Ma:- I mean you are still a ki…… 

Before he could pronounce the complete word Nandini took his lips in hers’ aggressively and pinned him on the nearby wall making him numb. 

Her lips are aggressively ripping his rough ones making him go mad in need. While Manik is still not in his senses because of the sudden kiss. Much to his miseries, Nandini pressed his back more on the wall while making a place between his thighs. She pressed her body against his to increase the passion in him which works undoubtedly. 

Manik’s hands automatically wrapped around her waist to keep his sanity. But Nandini shows no mercy on him. 

At the same time, Raman walks inside as soon as he finds out that his daughter spent an entire night in Manik’s room with him. But the scene in front of him is not less than any death bed. HIS DAUGHTER IS ALL OVER THE MAN WHO CLAIMS TO BE HER BOYFRIEND. His breath hitched when he realized that this time Nandini is all over Manik and now he can’t do anything. He huffed tiredly and turned around to go back without disturbing them with a calm yet expressionless face. 

Ram:- ( cribbed ) Nandini is a kid but I didn’t expect this from Manik. Can’t he lock his lips until marriage? ( cringe his nose ) DESPERATE LIPS!!! HUH!!!

While on the other side, Manik is out of breath but Nandini is still pretty much in control. She is pressing her body more into his with a passing second. Sensing his need for the oxygen she moved back but cringed her face hearing his words. 

Ma:- ( huffing badly ) ayyappa……… ( oh goddddd……….. ) 

Nan:- ( cribbed ) Manik,………..you should moan my name instead of ayyappa. 

Ma:- ( while gritting his teeth ) then you should give me time to breathe. ( looking at the ceiling ) Thank you Ayyappa for returning my breath. 

Hearing his dramatic talks, Nandini banged her head on his chest with disbelief. 

Nan:- is ladke ko kiss se zyada apni oxygen ki padi hai. ( This boy care about his oxygen more than a kiss ) 

Ma:- Then what? If I breathe only then we would share more kisses and even our kids will share kisses with their partners. 

Nan:- ( nodding her head in disbelief ) here, a father is calling mother a kid but expecting kids from her. Double standard. 

Manik bites his lips smiling and avoids eye contact with her. 

Ma:- By the way, the kiss was the hottest. 

Nan:- ( proudly ) I know. Now, you understand that your girlfriend is not a kid. 

Manik nods, keeping a stone in his heart. 

Nan:- good……. 

She is cut by Cabir who walks inside and separates them with panic. 

Ca:- Manik your girlfriend got kidnapped! 

Manik and Nandini both looked at each other with horror but soon Manik’s expressions changed into shock. 

Nan:- Am I kidnapped? I didn’t know! 

Ma:- ( looking at Nandini ) then, who is she? 

Ca:- no…… not Nandini! I was talking about……. 

Nan:- ( to tease him ) Manik, you had one more girlfriend? 

Ma:- ( sarcastically ) Ofcourse! I am a businessman. I always keep a backup. 

Nan:- ( while punching his abs ) I will crash your main PowerPoint ( eyeing his territory making him scared ) if I see you doing that. 

Cabir palmed his face with tiredness hearing their extraordinary business talks. 

Ca:- guys…… you can scan each others’ system later. First, focus here. 

Ma:- Cabir, you are still drunk. So, please have a shower. 

Ca:- ( angrily ) I am not drunk, Manik…….. Anyone can become sober after getting so many kicks and punches from everyone. 

Nan:- then? 

Ca:- arey, Sona got kidnapped! 

Ma + Nan:- what nonsense! 

Ca:- huh…… Nonsense ke bachoo…. 

He drags and brings them into the living room. 

Ma:- Dad, what is he saying? Sona got kidnapped!…………. How, I mean when did it happen? 

Ram:- ( while twisting his lips ) when your lips DANCING ON THE TOUCH ME-TOUCH ME SONG with my daughter’s lips. 

Nandini’s eyes pop out hearing her father and the realization draws upon her that her father witnessed that moment. She palmed her lips with a gasp. 

On the other hand, Manik makes a bad face and asks a simple question from Raman.  

Ma:- Am I the North Pole that your eyes always find me like a magnetic compass? 

Ram:- I wish that I will stab you with the same compass needle. 

Nan:- ( dramatically ) Ayyappa……….. When will my father and boyfriend stop fighting? 

Ma:- ( pointing Raman ) not until he is alive. 

Ram:- hey…… don’t you even think that I will leave you after death. I will always stay beside you in my ghost form to make sure that you won’t irritate my daughter. 

Ma:- Nandini, seeing your father’s acts I doubt that he will tell us to go live on our wedding night. 

Everyone present there nods their head in disbelief seeing them fighting like toddlers. 

Raj:- Manik and Raman please come back to the earth. Sona is kidnapped by Manish Saxena who wants Nandini in return for her. 

These words are enough to get MANIK MALHOTRA’S attention. 

Ma:- What the hell……………………………. 

Ca:- yes, he wants Nandini to take his revenge from dad and he knows that you will do anything to get your love back. As per his knowledge, Sona is your girlfriend “your love” and you can do anything to get her back.  

Ma:- ( angrily ) Hell no……. I don’t care about anyone. I will not let Nandini go there. That’s it. 

Nan:- ( with concern for Sona ) but Manik, Sona was his captive because of us. 

Ma:- oh….. SPIDER-WOMAN, shut up! You are not going to do anything, stop your running brain. 

Nyo:- I didn’t get that….. Why did suddenly Sona come into the picture? 

Cabir explained everything from introducing Sona as Manik’s girlfriend to her kidnapping. 

Ish:- ( pulling Cabir’s ear ) You always create problems for us. Don’t know what I ate while giving birth to you? 

Ram:- and don’t know what I thought while planning for him? 

Everyone giggles when Cabir interrupts him with a sad pout. 

Ca:- Dad, clear yourself!….. Yesterday you told me that I was unplanned but now are telling me that you planned for me. ( pouting cutely ) First, clear yourself as you are confusing me. 

Ram:- ( angrily ) you clear your pout, you look like a pig while pouting. 

For a second, Cabir imagined himself as a pig while pouting and made a bad face when a picture flashed in his mind. 

Nan:- Dad, why is Manish uncle behind us? Why does he want to take revenge on you? 

Ma:- ( sarcastically ) that bloody Saxena is planning to kidnap her and she is giving him respect. YOU ARE A GREAT……… MOTHER INDIA! 

Nandini ignores him royally and waits for Raman’s answer. 

Ram:- ( after taking a deep breath) Manish is my real brother. He is 5 years older than me and I loved him so much until he chose the wrong path. My mother…… your grandmother abandoned him when she found out that he is cheating on his wife with his current wife who was already a mother. She threw him out from home with an oath to never see his face again. At that time, Varsha “Manish’s wife” is expecting their first child with Ishita expecting you ( Nandini ). My mother accepted Varsha as her daughter and took good care of her. We all were a happy family but unaware of the fact that Varsha is going into depression.

He stopped in between whereas Nandini and Cabir both were listening to him with full concentration. They never knew that their father had a real brother as Nandini was not born at that time and Cabir was so small to even remember all that. 

Ram:- Ishita’s and Varsha’s due dates are near. We all were in the hospital when the doctor took Varsha inside the OT for delivery. We all were happy and nervous at the same time. We were expecting good news but the doctor’s words shook our little happy world. He told us that the patient’s condition was very bad and is not responding. So, it’s highly difficult for them to save both of them. ( choking ) At that time we got to know that Varsha was in depression and took anti-depression pills which affected the baby as well as her health. But my mother didn’t lose hope. She believed her ayyappa. 

After almost an hour, Varsha delivered a baby girl who died on the spot before even opening her eyes. We were shattered with the news and above all Varsha too left us the same day. But you come ( cubbing Nandini’s cheeks with all love ) with a ray of light and brighten our life. You become the reason for our happiness after that dark night. You always ask me “why are you so special to me? Why am I overprotective of you?” The answer is you are special to us because you gave us a second life, you bring happiness to our life ( teasingly ) and you are smarter than your two pig-head brothers. 

To be continued…

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