Ca:- ( unknowingly, to Nandini ) YOU ARE PREGNANT !!!

Hearing this everyone kept staring at Nandini in shock but two people have different emotions in their eyes. These two people are none other than Manik Malhotra and Raman Murthy.

Raman has no words to describe what he’s feeling right now. He is simply sitting in shock. It seems like he lost his mental stability. 

Whereas the condition of the Manik is not less than Raman.  He is having mixed emotions, happy because he is going to be a father so soon which is not expected at all. He is scared also because of Raman’s reaction, confused too because he doesn’t know when this happened. He clearly remembers that they never “DID IT”.

Suddenly don’t know what happened to Raman, he clutched his stomach in pain and said to Raj in a low voice.

Ram:- Raj.. I think my water broke and I feel like I am in LABOUR. Please take me to the hospital. 

Raj:- (absent-minded) what! Abhi toh 9 months bhi nahi hue. How can water break down so soon? 

Ma:-( in a daze )  dad!!! Take me to the …..

Raj:- (cut him in mid ) you also want to go to the hospital?

Ma:- ( in a dazed ) No….. I want to meet the doctor. Because it’s a rare case no one can conceive without having SE…

Raj:- chup!!! Besharam. Aisi baatein apne baap ke sath karte h acha lagta h kya? ( shut up!! Shameless boy. How can you talk like this in front of your father? )

Hearing Raj’s voice Raman comes back on the earth. He shoots glares at Manik with his fire-blazing eyes. 

Ram:- ( in a low angry tone ) what’s this? Don’t you have patience …. You desperate boyfriend…… can’t you wait till the marriage. 

Raj:- yes, true Manik. Although I am happy but isn’t too early. I mean I am not that old. I feel uncomfortable when someone would call me GRANDPA, but don’t worry I will manage.

Ma:- ( thought ) inko yaha apni age ki padi hai ……… Yaha mera akhri din aa gaya hai. Pata nahi mai apne bache ki shakal dekh bhi payuga ya nahi. ( Here, my father is thinking about his age……. And I didn’t know that I would stay alive to see my baby’s face or not. ) 

Ram:- shut up !!!!!

Ma:- ( scaredly ) please uncle trust me. I didn’t do anything. No one can conceive with just a …… You are understanding na.. what I am saying.  I think there is some misunderstanding.

Much to his relief Nandini speaks immediately.

Nan:- Bhai….. I am not pregnant ……

Raj:- ( disappointedly ) shit!!! ( Raman and manik glares at him ) sorry………

Before Nandini could complete her sentence cabir cut her in mid and spoke with horrified expressions. 

Ca:- ( turning towards Ishita ) THAT MEANS MOM YOU ARE PREGNANT !!!

Before anyone could react or say anything. The mansion’s walls heard a THAP!!! sound and someone’s painful shrink.

Actually, cabir got a slap from the lady who gave him birth, that is none other than ISHITA MURTHY.

After a few seconds, a clapping sound echoed in the mansion. Well, everyone except Nandini and Raman is clapping giving a deserving look to the cabir who is lying down on the floor. 

Nandini immediately rushes towards cabir who is lying on the floor and makes him stand. Cabir looks towards Ishita who is burning in anger whereas everyone is clapping.

When this drama is ongoing, the three men are having their own drama. Raj and Manik are glaring at Raman who is on the edge of getting another heart attack.

Ma:- ( taking his sweet revenge with a mischievously ) aab bolo, mai DESPERATE BOYFRIEND? aur aap HORNY HUSBAND !! ( now say, I am a desperate boyfriend? And you horny husband!! ) 

Raj:- ( taunting ) At the age of becoming GRANDFATHER you are becoming FATHER again !!! You took the BADHAAI HO movie so seriously. Now, I know why you like that movie so much.

To handle the situation Nandini comes in between.

Nan:- Bhai….. nor me or mom is pregnant. Mukti bhabhi is two weeks pregnant. See there are her reports.  ( Passing Mukti’s report to Ishita )

Now, it’s Abhi’s time to get shocked. It takes a few seconds for him to register Nandini’s words.

Muk:- ( shooks Abhi who is non-reactive) Abhi …… Are you happy?

Abhi:- is it true? Muku ……

Mukti nods, making him smile. He stood up immediately and took her in his arms while twirling her.

Abhi:- thank you …. Thank you so much ….. Thank you so much for this …………… I love you, I love you so much.

Everyone smiles seeing soon-to-be-parents happy and congratulating them one by one. 

At last, cabir comes forward to congratulate them after recovering from the slap’s zone. But, before he could open his mouth Ishita shut his mouth. 

Ish:- dare you to say a word again cabir …..

Ca:- ( like an obedient kid ) mom….. I just want to congratulate them.

Ishita still glares at him and nodded, permitting him to speak. Cabir too congratulates them by being extra careful about his words because he doesn’t want one more slap from his mother.

Ca:- Nandu, if Mukti bhabhi is pregnant then, why did you tell us that you are pregnant?

Nan:- Bhai I never said that I am pregnant … You assume it yourself.

Ram:- ( glaring cabir because he nearly got a heart attack )  he always assumes shit… Such a shitty person he is.

Ma:- TRUE…

Ca:- ( horrifying ) dad, you are calling your son shit. Don’t you love me? And Manik you, how can you ditch me? Don’t you feel connected to me?

Ma:- ( with a bad face ) Navya please control your boyfriend. Nowadays he is being too touchy. He always flirts with me. I am a straight………. man and I have a girlfriend too.

Ram:- ( bluntly ) NO….you are my biggest mistake, cabir.

Ca :- ( cribbing ) maa…….. See your husband. What is he saying?

Ram:- ohhh this husband is still your one and only father.

Raj:- Grow up guys ….. You are not a kid anymore.

Nyo:- ( sarcastically ) ishi…. Look who is saying this. Who himself cribs like a kid?

Nan:- ( dramatically ) oh god….. Don’t know when these oldies will ( pointing towards Raman and raj ) behave like sane elders. You guys continue. I will come after changing.

Ram & raj :- Nandini..!!!!!!

Ma:- ( to Nandini ) Wait, I will come too.

Ram:- ( shouted ) WHAT!!!!!!!!!

Raj:- ( mummers ) wohhh….. So openly. I am proud of you, my son.

Ram:- ( mummers ) today, why is everyone behind me from the morning? ( with gritted teeth to Manik ) what will you do with her? She is going to change.

Ish:- why are you overreacting Raman?

Ma:- ( gulping his saliva ) woh… I need to talk to her. That’s why I am going with her. 

Ish:- you go Manik. Talk to her.

Ma:- thank you aunty …. You are so sweet.


Nandini is waiting for Manik to come, the reason she knows him well. She knows that he wants to say something.

Manik quietly comes inside and locks the door. He comes towards her and takes her in his arms. His all tiredness flew away in a blink, feeling her near his heart. He kept tightening his arms around her.  She too melted in his arms and smelled his manly fragrance.

After some time, Nandini starts the conversation, still being in the hug.

Nan:- Manik, what happened?

Suddenly Manik remembers why he had come here. He breaks the hug and makes a cute crying babyface. Seeing his expressions Nandini knew that he was going to crib about something.

Ma:- Nandini……… Your father changed the full security system, door locks, windows lock everything. Now, how will I come to meet you?

Nan:- uff….. Manik for this small issue you are cribbing. Don’t worry I will give you duplicate keys as before.

Ma:- no… Nandini this time keys won’t work. Uncle changed all the locks with digital ones. That means the doors will open with the thumbprint or from inside.

Nan:- don’t worry. I will open the door whenever you come to meet me.

Ma:- this is not right.

Nan:- why??

Ma:- I always come here to surprise you. If I call you then you will get to know that I am coming. So, what is the meaning of surprise?

Nan:- correction Manik not surprised, it’s a shock. You always come here to shock me.

Ma:- I will solve this problem later. First, you give a solution to this bigger problem.

Nan:- ok, give me some time. I will think about this. You go down, everyone must be waiting for us.

Instead of going down, he sits on her bed. Nandini glares at him but it has zero impact on him.

Ma:- ( like a stubborn kid ) I am not going anywhere until you give a solution to my problem. 

Nan:- ( under her breath ) I am the one who is on a menstrual cycle but instead of me, he is having mood swings.

Ma:- you said something?

Nan:- Manik, go down before I throw you out from here.

Ma:- Nandini please …. Let me stay here.

Saying this Manik comes towards her making a cute pout expecting a small peck from her. But all his expectations went out of the window. Because instead of giving a peck she smacks on his lips with her right hand making him wince in return.

Nan:- Manik I need to change, go down.

Ma:- I won’t stop you or hold your hands from doing so. You can change your clothes. I am sitting here only. 

Nan:- ( widened eyes ) Manik…… Get out right now. 

Manik giggles and runs towards the door listening to her furious voice.

Here, Nandini too smiles seeing his antics.

Nan:- Pagal hai… ( he is mad )

Ma:- ( giggles ) Sirf tumhare liye ….. ( only for you ) 

Nan:- Manik!!!!!

To be continued …….

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