Finally, after a decade, the most rocking sangeet ceremony is coming to an end. The guests are departing after congratulating the couple one last time. Murthy’s are also set to say goodbye but Malhotra requests them to spend one more day with them. 

Nyo:- please Ishu, stay na…… it’s too late. 

Ish:- ok… ok…. Don’t pout, you look horrible in that. 

Everyone chuckles hearing that but Manik Malhotra is on cloud nine because now, he can spend one more night with his girlfriend. And for the first time, he doesn’t need to hide that from others. He looks around to have a look at his girl but to his dismay, she is nowhere around him. He walks ahead in search of her but there is no clue of her. He panicked and got worried for her. All the bad thoughts start roaming in his mind. Seeing his state, youngsters approached him. 

Dhr:- what happened, Manik? You look worried. 

Ma:- ( rubbing his face, worriedly ) Where is Nandini? 

This is the question that shocks them to the core because Nandini is very precious to all of them. Out of nowhere, Navya says with confusion. 

Nav:- guys, Cabir is also not here and I haven’t seen him after the dance. 

Alya:- ( with a bad face ) who cares for him? ……………… ( with wide eyes ) One second…….. 

“OH, SHIT!………….” 

Everyone murmured with wide-open eyes. Now, this is the situation when everyone starts sweating because CABIR and NANDINI are a deadly combination. Don’t get them wrong because they were not worried about them. They are worried for themselves. CABIR and NANDINI are the two-person who call trouble for the rest. 

Muk:- ( with a fearful voice ) Manik, when did you last see Nandini? 

Manik gulps his saliva before replying. 

Ma:- on the dance floor………. 

Listening to his answer, not only Mukti, everyone feels dizzy. 

Dhr:- that means, they have been together since then……..

Abhi:- ( impatiently ) guys, find them anyhow before it becomes too late and make sure that elders don’t get any hint of that. 

Everyone nodded obediently and dispersed here and there to find the troublemakers. They searched for them in every corner but there was no clue about them. 

Ma:- did anyone search them on the Terence? 

Alya:- No….. ok, so half will search them on the Terence or half will search them inside. 

They are divided into two small groups and find them at each corner of the house hiding it from their parents but still, the result was the same. 

Abhi:- ( worriedly ) where are they? Have they become invisible? 

They shook their heads and slumped down on the couch being hell tired because of all the running. But their ears shot open when they heard some strange noise. The noise is of some empty glass bottle which comes towards them rolling on the floor. 

Manik picks that bottle and smells it. 

Man:- IT’S BEER!!!!! 

Abhi:- ( tiredly ) oh………… 

But soon realization drew upon them and their eyes moved towards the direction from where the bottle came. Unknowingly their feet walk towards the dining table which was covered with a white cloth. They hoped not to witness the scene which they thought. They sat on the floor and with shivering hands raised the cloth at the same time. 

What they saw is beyond their expectations. Nandini and Cabir both are sitting under the dining table and busy drinking beer. Yes, they are drunk and talking rubbish. The brother-sister duo is having a deep discussion whereas Cabir is busy opening another bottle. 

While on the other side, the gang is gasping at them. Their mouths are opened ajar and all of them slumped down on the floor with their eyes stuck on them. 

Manik snatched the bottle from Cabir’s hand and asked angrily. 

Ma:- what is this? 

Nan:- ( after thinking a little ) it’s a bottle. Won’t you know? 

Ma:- ( while gritting his teeth ) it’s a beer bottle, Nandini. 

Nandini giggles palming her mouth and says. 

Nan:- it’s not a beer bottle………… It’s a GLASS BOTTLE! Stupid… 

Saying this she snatched the bottle from his hand with a giggle. 

Ma:- You are drunk, Nandini. 

Nandini scoffs at hearing him and immediately replies. 

Nan:-  maine pee nahi hai

          maine pee nahi hai…………….. Johnny johnny. 

Ca:- yes papa…….. 

Both the brother-sister giggles whereas others are gawking at them. 

Ma:- ( yelled at them ) seriously? 

After shouting he snatched the bottle from Nandini’s hand, gaining her attention. She looks at him with an adorable pout but soon her expressions change into horror. Before anyone could say or do anything, she pulled Manik under the table with a strong pull and whisper which was audible to everyone. 

Nan:- shh……. Don’t make noise or else Manik will get to know where I am. Sit quietly and enjoy…….. 

Saying this she hands him an empty glass while everyone palms their forehead seeing her drunk level. 

Ma:- ( with a lip-tight smile ) why ………….. are you scared of Manik? 

Nandini immediately replies. 

Nan:- No………. But if he sees me with this ( eyeing beer bottle ) then, he will insist me to let him drink this……….. But ( whispers in his ear ) you know na ……. this is not good for our health. 

Hearing her explanation, everyone falls backward while Manik banged his head with gritted teeth. 

Ma:- Einstein, when you knew that this is bad then, why did you drink that? 

Listening to him, Nandini bites her tongue cutely. 

Nan:- sorry, I forgot the reason. 

Ma:- ( sternly ) Nandini, tomorrow you have to answer all my questions. 

Nan:- ( curiously with raised eyebrows ) why? You have an exam tomorrow and you won’t learn anything. 

Ma:- ( mummers with twisted lips ) her IQ level is still high in this situation. 

Nandini giggles because of no reason and pecks his pout, making his eyes wide. 

Nan:- you…… look sho… sho….. Cutu in anger. ( you look so soo cute in anger ) 

Alya:- ( amusingly ) I think Nandini is the only one who finds Manik cute in anger. 

Out of nowhere, Cabir lightly punched Manik, gaining everyone’s attention. 

Ca:- why did you kiss my sister? 

Nav:- ( with a disbelief look ) he is also possessive for his sister in a drunk state! 

Ma:- when did I kiss her? 

Nandini giggles and again pecks his lips while saying. 

Nan:- Aabhi……… ( Right now )  

Manik makes a bad face seeing their antiques. 

Abhi:- ( while palming her face ) How would we handle them for a whole night? 

Muk:- before that think about, how we will hide them from our parents? ( scaredly ) If dad ( Raman ) saw Nandini in this state then get ready to book tickets for hell. 

Everyone gulps their saliva knowing the consequences. 

Man:- ( angrily, while looking at Nandini ) where did my Nandini go? Who never drinks? 

Hearing this question, Nandini makes an akimbo and proudly says. 


Dhr:- Manik, right now there is no point in talking to them because they are not in senses. 

Manik nods in understanding and brings Nandini out from under the table followed by Cabir. 

Alya:- Manik, take Nandini with you. You can handle her easily and Navya ( turning towards Navya ) take Cabir with you and please make sure that they don’t come out from rooms. 

Nan:- ( angrily ) I won’t go with him ( pointing Manik ). What will my boyfriend think if I stay with him in a single room? 

Man:- that we will see tomorrow………….. For now, shut up. 

Nandini turns her face angrily, looking damn cute. Her doe eyes and adorable pout make her look hot. Giving a cold shoulder to her antiques, Manik picks her up in bridal style. 

Nan:- haww…………… 

She squeals like a child making him smile and snuggle in his neck. Manik climbs the stairs but stops hearing Cabir’s song who’s looking at them. 

Suhaag raat hain ghoonghat utha raha hoon main

Simat rahi hai tu sharma ke apni baahon mein……. 

Abhi palms Cabir’s mouth stopping his vulgar thoughts whereas others are laughing hysterically. Ignoring everyone Manik walks towards his room taking Nandini in his arms. 

As soon as he put her down and turned to lock the door, she ran away pushing him aside while giggling, skipping his heart a beat. She runs and runs without looking anywhere and gets banged by a man who is standing there like a pillar. 

Because of the sudden abruptness, she got misbalanced and fell on her bums. Manik instantly makes her stand but her next words took his breath. 

Nan:- ( painfully ) I got hurt here, Manik. ( showing her bums ) please rub it…….. 

Not only Manik but the person who is standing and noticed all this also gasped seeing THE BOLD NANDINI. For her, these are just simple words, but the Men’s who are standing beside her know the erotic meaning of that. 

To be continued…

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