( sings ) inteha ho gayi intezaar ki ….. ( Looking towards the entrance ) aayi na Kuch khabar MERE YAAR KI ……

Hearing ” MERE YAAR ” his possessiveness again wakes up. He opened his mouth to give a reply but soon he heard his most favourite voice. His Nandini’s giggles. He moves Raj aside from his view to get a clear glimpse of her. Seeing her he lost his balance but raj caught him on time.

She is wearing a light coloured mirror work lehenga choli with a little bit of makeup. She is wearing heavy earrings and nothing else. Her attire matches with Manik’s attire. He is wearing the same coloured mirror work kurta pyjama.

He is gawking at her continuously. She is looking like an angel who is coming on earth only for him. Her clothes are looking great on her milky skin and on top of that, her blush is there on her cheeks.

Blush adored her cheeks because she knows that HER MAN is looking at her with his dreamy eyes.

To be continued ……….

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