As soon as Raman saw Manik standing in front of him, he shouted.

Ram:- YOU……….

Ma:- ( in a low voice ) yes …. Me. Hey uncle. Ohhh sorry, NAMASTE SASURJI ( father-in-law ).

Ram:- what are you doing here?

Raman stops in mid seeing his bare chest. Manik followed his gaze and widened his eyes, seeing his gaze on his bare upper body.  He immediately covers his chest with both hands.

Ma:- ( dramatically ) yaa Allah, aapko sharam nahi aati. Aap apne hone wale DAMAD ( future son in law )  ko aisi waisi nazron se dekh rahe hai. ( shameless, how can you check out your future son-in-law like that. )

Ram:- ( shocked ) what aisi waisi? I am a man too. I also have those things which you have.

Ma:- but you don’t have 6 pack abs like me na…………. See ( showing him, his toned and well-shaped body )

Ram:- ( widened eyes ) I don’t want that either. But tell me what you are doing in my daughter’s room and that too in the early morning? I told you to stay away from her.

Ma:- ( confused ) really? When did you tell me to stay away from MY NANDINI?

Ram:- ( glaring at him )  First, she is not yours yet. And yaa, I didn’t tell you early but I told you now na . So stay away from her.

Ma:- ahhh, it’s not possible sasurji. Sorry.

Ram:- I will see it after, first tell me how you entered inside? And what are you doing in my princess room?

Ma:- ( teasingly ) tch, it’s very bad sasurji to know about couples secrets. I can’t tell you.

Raman got angry with his answer and marched towards him to hold his neck. But Manik moves fastly and runs downstairs after saying.

Ma:- bye, sasurji. I will come again.

Raman stomps his foot in anger.

Ram:- one day both father and son will turn me mad. ( asking from himself ) How did he enter my home? He came out from Nandini’s room. ( Suspicious )

Raman moves towards Nandini’s room to see her. He knocked on her door 2-3 times but she didn’t open the door. So he moves inside after saying that he is coming inside.

He moves inside to find the room empty and hears the shower sounds from the washroom. Seeing the washroom, all his senses left him.

Ram:- ( pale face ) AGAIN WASHROOM !!!!

He again moves inside to lock her balcony door as well as all the windows of her room but to his dismay, all are already locked. He moves out and checks all the windows and backdoor of the house to find all of these things also locked from inside.

Ram:- ( thinking deeply ) how did he enter inside?

After half an hour Nandini comes out in a bathrobe to see Mukti sitting on her bed and waiting for her.

Nan:- bhabhi you want to say something?

Muk:- hmmm.


Everyone is present at the table and having their breakfast with their usual drama. But Raman is still lost in Manik’s land.

Nan:- maa, I am going, my friend is waiting for me outside.

Ish:- arey, nandu finish your breakfast. Your friend will wait.

Nan:- please na maa. I am full. ( Like a baby ) my tummy is full …..

Ish:- ( Ishita completes her sentence ) but, your mummy is not khush ( but your mother is not happy ).

Muk:- let her go maa. Don’t worry, today I am free so I will prepare a special lunch for my baby and go to her hospital with lunch. Today we both had our lunch together in her hospital.

Listening to her, the most possessive brother coughs loudly. Nandini immediately left the table without saying anything.

Ca:- ( in low voice ) Bhai, your wife will make my baby sick. Please do something.

Abhi:- ( with a bad face ) why always me? You always left me alone with her or her handmade food. She is not only my wife, but she is also your BHABHI too. ( Emphasizing the word bhabhi )

Muk:- ( pointing towards the brothers ) what are you talking about?

Ca:- umm…… Nothing BHABHI. ( Turns towards his father ) dad, where are you lost? Why don’t you say anything about Mukti BHABHI’s cooking? ( Seeing towards Abhi while saying bhabhi, as if taunting him )

Ram:- ( lost ) from where he entered inside?

Ca:- Bhai, I think he lost his senses after listening to BHABHI’S statement. Let’s go to the hospital before it gets too late.

Abhi:- ( confused ) what???

Ca:- arey, he went into depression after hearing that your wife …. Uff sorry my BHABHI is cooking lunch today.

Abhi:- ( rolls his eyes ) NALAYAK ….. I am going to the office. If you want to earn your livelihood then get up and go to your radio station before dad throws you out from here.

Saying this he moves towards the exit. Mukti too follows him to the door to see him off.

Cabir again turns his attention towards his dad who’s still lost somewhere and trying very hard to get answers to his questions.

Ca:- maa I think dad is having an extramarital affair. Just see him, you are here but still, he is thinking about someone else.

Ish:- ( angrily ) Abhi said right. But there is a little change in that,  not your dad. Instead, I would throw you out of this house.

Saying this she snatched his plate from his hand which is having one more paratha. Cabir looked towards her in shock and wobbled his lips just like a baby.

Ca:- maa, please. Let me eat. Don’t snatch my food. I am hungry. 

Ish:- ( angrily ) shut up. You are pointing at my husband’s character naa. Go to your office now with an empty stomach and dare you to step inside my home before 6 o’clock. If by any chance you come before 6 then forget about your dinner too.

Ca:- ( trying to act cute with pouting lips and glossy eyes ) mata aise na kariye . Aapka balak mar jayega. ( don’t do this, maa. Your son will die. )

Without giving a damn to him Ishita moves towards the kitchen and shouts from the kitchen.

Ish:- and dare you eat Navya’s lunch. If you did so then you have to face your devil mom.

Cabir is sitting like a businessman who lost all his property in a bet with his foolishness. His happiness is snatched by his own mother within 2 minutes.

Ca:- ( sniffing like a baby ) yeah sab aapki wajah se hua hai dad. Yeah bhuka bacha aapko kabhi maaf nahi karega. ( all this happened because of you, dad. This hungry son will never forgive you. )

Saying this he too moves towards the gate but from time to time looks back to see his mother.

Raman is still seated on the breakfast table but his whole mind is still lost in finding the answers to his questions. Or precisely I say he is lost in Manik’s land. I must say Manik is so charming that no one can resist him. Not even his father-in-law.

Here, in the car, both the lovebirds are spending some quality time with each other.

Nan:- mani give me my chocolates.

Ma:- chocolates …. What chocolates?

Nan:- I know you bought it. So give it to me fast. I am starving.

Ma:- ( giggles at her desperation ) your chocolates are in this box. Open it and take it.

Nandini takes her chocolate and starts eating. She gives the first bite to him, making him smile.

Ma:- Nandini are you fine na?

Nan:- ufff, yes I am fine mani. Now, I am double fine because you are with me.

Ma:- should I come to the hospital for a lunch date?

Nan:- ( horrified ) NOOO

Ma:- ( confused ) why this high voltage reaction?

Nan:- arey, Mukti bhabhi will come to the hospital with my lunch.

Ma:- ohh great !! So what’s your lunch menu? 

Nan:- BHABHI’s special.

Ma:- ( coughs ) really. All the best Nandini. But ya try not to eat that food.

Nan:- ( sadly ) hmm …

Ma:- Chalo…

Nan:- ( cutting him in mid + excitedly ) Kaha?? ( where?? )

Ma:- idiot Chalo means, we reached your hospital. Now get down and start your day.

Nan:- ( making faces ) such an unromantic boyfriend you are Malhotra.

Being high on emotions she emptied her water bottle on him making him shocked.

Nan:- I am not sorry.

Saying this she got down from the car and ran inside.

Ma:- ( shocked ) what the…… ( while looking at himself in the mirror ) Am I unromantic? Me… Now I will show you how much of a romantic person I am.

He too reached his office and walked inside the building. Soon his P.A joins him who is confused seeing his wet state.

Che:- ( confused ) sir, today you come to the office by bicycle in this rainy weather? Sir, I know you love riding bicycles but it’s not good for your image. What will your employees think about you?

Ma:- ( gritting teeth ) Chetan I want your resignation letter on my table now.

Che:- Oh ok sir, it will be on your table. ( after Realising his words and making a crying face ) sir sorry, please. This won’t happen again.

Without replying to him Manik moves towards his cabin leaving Chetan in sweat.

Che:- ( to the receptionist ) what do you think? Sir is in a bad mood or a very bad mood?

Rep:- I think today sir is in a very bad mood. 

Che:- I think the same. Give me a pen and paper.

Rep:- ( confused )  but, sir don’t like handwritten documents. You need to type your resignation letter.

Che:- shut up !!! I am not resigning.

To be continued ………….

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