Nan:- ( painfully ) I got hurt here, Manik. ( showing her bums ) please rub it…….. 

Not only Manik but the person who is standing and noticed all this also gasped seeing THE BOLD NANDINI. For her, these are just simple words, but the man who is standing beside her knows the erotic meaning of that. 


Ma:- ( tries to smile ) Umm……. Dad, she is not………

Before he could say more in her defense, Nandini speaks, gaining Raj Malhotra’s attention. 

Nan:- MR. FATHER-IN-LAW MALHOTRA………….. How are you doing? 

Saying this she hugs him while squealing in excitement. 

Nan:- you are the best, FATHER-IN-LAW MALHOTRA. Thank you for the……. 

Before she could say further Raj palmed her mouth and changed the topic which made Manik suspicious. 

Raj:- aww…… Nandini, you are the BEST DAUGHTER-IN-LAW. How is Manik? Everything alright between you? 

He chose Manik’s topic as this is the best way to distract her and he got successful in that too. Nandini pouts adorably. 

Nan:- ( trying to sound like a commander but her drunk tone making her sound like a cute doll ) Your son is a coward, MR FATHER-IN-LAW MALHOTRA. He is scared of my father…………….. He doesn’t know how to kiss, he doesn’t know how to treat his girlfriend. Don’t you send him to school? He is a stupid boyfriend. 

Manik palms his forehead hearing fake accusations whereas Raj glares at him like some strict father. 

Raj:- Manik, what is she saying? 

Nandini gasped hearing him and rubbed her throat, worryingly. 

Nan:- ( panicking ) Am I not audible? Manik, Where is my voice gone? 

The father-son duo laughs wholeheartedly, making her pout. She is rubbing her throat and tries to speak in a whisper but her voice is not coming out making her panic. The drink is taking a toll on her. 

Otherside, the father-son has no control over their laughter seeing her cuteness. 

Raj:- Manik, Is she drunk? 

Manik nods and Raj takes a sign of relief. 

Raj:- it’s so difficult to differentiate drunk Nandini and sane Nandini. Both are the same in some ways. 

Manik looks at him confused because his reaction is the opposite of what he expected. Then, something clicked in his mind that ”FROM WHERE DID SHE GOT THE BEER BOTTLE?”. He looks at his father suspiciously making him move back scaredly. 

Raj:- ( rubbing his sweat ) I think………. I should go………… 

Ma:- one second, Did you give her the beer? 

Raj:- ( innocently ) what beer? To whom? Is beer alcohol? I don’t know what you are saying? 

He rubs his sweatbands and goes back into the flashback. 

Nandini and Cabir take Raj into a corner, hiding him from everyone. 

Raj:- don’t tell me that you guys are planning to kidnap me? 

Nan:- ( naughtily ) uff….. Who will give us money in exchange for you? ( fake sadness ) Even we will give money to Nyonika aunty to take you back……. 

Raj:- ( with narrowed eyes ) Nandini, you are taking me for granted. 

Nan:- no….. No….. you are getting me wrong. I mean to say that, you are priceless so how can we bid money in exchange for you. 

Ca:- ( punching Raj’s shoulder like a buddy ) take a chill pill, dude. 

Nan:- ( dusting Raj’s collar ) I must say, boyfriend……….. You are looking handsome as hell in black color. 

Raj:- ( shyly ) Really? 

Ca:- ( fake surprised ) woh………. Don’t you know, how many girls fainted seeing you dancing like a pro? 

Nan:- ya…. Ya…. I heard a girl saying that she is jealous of Nyonika aunty because she got a gem like you. 

Ca:- ya…. Nyonika aunty is lucky because she got you as her life partner. 

Nan:- I doubt that he is the father of Manik or that Manik is his father. Like seriously, boyfriend……….. You don’t look like a father of two….. I mean you look much younger than Manik.  

Ca:- I agree! 

Raj’s cheeks turned red listening to all praises while Cabir and Nandini smirked seeing their plan working. 

Nan:- ( fake sadness ) but don’t know why dad says……. Aa…. 

Saying this she stops abruptly, making Raj curious. 

Raj:- what he says? 

Nan:- leave it…… 

Raj:- Nandini, tell me what he said about me? 

Nan:- no…… I can’t say that because I know that you are not like that. 

Raj:- ok…… don’t say. I will interrogate him myself. 

Saying this he walks two steps but is stopped by Cabir, impatiently. 

Ca:- wait!….. I will say. ( smiling sheepishly ) Dad always says that you are selfish. 

Raj:- me or selfish! How? 

Ca:- he said that you are selfish for your alcohol. You won’t share it with anyone. 

Raj:- ( defensively ) This is not true. 

Nan:- correct!…….. I know that you are the kindest person. You won’t deny it if I ask you for a beer bottle. ( while blinking her eyelashes, innocently ) Will you? 

Now, Raj Malhotra is in a dilemma whether to say yes or no and unknowingly he grants their wish with a thought that Nandini is non-alcoholic. So, it won’t cause any harm to her but he is unaware of her dangerous plan. 

Ma:- DAD…… 

Manik calls him back from the flashback. 

Raj:- yes?

Ma:- ( sternly ) I am asking something. Did you give them the bottles? 

Raj:- ( innocently ) woh…… woh…… they tricked me.  

Ma:- ( angrily ) and you come in their web of lies. Did you? 

Raj nods like a scared puppy. 

Ma:- Dad, are you mad? 

Raj:- Manik, your girlfriend is a master in blackmailing anyone. You know that it won’t take any second to melt in front of her seeing her innocence. 

Nan:- ( with cute yet dangerous eyes ) are you guys talking about me? 

Raj:- ( scaredly ) Manik, scold me tomorrow but now take her inside before Raman sees her like that. He will kill me if he gets to know that I am behind her this state. 

Manik nods but not before shooting daggers at his father for acting so stupid when it comes to Nandini. 

Raj:- ( worriedly ) and ya…. Please rub her back. It must be painful for her. 

Ma:- ( rolling his eyes ) DAD!!!!!! 

Raj:- ( while giggling ) sorry. 

Without a word, Manik dragged Nandini and took her back into his room, difficulty. This time he perfectly locks the door for a safe side and glares at her who is not scared of him. 

Ma:- ( sternly ) Nandini, go to bed and sleep. 

Nan:- ( innocently ) sleep? But with whom? 

Manik’s eyes popped out hearing her words whereas she looked around with continuous giggles. 

Nan:- ( pouting cutely ) but there is no one except you so……… 

Ma:- so…….? 

Nan:- so, I will sleep with you, come here. 

Listening to her, Manik moves back because her state and intentions were not good. 

Ma:- Nandini, you are not in your senses. So, sleep. 

Nandini nods negatively and walks towards him. She reaches near him and encircles her arms around his neck. Manik gulps whereas she rubs his jawline with different kinds of feelings giving him goosebumps all over. 

Ma:- ( getting affected by her moves ) Nandini, ……….tumhe…… SONA chahiye…. ( Nandini, you should sleep. ) 

Hearing him, Nandini comes out from her romantic land and gives a strong punch on his left cheek. 

For a second, Manik went blank because the punch was completely unexpected. His hand automatically reached the hurting area and his eyes went wide. This is not the thing that he expects from her at this time. According to him, the girls become wild and romantic in a drunken state but here his girl is punching him!

Before he could ponder on his thoughts more, Nandini spoke aggressively. 

Nan:- Now I get why you are saying SONA, SONA…. You love SONA, don’t you? 

Manik becomes confused because who doesn’t like sleeping but suddenly why his girlfriend becomes so violent after hearing that. 

Ma:- ( in a weak tone ) ya…. I mean…. Yes, who doesn’t like SONA?  

Suddenly Nandini’s expression changes from angry to the cry one. 

Nan:- ( like a baby who is on the verge of crying ) you like that girl. I hate you…….. But I won’t cry for you. Now I will also look for MY CHANDI. 

Her talk goes from above his head. 

Ma:- what CHANDI? 

Nan:- ( innocently ) you love a girl named SONA (GOLD) then, I will also find a guy named CHANDI (SILVER) and fall in love with him. 

Ma:- oh….. SONA-CHANDI. 

Now, Manik understands that she is talking about his fake girlfriend. But his happiness has no bounds as he got to know that his girlfriend is feeling jealous. His Nandini is getting jealous of seeing him with another girl! This is breaking news. 

Ma:- ( with happiness dripping from his eyes ) Are you jealous? 

Nandini nods innocently whereas her answer gave enough peace to Manik’s eyes.

Ma:- you feel like killing that girl when she kisses me here? ( pointing his right cheek ) 

Nandini nods again with an adorable pout and kisses his right cheek giving him double happiness. 

Then, she moves back and places her hand on his heart while saying. 

Nan:- ( cutely ) THIS IS MINE!! 

Manik’s heart filled with happiness and pride seeing her claiming him in her drunk state too. 

Ma:- ( accusingly ) why don’t you get jealous in your sober state? 

To be continued…

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