Nan:- ( in a chirpy tone ) Good morning! 

Hearing the most enthusiastic voice all moves towards her and looks at her with red eyes. Manik is angrier than anyone because she troubled him a lot last night. She sat on the bed and rubbed her eyes cutely with a pout as her head hurt a little. 

Manik goes all aww seeing her expressions but soon he comes back in his angry mode. 

Nan:- ( rubbing her forehead, frustratingly ) Manik, stop hammering my head. It’s painful for me! 

Manik’s anger increased and he smacked her head making her wince. 

Ma:- stop putting false allegations on me, MISS ALCOHOLIC NANDINI

Nandini analyses his words and widens her eyes in shock but she covers them up with an innocent look. 

Nan:- ( like an innocent child ) what do you mean by ALCOHOL? I never heard that name before. 

All palmed their faces seeing her lying elegantly at their faces. If someone other than them heard this then he/she would think how innocent she is! But they know her real face behind that innocent mask of hers’. 

Ca:- ( tensed ) oh my god!……. Did my sister lose her memory? 

Abhi:- ( gritting his teeth ) Did he not sober yet? 

Alya:- ( making a bad face ) don’t know, He drank 3 glasses of lemonade but still, he is a little tipsy. 

Muk:- what!!! Only three?……… Don’t you think that 3 glasses is not enough for this GIANT DRUMMER?  

Ca:- ( smilingly ) oh….. Today, you proved how much you love me? And I love you too Muku….. Now, go and bring food for me. I am hungry. 

Nav:- ( angrily ) Cabir,….. cooks will leave their job seeing your hunger. Now, please have some mercy on those poor cooks. 

Ma:- guys, we are diverting from the main topic. Focused only on Nandini. She is the main planner. 

Everyone nodded and pushed Cabir aside, circling Nandini from all three sides. 

Nan:- ( gulped scaredly while looking at Manik with those big doe eyes ) Did I do something wrong? 

Hearing her, Manik freaked out. He pulls her right ear, earning a loud painful squeal from her. 

Nan:- ahh…… Manik, it’s painful. 

Ma:- ( with sharp eyes ) I was saying the same last night. 

Cabir frowned and interrupted them. 

Ca:- I have a question. Manik, where did you get hurt? 

The gang royally ignored him. 

Nan:- what are you saying, RED ANGRY BIRD

Ma:- you are making my fun, haa? 

Alya:- Tell me Nandu, did you get drunk last night? 

Listening to her question, everyone looks at her with a question face asking “are you dumb?”. 

Ma:- di, we all know that she was drunk last night. Then what’s the need of asking that again. 

Alya apologizes and Manik asks the next question on her behalf. 

Ma:- why did you drink? 

Nan:- Manik, don’t say that. I had the permit to get drunk. 

Ma:- ( crossing his hands around his chest with an attitude ) really!!!……. And who gave that to you? 

Nan:- ( with a duh face ) THE GOVERNMENT……… As I am 18+ I have all the right to get drunk. 

Hearing her brilliant explanation, Manik rubs his forehead from both sides while rolling his eyes with a frustrated look.  

Ma:- Are you serious? Do you even know what you are saying? 

Nan:- kind off!!

Ma:- ( rubbing his face to calm himself ) Why did you drink beer?…… 

Before he could complete his question Nandini answered. 

Nan:- I don’t have any other option. Raj uncle doesn’t have anything other than beer in his collection. If uncle would have some wine or vodka or shots then, I would prefer that. 

Saying this she pouts sadly because she doesn’t have options to choose. Whereas Raj looks at her with wide eyes as she is exposing him in front of everyone. More to his misery, Nandini says further. 

Nan:- ( looking at Raj ) Uncle from now on please keep varieties. Ok? 

Hearing her, Raj rubs his sweaty forehead and looks at Nandini from the corner eyes while making a bad face. 

Raj:- ( murmurs ) Is she on a mission to kill me before I could see my grandkids? 

Ma:- ( sarcastically ) ya….ya…. Why not!……… Should we open a bar on Terence? 

Nan:- your wish!….. But please focus on varieties and brands of alcohol. 

Abhi:- typical Nandini Murthy!!!!

This is too much for Manik to handle. He pulled her ear once again. 

Ma:- Why did you drink beer? Tell me…… 

Nan:- arey….. I told you about it already. I don’t have any other option. 

Ma:- Nandini….. I am asking the reason. 

Nan:- oh…. Then say it clearly baba. You are not drunk? Did you?

Ma:- ( gritted his teeth ) reason…… 

Nan:- it’s my bucket list to get drunk. 

Hearing her reason, everyone slumped down with a murmur. 


Ma:- Nandini, is there any more weird wish of yours left? 

Nan:- I don’t remember right now. But soon I will let you know. 

Ma:- ( sarcastically ) My pleasure! 

Nan:- By the way, Manik, did something happen between us last night? 

Manik’s head snapped back towards her with shocked eyes. His tired posture comes back alive with this unexpected question. Whereas he received strong glares from Abhi, Mukti, Navya, and his dear sister Alya. 

Ma:- ( freaking out ) nothing!!!….. Nothing happened between us, Nandini. Chill. 


This word echoed in the room which comes from Nandini and Raj’s mouth. 

Nan:- ( dejectedly ) Nothing happened between us like……? 

Ma:- ( undoubtedly while palming his heart to prepare himself for another shock ) like?

Nan:- ( boldly ) Like s*x, passionate s*x, hardcore s*x,…….. Love making?…..

Before she could say further, Manik palmed her mouth while breathing heavily, seeing her boldness. Whereas Raj blushes like a newly wedded bride and palms his ear due to shyness. 

Ma:- ( whisper yelled ) do you want to get a widow before even marrying me? 

Nandini shakes her head negatively. 

Ma:- then, why are you saying this? Look at those predators who are ready to pounce on me….. 

He says looking at their gang who are looking at their prey like predators ready to pounce on him. Out of nowhere, Abhi asks, keeping his calm. 

Abhi:- why are you asking that Nandini? 

Nan:- ( pouting cutely ) Bhai, I watched movies in which the leading girl gets drunk then her partner takes her to his house and they end up in bed. But this ( pointing finger at Manik ) not-so-goody-good boy is useless. He spoiled my dream to create that scene. 

Everyone rolls their eyes hearing her one more weird wish except Abhi. 

Abhi:- who makes you watch such movies? 

Cabir’s ears shot open hearing Abhi’s question. With slow steady steps and zero expressions, he walks towards the exit silently. 

Nandini looks here and there to avoid answering his question but Abhi’s piercing gaze makes a hole in her head. 

Abhi:- ( sternly ) I am waiting for the answer, Nandini. 

Nan:- ( stammering ) Cabir……. bhai……. 

Now, this is enough. As soon as Cabir’s name rolls out of her mouth, Cabir runs away the next second followed by Abhi who takes the lampstand in his hand to break his head into two pieces. 

The rest followed them to witness the CABIR’S DEATH. 

Manik yelled from the room loud enough to make Cabir aware. 

Ma:- Abhi, I have a plot on the outskirts of the state. So, don’t worry we will bury this Creature Cabir there. No one will get to know about that. 

Abhi:- ( yelled back ) Thanks Manik for the help. 

Making plans for Cabir’s last rites, Manik focuses on Nandini who is gulping to see her brother’s condition. 

Ma:- ( dangerously ) Now, it’s your turn, MISS ALCOHOLIC NANDINI. 

Nan:- ( scaredly ) Manik, I love you…..no…..

Ma:- ( with a clever smile ) let’s forget this for an hour. 

Nan:- I promise…… I won’t drink again in public. 

Ma:- ( with wide eyes ) that means you will drink in private! 

Nan:- ( defending herself ) I didn’t mean that. 

Ma:- wait………. I know what you mean!……… 

He jumps on the bed to take hold of her but Nandini is way too smart. She got up before he could reach her and went away from his hold.

And here starts the chasing race, Nandini is douching Manik’s efforts and pleading too like a kid but he is adamant to punish her for her actions. 

Nan:- ( cried dramatically ) why are you behind me? What’s wrong if I get drunk? 

Ma:- you are not supposed to drink alcohol. You are not mature enough to handle its effects.  

Nandini’s brain got attentive hearing “not mature enough” words from his mouth. 

Nan:- ( with narrowing eyes ) what do you mean by “not mature enough”? 

Ma:- I mean you are still a ki…… 

Before he could pronounce the complete word Nandini took his lips in hers’ aggressively and pinned him on the nearby wall making him numb. 

To be continued…

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