Ma:- ( accusingly ) why don’t you get jealous in your sober state? 

Nandini giggles hearing his question and encircles her hand around his neck to keep herself stable. 

Nan:- because I know that you won’t look at any girl except me. 

Ma:- ( surprisingly ) you are so confident in that? 

Nan:- yup! 

Ma:- but what if I got attracted to another girl. Will you leave me after knowing that? 

He doesn’t know why he is asking these types of questions but he did. He knows that Nandini won’t answer such a question in a sober state, so he is taking full advantage of her state. 

Nan:- yup!

Manik took a back hearing her answer but the anger took over his senses. The mere thought that she is ready to leave him because of another girl is enough. 

Ma:- ( while gritting his teeth ) why?

Nandini came very close to him and grabbed his collar before saying with a loveable tone. 

Nan:- because….. Because your happiness matters to me. If you would be happy with another girl then I will leave you…… 

Manik became emotional hearing her but the next words blew his mind. 

Nan:- I will leave you after burying you in the ground with your girl and will put the do not disturb board on top of your coffin. 

Manik’s eyes came out from its sockets hearing her but the next second her laughter echoed in the room bringing him back on earth. 

Ma:- ( shockingly ) Will you really kill me? 

Nan:- ( innocently ) yes, only if you leave me and fall in love with another girl. 

Ma:- JEE LOGI MERE BINA? ( will you live without me? ) 

Nandini shook her head negatively and replied while looking into his eyes. She is shaking badly because of the alcohol effect and to hold her in place Manik holds her through her waist. 

Nan:- ( in an emotional tone like a kid ) after burying you and that girl I will kill myself too. Then, I will meet you in heaven and make you fall for me again. 

Manik became speechless hearing her but the thought of her killing herself in his absence didn’t go well with him. He took her lips in his aggressively while palming her one cheek and with another hand holding her in place making her go numb with the force. 

Nandini is also responding to the kiss with the same force and chewing his lips making them bleed. 

After breaking the aggressive kiss, Manik cups her both cheeks and speaks softly. 

Ma:- you have no right on yourself, or on your body, on your heart. All are mine so, never think about hurting yourself. I repeat you have no right on yourself. Did you understand? 

His eyes showed possessiveness, anger, fear to lose her but Nandini is not in a state to read those emotions. She bobbed her head obediently and murmured with the same possessiveness. 

Nan:- and you also don’t have the right to love anyone except me. Did you get it? 

Manik giggles and kisses her cheek before asking the most important question while hiding his smile. 

Ma:- Don’t I have the right to love our daughter? 

Nandini replies like a strict teacher. 

Nan:- you had but not more than me. 

Manik laughs hysterically hearing her reply and again takes her lips for a short kiss but this time the kiss is full of love. Both of their lips move with a sync creating hotness around them. 

Manik can feel the taste of alcohol and with that, he knows that she is highly drunk. 

Both are busy sucking each other’s lips while Manik’s hormones are ditching him. After a short and love-filled kiss, he bends and digs his head in her neck to give her a mark of love. 

Nandini’s condition is also worsening by passing time. Her hormones are at a peak because of two reasons, the first is obviously because of Manik’s love and the second is because of alcohol. Her body is radiating heat more than usual and even for a minute Manik too felt hot. 

When realization drew upon Manik that he couldn’t go further because Nandini is not in her proper senses. So, he moves back abruptly while his junior is poking him to move further. He turns around and takes a deep breath to calm himself down, which is not happening soon. 

On the other hand, Nandini starts sweating and now the dress is making her feel itchy. So, she is finding her dress zip to open it. She is struggling to find the zip at her back but she didn’t get successful in that because her gown has a side zip and because of the alcohol effect, she forgot that. 

Seeing her struggling, Manik faced her again and asked with a lot of confusion. 

Ma:- what happened, Nandini? 

Hearing her, she turns while making him face her back and gather her hair on her right shoulder. 

Nan:- ( while pouting her lips ) Manik, open the zip, please. I am feeling hot. 

Her words and action again awakened the monster inside him. Above all, her slim white back which is almost naked because of her deep neck invites him to have her. With lots of courage, he turns his eyes not wanting to take advantage of her situation. 

Ma:- I am not doing anything, Nandini. Turn around. 

Nandini pouts more adorably and faces him. 

Nan:- ok, so call any servant….. ( after realizing something ) no…… call ARYAMAN, he will open my zip and he will not deny it because he is my friend. 

This is the limit of Manik’s patience. Hearing Aryaman’s name from her and that for opening her dress just acts like butter in the fire. His eyes turned red, imaging Aryaman seeing what is only his right to see. But he can’t shout at her because he is well aware of her situation. 

Keeping his thoughts aside, he grabbed her shoulder and pushed her against the wall making her front banged with the wall. He nuzzled his nose in her neck and snaked his hands around her left side to open the zip. His hands are effortlessly moving as if they know their destination very well. 

He gripped the zip and pulled it down but held the gown from up so that the dress didn’t slip. After opening the zip he placed a bite just below her neck on the back showing his anger. 

The bite is so harsh that it turns blue in a second which makes him realize that indeed he bite her harshly. The bite pained her but it was bearable only because of her drunken state. 

He moved back slightly still holding her gown from up and picked her up in bridal style. He took her towards the bed and made her lie in the middle of the bed so she didn’t roll down. 

After making her comfortable, he covers her with the blanket till her neck. Now her face is only visible to his eyes. 

Ma:- if you are still feeling hot so pull your dress down from up but till waist. ( sternly ) and don’t you dare to remove that quilt from your body. 

Nandini nods obediently whereas Manik decreases the AC’s temperature. After adjusting the room temperature he turns and finds her struggling inside the quilt. 

Nan:- ( cries getting irritated ) this is not happening, Manik. 

Manik nods his head in disbelief seeing her clumsiness. 

Ma:- Then, Who told you to get drunk? 

Nandini pouts adorably which melts him in a second. He too slid into the quilt and took her in his arms. 

Nan:- ( cringe her eyes in irritation ) oh…. Don’t come near me. I am feeling hot. 

Ma:- I know, Love. 

Manik calms her and rubs her sweat from her forehead, neck, and collar bone. These moves are making her hotter. Then, he moves his hand inside the quilt and pulls her dress down slowly. She supported him while keeping her mouth shut. 

Only Manik knows how much he is controlling himself from seeing her naked self. Keeping all his hormones aside, he pulled her dress to her waist and made space between themselves. 

Seeing the space between them, Nandini frowns and moves towards him. She cuddles with him while keeping her head on his chest and snuggles with him. 

Manik took a deep breath and wrapped his hand around her shoulder. Now, his shirt and Nandini’s inner is the only barrier between their naked bodies. 

Out of nowhere, Nandini asks. 


Without much delay, Manik replies while placing a kiss on her head. 

Ma:- yes, without any doubt. 

Nan:- then, why did you hug that SONA? ( cutely ) I didn’t like that. It pained ( pointing her heart ) at me here. 

Manik smiles and kisses her heart over the quilt. 

Ma:- sorry, I won’t hug her again. 

Nan:- ( with wide-open mouth ) you won’t hug her that means you will hug other girls? 

Manik shakes his head adorably while making a bad face. 

Ma:- why is your brain still running like a horse in this state too? 

To be continued…

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