Nandini is lying in Manik’s arms silently doing nothing by god’s grace. Whereas he tried every possible way to make her sleep but there is no sleep in her eyes. The alcohol has adverse effects on her which is making him mad. 

Ma:- ( with a bad face ) pata nahi isne daaru pi hai ya daaru ne ise piya hai. ( don’t know whether she drinks beer or beer drink her ) 

At last, he searches on google and concludes that he will try to lessen the alcohol effect. For that, he has to go to the kitchen to make lemonade for her but the problem is, he can’t leave Nandini here alone. After analyzing all the pros and cons he decided to take the risk because as per his conclusion no one is going to be downstairs at this time. 

Ma:- Nandini, I am going into the kitchen till then you stay here and please don’t move from the bed. 

Nandini nods innocently making him suspicious because sane Nandini would never agree with him then why the drunk Nandini is cooperating with him. But he has no option, he has to take the risk. 

Nandini:- ( in a toddler tone ) I won’t move from here, Manik. I promise!   

Manik walks out while murmuring “why I am not able to believe her promise? Something is running in her mind after all she is Cabir’s sister”. He locks the door and checks it twice before descending the stairs. 

As soon as Manik leaves the room, Nandini jumps out of the bed like a free bird. Her gown slipped down because of the moments. She looks at herself in the mirror and pouts cutely while holding the heavy gown in her small-small hands. But suddenly her eyes fell on Manik’s vest which was lying on the couch lifelessly. 

She becomes excited and wears that white vest after removing the gown. The vest is barely reaching her mid-thighs. She looks at herself in the mirror and blushes to see her reflection. She becomes excited and rushes down to show Manik her new dress. 

She tip-toes and comes into the kitchen and looks at her boyfriend who is working with full concentration. She ran and stood in front of him, gaining his attention. 

Manik looks at the petite figure who is wearing his vest that barely covers her thighs. Her arms are almost naked and because of the light color, her inners are at the show. He looks at her while focusing on her, unsure of what he saw. 

His eyes become wide and he rubs his sweat when the sexual tension again rises making him turn on. 

Nan:- ( while twirling ) How am I looking, Manik? 

Manik is on another planet that’s why her question goes above his head. He is looking at her all the curves which are caged by his vest. 

Nan:- you know, this dress smells like you. 

Saying this, she smells his vest which brings him back on earth. 

Ma:- Nandini, why are you wearing this? 

Nan:- ( innocently ) am I not looking good? Should I remove it? 

Ma:- ( shouts ) No…….. you are looking extremely hot in this ( begged ) please, don’t remove it. 

He turns his face before he could do a blunder seeing her this hot, sensuous avatar. 

Ma:- ( while gritting his teeth ) Tell me, I told you not to move from the bed then, what are you doing here? 

Nan:- ( with a duh face ) I didn’t move from the bed. I just come here by walking, not by moving. 

Ma:- how did you unlock the door? 

Nan:- by my hands…….

This logical Nandini is more dangerous than the sane one, Manik understood this thing and banged his head while murmuring. 

Ma:- ( murmurs ) why didn’t I get drunk instead of her? Handling her is more dangerous than her father. 

He curses his fate and looks at his girlfriend who is looking innocent but only he knows how innocent she is! He flared his nose angrily and spoke while keeping his tone low. 

Ma:- why didn’t you wear anything with that? Some trousers…. And all………. 

Nan:- I like it that way…… 

Ma:- but this is not appropriate for me. 

He completes his work quickly and drags her out but Nandini’s eyes catch something or I say, someone. That someone is none other than her father who is sleeping on the couch in the living area. Seeing him, she becomes more excited giving one more heart attack to Manik. 

Nan:- Manik, see…… dad. Wait, I will come after showing my dress to him. 

Manik looks at her in horror because she is going to call for his death. Because if her dad saw her in his vest, ONLY IN HIS VEST. Then only God knows where he will spend the rest of his life, IN HEAVEN OR IN HELL. 

With quick steps, he stops her and takes her to a corner. 

Ma:- Nandini, what are you going to do? 

Nan:- showing my dress to dad. 

Ma:- no….. You are going to call my death. 

Nan:- but Manik, I don’t have the number of your death then How can I call her? 

Ma:- ( while gritting his teeth ) my logical, Nandini…….. You are so smart but please shut your smartness until morning. 

Nan:- why till morning only? 

Ma:- because after that I know what I have to do….. 

Nan:- but dad…… 

Ma:- your dad is sleeping. So, will you disturb his peaceful slumber? 

Nan:- No….. 

Ma:- good girl….. Now shall we move? 

Nandini agrees and Manik drags her to his room and locks the door. 

Ma:- now, without showing any tantrums, drink this. 

Nan:- ( innocently ) but I don’t have any tantrums so, how can I show it to you? 

Hearing her another logical question Manik slumped on the bed. 

Ma:- Nandini, note all your questions and I will answer them tomorrow with some practical experiments. 

Nan:- what type of practical experiments? 

Ma:- that you will get to know tomorrow. Now, be a good girl and drink this. ( passing her the glass of lemonade ) 

By god’s grace, Nandini drank the whole drink in one breath. 

Ma:- ( sternly ) you wait here and don’t move or walk around until I come back. I repeat, don’t you dare to move from the bed. Got it? 

Nandini nods like an obedient student which she is not but still this time she didn’t move from the bed. 

After 5 minutes, Manik enters inside with a pair of Alya’s night suits and tells her to change into them. She changes into it without making any fuss as she is sleepy. He makes her lie on the bed and taps her forehead lovingly like mothers do to make their babies sleep. 

As soon as she goes into a deep slumber, he looks at her innocent sleeping face and takes a pledge to make her morning worse. He too lies down beside her and when his back touches the soft mattress he realizes that he is very much tired because of Nandini. 

Ma:- ( with an irritating look ) Nandini, tomorrow I will teach you a good lesson. Just wait and watch. 

Otherside, Manish Murthy is planning something to destroy Raman Murthy and Raj Malhotra. He already knows that both the families have a common weakness and that’s Nandini Murthy. Yesterday, his doubt got clear too seeing their protectiveness for her. He is waiting for a perfect opportunity to execute his plan and that’s the correct timing. 

Manish:- ( with pure hatred ) just one more day, Murthy! After that, you will feel what I felt that day because of you.  

The next day, the sun is at its peak but the Nandini Murthy is still in her dreamland unknown to the fact that the whole younger clan with Raj is standing around her bed waiting for her to get up. And their princess is testing their patience level. 

Cabir is also standing there with a bandage in his left hand with some bruises here and there as he got his part of the punishment from them in the early morning. Now, he is praying for his baby sister who is sleeping soundly. 

Ca:- ( wince in pain ) you guys are very bad. Don’t you have sympathy for me? At least give me a painkiller. 

Abhi:- shut up, you are going to have a painkiller for the sin you committed last night. 

Ca:- Bhai, trust me….. Nandini blackmailed me. 

Ma:- ( angrily smacking his head, making him wince again ) And you get blackmailed easily, don’t you? Are you a kid, Cabir? 

Muk:- ( smacking him from another side ) No, he is not a kid. He is at the age of producing his own kids. 

During all this, Raj Malhotra is standing in the corner while praying for his safety. He is looking at them from the corner eyes knowing that he is going to be the next victim of them.

Due to the noise, Nandini stirred and got up seeing everyone in front of her eyes. She didn’t remember last night. That’s why she is filled with enthusiasm. 

Nan:- ( in a chirpy tone ) Good morning! 

Hearing the most enthusiastic voice all moves towards her and looks at her with red eyes. Manik is angrier than anyone because she troubled him a lot last night. 

To be continued…

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