In Manik’s cabin

Manik is sitting on his chair and doing not-so-important work on his laptop. Soon Raj enters inside with a pissed expression. Seeing him entering, Manik stands and makes him sit on his chair. He himself settled down on the table facing his father. 

Ma:- what happened, dad ?? Why are you pissed?

Raj:- ( with a bad face ) because of you.

Ma:- ( confused ) because of me?? What did I done?

Raj:- tell me one thing. Did Raman catch you in Nandini’s room today??

Ma:- ( nervously, while rubbing his nape ) umm……. Yaa. Kind off. 

Raj:- ( hit Manik’s forehead ) now, he is calling me again and again and you don’t know how many beautiful words I am listening from his mouth.

Ma:- oh……

Raj:- what oh ….. Now I am ignoring his calls. I am damn sure that he won’t leave me tonight. 

Ma:- Dad, are you scared of uncle?

Raj:- ( nervously ) what!! NO…… ( in a low tone ) maybe.

Ma:- don’t worry dad, you just pretend like you don’t know anything about what happened today’s morning.

Raj:- hmmm…..


The MALHOTRA family with Dhruv or Navya comes inside MURTHY’S mansion to see very unusual silence which never happens when cabir and Nandini are present in the same house.

In Murthy’s place, Raman is giving money to some workers whereas Ishita is sitting on the couch with pissed expressions.

Nyo:- Ishi…. what happened to you?

Ish:- arey, when did you come, nyo?

Nyo:- just now. But you tell me what happened? And why is there silence all around?

Ish:- nothing, actually Nandini is still not at home yet. Mukti has been with her only since lunch. Cabir and Abhi are in their rooms. ( while looking at the younger clan ) You guys come and sit, they will come in 2 minutes.

Everyone settled down but their attention was fixed on Raman. When the workers left Raman too settled down beside Raj.

Raj:- who are they?

Ram:- Humans

Raj:- But what are these humans doing in your zoo?

Dhu:- wohhhh……. Raj uncle’s savage reply.

Raj:- back to the topic, what are those human workers doing here?

Younger clan giggles seeing him elaborating his question. 

Raman moves his gaze towards Manik who is sitting beside Raj. He gave a smirking look to him and replied. Seeing his smirk, Raj got to know that something was running in his mind.

Ram:- I called these workers…………….

Raj:- ( cutting him in mid ) why??

Ram:- ( narrowed eyes ) bolne dega? ( will you let me talk? ) ….. ( Raj nods ) I called them to change the locks of all the doors and windows due to security reasons.

Saying this he again turns his gaze towards Manik and gives him a victory look. Whereas Manik’s all charm is just going abroad listening to his own Father-in-law.

Raj:- But why, this suddenly?

Instead of Raman Ishita answers while shooting daggers on her husband. 

Ish:- don’t know Bhai Sahab. What happened to him? From this morning he is behaving weirdly and lost in his own thoughts. He even took leave from the office. Then suddenly in the evening, he called those workers to change all the locks of doors and windows. 

Soon Cabir and Abhi too joined them and started chatting with the gang.

Here Raj and Raman are talking secretly.

Raj:- ( confused ) why did you do this?

Ram:- ( gritted teeth ) because of your son.

Raj:- huh!

Ram:- ( irritated ) huh! What huh !!! Your this son, sneak into my daughter’s room.

Raj:- ( narrowed eyes ) why are you keeping an eye on Nandini and the most important question is what are you doing in my daughter-in-law’s room in the early morning? Don’t you have any shame? Why do you interfere in someone’s private life?

Raman gasped hearing him.

Ram:- ( gritted teeth ) your daughter-in-law… Sorry your future DIL is my daughter first. This alliance is still not fixed yet. And I saw your son coming out from my daughter’s room with a bare chest.  ( Suddenly something clicks in his mind )

Raj:- I know that this alliance is not fixed yet but I decided that Nandini is going to be the Malhotra.

Ram:- ( suspiciously ) one second… One second …… I didn’t tell you that Manik came here in the morning……. Then how do you know that? ( After a few seconds ) you already knew that he was here!!!

Raj:- ( stammers ) how… I know that …. What type … The question is this … ( Rubbing his nape in nervousness ) It’s a random guess because Manik is in the office with me. He even attended meetings with me and we both went home together. So  I just guessed it.

Ram:- ( still not convinced ) why I am not convinced with your answer?

Raj simply shrugged his shoulders and started eating snacks to avoid his further interrogation.

Ram:- ( suspiciously ) where are you, when I called you in the afternoon? I called you at least 5-6 times and you just answered my first call but you cut it in half.

Raj:- ( nervously ) arey, I told you na….. that I was busy in meetings. ( Acting tiredly )  Ohh god …. Today I attended 3 back to back meetings.

Ram:- and why didn’t you call back? I called you on your office landline too. 

Raj:- ( immediately replied ) BALANCE…

Ram:- huh??

Raj:- umm actually the thing is my office’s landline doesn’t have enough balance. So, I am not able to call you back and I forgot my phone in the meeting room.

Ram:- oh wow !! I am proud of you. Tu itna ameer hogaya ki tu aab landlines Mai bhi balance dalwata hai. Waise Kaha se kharidi tune yeah technology. ( wow!! I am proud of you, brother. I never knew that you become so rich that you recharge your landline phones too. By the way, from where do you buy this technology? )

Raj:- ( realized whatever he said )  damn you technology……..

Ram:- ( extra sweetly ) Manik…….

Ma:- ( frowned hearing his extra sweet voice ) Ji….. uncle.

Ram:- ( holding Raj’s hand in a tight grip ) you go and take some rest. You must be tired due to office work and meetings. We will call you around dinner timing. 

Ma:- so sweet of you uncle, but I don’t need rest. I am not tired.

Ram:- ( extra sweetly ) not tired? Don’t you have meetings today to attend?

Ma:- No ….. In Fact today we are free and roaming here and there in the office. That’s why I am not tired. Today I took enough rest in the office.

Raj:- ( biting his nails ) mera hi beta meri supari de raha hai …… ( my own son is hiring a man to kill me. ) 

Ram:- ok… You guys continue. ( Turning towards raj )

Ram:- you come with me. Let’s go.

Raj:- where?

Ram:- in my room, you did good acting, so you deserve an OSCAR AWARD for your performance. Come with me…

Raj:- ( trying to act cute ) hawww…… When did you change your taste?

Ram:- what !! Taste?

Raj:- you are calling me in your room instead of Ishita. But I tell you I am still straight and I love my wife a lot. So, I am not coming with you. 

Raman gasped hearing him and turned into a fireball, who was ready to blast.  But he stopped hearing his daughter’s voice who just entered inside with Mukti.

Nan:- ( smiling brightly ) HELLO FAMILY!!

Ca:- hello my heroine. Why are you smiling brightly? 

Nan:- ( standing in front of everyone ) because I have good news…..no no no… Actually, it is VERY GOOD NEWS.

Ma:- ( immediately questioned ) what’s the good news, Miss Murthy??

Ram:- ( narrowed eyes ) if you shut your mouth for some seconds, then she will surely tell.

Ish:- ( sternly ) Raman….. Why are you talking to him rudely? What he did … He is just excited to know the news.

Ram:- sorry …

Ish :- sorry mujhe nahi Manik ko bolo. ( say sorry to Manik….not to me. )

Ma:- no… Aunty, it’s ok. I don’t feel offended. It’s uncle’s way to show love towards me.

Ish:- hayeee….. See ( turning towards Raman ) how matured and sorted he is. And the other side is you who still behaves like a child.

Ram :- ( to raj ) tere bete nai toh pahale hi meri beti ko apni side kar liya aab meri wife ko bhi apni side kar liya. ( your son already took my daughter in his side now, he took my wife too. )

Raj:- ( proudly ) this is called Malhotra’s magic. 

Ram:- ( with a bad face ) Malhotra’s magic …. Chal hatt …… TANTRIK AADMI …… ( the person who does black magic. ) 

Nan:- back to the topic guys ….. So, the thing is …… ( She is taking dramatically pauses )

Ca:- please nandu, don’t create more suspense. I am already starving and this suspense makes me more hungry.

Nav:- Tell me at least one time when you are not hungry??

Ca:- ( thinking ) at night between 12:am to 8 am. Yup… This time I don’t feel hungry.

Al:- cabir it’s your sleeping time … Right?

Ca:- you are absolutely right… You are my genuine friend.

Abhi:- Bachi ….. Just ignore him. You have only one brother who is me. Now tell us what you want to…

Nan:- (excitedly ) soon a new member will join our family. Soon this house will hear the little cry of the baby.

Everyone is sitting silently not understanding her. But soon her words settled down in everyone’s mind and their eyes got wide open.

Ca:- ( unknowingly ) YOU ARE PREGNANT !!! 

Hearing this everyone kept staring at her in shock but two people have different emotions in their eyes.

To be continued ………….

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