Manik is standing on the stage anxiously waiting for his soon-to-be-wife. His eyes are stuck on the spot where Cabir and Arjun went to bring Nandini. His heartbeats are increasing while his eyes are waiting for her one glimpse. 

Soon his eyes spotted the site for which he was waiting desperately. His bride is descending the stairs with slow steps while her eyes are fixed on the floor. His heartbeat skipped a beat seeing her clad in a red-colored bridal lehenga with minimum jewelry. Her dark-colored henna is giving her a different glow while the bangles in her hands are on top of the world. Her serene face is glowing differently in the anticipation of becoming his officially. 

His eyes are denied to move away from HIS LADY which is admiring her from every angle. 

On the other hand, Nandini is nervous like hell. Her eyes felt heavy and that’s why she found the floor more interesting. Her breath is out of her control. Unknowingly, her grip tightens around Arjun’s hand who is holding her from the right side. Arjun felt her nervousness and rubbed her back to make her comfortable which calmed her a little. But feeling all the attention on herself makes her more nervous. 

Yes, all the guests are gawking at her like they saw a bride for the first time. Men’s and women’s both are drooling over her beauty. They are praising her for her looks, dress, jewelry, and her innocence which she holds. 

Seeing her situation, Cabir looks at her and tries to divert her mind from all the attention. 

Cabir:- Nandini, your soon-to-be-husband is looking handsome as hell. You both are complementing each other perfectly and I feel pity for all the girls who are getting jealous of you. 

Hearing him, a beautiful smile appeared on Nandini’s lips making all the men faint with just her simple smile. Whereas Manik is all gone seeing her and the smile was the last nail in the coffin. His subconscious mind brings him back to earth when he hears a guy who is praising HIS BRIDE. 

The guy:- Damn!!!! What a piece she is………… Oh my god! Manik is so lucky to have her. 

Manik fist his hand and makes a note to add this guy to his block list. Soon his attention gets diverted when Nandini reaches near him. He bobbed his head in a gesture and forwards his hand to help her in climbing the stage. 

Nandini kept her hand in his without looking at him out of shyness whereas Manik kissed at the back of her hand making her feel out of the world. He holds her hand tightly and with another hand, holds her Lehenga from front helping her to climb the stage. Seeing her gesture all go aww on his care towards her whereas Kaka thanks God for sending him in his daughter’s life. 

Both the bride and groom are standing facing each other but still, Nandini didn’t take his single glance making him pout adorably because of lack of attention. Before he could say anything, the priest handed the garlands to them and told Manik to put it around Nandini’s neck, which he obliged. He raised his hands and put the garland around her neck with a bright smile. 

Manik:- ( with intensity ) look at me, Nandini. 

Hearing the intensity in his tone and giving in to his demand she raises her lashes slowly and looks at him. 

As soon as her eyes met his, the world stopped for her. For the first time, she noticed him in a traditional dress, and undoubtedly he is the world’s handsome groom. She openly checks him out, making him shy. The happy glow on his face shows how much he waits for this day. Seeing her state, Cabir shook her, bringing her back from MANIK’S LAND. 

Nandini blushes whereas Manik bites his lip shyly. He bows down a little bit in front of her, smilingly while keeping his right hand on his heart making her cheeks red. For the first time, his employees watched this romantic side of him which shocked them to the core. They are aware that their boss is head over heels over his girlfriend but to such an extent they never knew. 

With red cheeks and a broad smile, she puts the garland around his neck while the family members shower flowers at them and hoot.  

After this small ceremony, the priest told them to sit for further rituals. First, Manik helps Nandini to sit, then he sits beside her. They both hear the priest chanting wholeheartedly until the priest told them to stand up for the pheras. 

Suddenly their whole journey from friends to girlfriend-boyfriend comes in front of Nandini with a blurry vision. She looks at Manik who is standing beside her and asks for her hand. Without a second thought, she gives her hand wholeheartedly whereas Manik tightens his hold around her hand giving her all the assurance which she wanted.

Navya and Asha both come forward and do the GATHBANDHAN as a sister from Manik’s side. They took the hold of the end of their Dupata’s and tied it tightly so that no one could even think of separating them. The couple smiles at them. 

During the first four rounds, Manik leads the way. His lips have a genuine smile because this is the moment for which he waited from when Nandini entered his life.

The last three rounds were led by Nandini and they both settled down again on their seats. The priest told them the meaning of each round which they heard attentively and promised each other to stay beside each other until death does them apart. 

Then, Manik took the red-colored power called vermillion and filled Nandini’s hairline with all the love he holds for her. A tear slipped from her eye when Manik kissed the place where he applied vermillion in front of everyone. He moves back with a cheeky grin making her smile. 

Cabir:- ( while palming his face ) Bhai, don’t start here. You have the whole night to calm your hormones but now spare our innocent eyes. 

The hall filled with laughter hearing him but Nandini blushes like hell whereas Manik curses him for destroying his moment. Ignoring his presence, He tied the Nuptial chain around her neck. 

Finally, the priest declared them HUSBAND AND WIFE. Their happiness has no bounds which reflects it on their faces. Both stood up and took the blessings from elders while touching their feet who blessed them from the heart. 

Kaka gets emotional seeing her daughter. He cupped her cheeks and kissed her forehead. 

Kaka:- sada khush raho….. ( stay happy always ) 

Saying this he turns towards Manik and joins his hands. 

Kaka:- From now on, I am giving her to you, Manik. Keep her happy always now, she is your responsibility. 

Manik holds his hand and nods negatively while Nandini is standing there with moist eyes. 

Manik:- you don’t have to say that, Kaka. I will not let any harm near her. She is everything for me. So, you don’t have to get worried about her. I will take utmost care of your Nandini. 

Kaka smiles and takes him in a fatherly hug. After breaking the hug he hugs Nandini who is getting emotional. She gets emotional because Kaka is going back to India tonight because of some urgent work. So, technically she will not get time to meet him again until she goes back to India which is next to impossible. 

After spending some more time and having dinner the newly wedded couple is ready to leave for their hotel room which was booked by their one and only dear friend Cabir to give them much-needed privacy. But Manik has some other plans for tonight as he has a surprise for Nandini. 

They both settled down in their car which was decorated by Arjun like a bride. Finally, everyone says a final goodbye to the couple. 

Everyone leaves for their house one by one. But Kaka’s eyes stick at Arjun and Asha’s retreating figure. He is in a dilemma whether he tells them the truth about their relation with Nandini or not. 

After lots of YES and NO. He decided to tell them the truth because it’s their right to know about Nandini. With this determination, he walked towards them but stopped hearing their conversation. 

Asha:- what happened, Arjun? Why did you suddenly get tense…………. a few minutes back and you were happy? 

Arjun:- Asha, I got a call from JAY.

Asha:- ( confusingly ) so? 

Arjun:- he told me that Avantika got bailed because of a medical issue. 

Asha:- how can that be possible? 

Arjun rubs his face frustratingly. 

Arjun:- I don’t know but she will definitely create a problem for us……… ( with a heavy voice ) for NANDINI. 

On the other hand, hearing Avantika’s name, the color of Kaka’s face faded away. He gets afraid of the consequences if she gets to know about Nandini being Dixit’s daughter. She would go to any extent to hurt Nandini just like she did in the past. So, to keep her safe from Avatika’s evil intentions he decided to keep mum. But the question is for how long will he hide the truth from Nandini? 

To be continued…

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