Manik and Nandini both checked in their hotel room and gasped seeing Cabir’s arrangements. The room was a super deluxe honeymoon suite papped with a mini-fridge to a large cozy gallery from where the view was marvelous. Their bed is nicely decorated with little flowers as per Nandini’s taste. The room feels a little warmer as compared to the weather outside but it is soothing because it calms their nerves to some extent. 

After all these arrangements, Manik is still doubting Cabir’s intentions. He roamed his eyes everywhere to find any loophole but to his surprise, there was nothing wrong. 

Manik:- How can this be possible? 

Nandini:- what? 

Hearing her voice, Manik comes out from his doubting land and curses himself for giving attention to Cabir instead of his wife. 

Manik:- nothing…… 

Hearing his reply, Nandini nods and again starts admiring the room. Her cute-cute pouts and shining eyes are attracting Manik towards her. Giving in to his heart, he walked ahead and pulled her in his arms through her waist. 

Nandini got nervous as soon as her chest banged with his. She is not scared as she is aware of what is going to happen tonight but still she is a blushing queen, HIS BLUSHING QUEEN. His small-to-small gestures made her numb then, tonight they are going to be one in all matters. So, how can she stay calm? 

Otherside, Manik has some different thoughts. He rubs her cheeks gaining her attention and says while locking his eyes with hers. 

Manik:- is this comfortable? ( eyeing her lehenga ) 

Nandini:- ya….. I mean it’s heavy but I will manage, don’t worry. 

Manik:- what manage, haa?………… go and change. We have to go somewhere. 

Nandini:- ( excitedly ) where? 

Manik:- did you forget about your surprise? 

Nandini:- oh…. Ya….. I am super excited……. Let’s g…. 

Manik:- ( cutting her in mid ) but first, go and change into comfortable clothes. 

Nandini nods with a sad pout making him chuckle but the next second asks, confusingly. 

Nandini:- where is my bag? I had all my dress, sarees, and jewelry in that bag. 

Listening to her question, Manik bites his tongue sheepishly because he dropped her bag at their home. 

Manik:- sorry, I forgot those bags at home but Cabir must have done something about this issue. 

Nandini nods and both start finding their bags. At last, Manik opens the cupboard and a small box falls which is picked up by Nandini, unknowingly. 

Nandini:- what is this? 

Saying this, she opened the box and her cheeks turned red just seeing the content inside it. She immediately hands that box to him who is looking at her confusingly. 

Nandini:- ( like a whisper ) It’s for you…….. 

Manik looks at his hands and finds a box full of COND*MS. His cheeks also turned red but seeing HIS WIFE he smirks mischievously. 

Manik:- Baby, this is not only for me. IT’S FOR BOTH OF US. 

Nandini whins at his teasing and turns around due to shyness making him laugh at her innocence. He kisses her cheek from the back and with his act, her cheeks turn redder. 

Manik:- don’t worry baby, we have time to use this. But I must say this is the best gift for us. I mean this is very useful. Don’t you think so? 

Nandini:- ( whining like a kid ) MANIK…………. Don’t tease me. 

Manik laughs at his goofball’s reaction and picks a saree which was placed by Cabir in the cupboard. 

Manik:- ( handling her the saree ) I don’t expect such good work from Cabir but today he proved me wrong. When did he become so intelligent? 

Nandini:- Manik, don’t say that. He is the best friend that no one can have. 

Manik made a bad face seeing her supporting Cabir. 

Manik:- ignore him and come I will help you in changing. 

Nandini:- ( wide eyes ) huh? 

Manik:- what huh?…. Come…. 

He dragged her and made her settle in the chair in front of the mirror. With delegate fingers, he unpinned her dupattas and removed her jewelry from earrings to hair accessories to her neckpiece

Nandini felt like some weight was removed from her head and neck making her feel relaxed. Her half-tiredness flew away like that. 

Manik:- Nandini, you didn’t wear the pendant which I sent you? 

Nandini nods negatively making him upset with that but before he could ponder on that his phone rings showing Cabir’s name. He goes to attend the call and Nandini stands up to have a view from their gallery. She stood there admiring the sky and the nightlife of the city while leaning on the railing. 

After cutting the call, Manik turned around to get blown away by the beauty of his wife. She is looking eternal in her lehenga without any accessory. Her deep-cut blouse and her love handle which is peeping out from her dress, making him go hard down there. On top of that, she is glowing differently in the light.

In a swift, he removed his kurta making himself bare from up, and walked in her direction, silently. After reaching near her, he nuzzles his nose in her ear and wraps his arms around her bare tummy. 

Nandini shivered because she could feel his upper naked self on her back. Her hands automatically intertwined with his and rested on her stomach. She leans her head on his chest to soak in his warmth.

After spending a little time in silence, Manik noticed that the temperature is decreasing and they would catch a cold if they stay here some more time. So, keeping a stone on his heart, he says. 

Manik:- we should go back in the room or else you will catch a cold.  

Nandini nods immediately knowing Manik is sensitive and he can’t sustain a harsh climate. She walks back followed by Manik and he makes her settle on the dressing chair. He again started his work and after a lot of struggle, he freed her hair from the web of hairpins. He was astonished to see the pins which are coming after one another. 

Manik:- Nandini, you put pins in your hair or your hair in pins? 

Nandini hit him with the back of her hand making him giggle. After freeing her hair, he combs them lovingly. 

Manik:- now, go and change yourself in that saree. Till then I will change here…….. and make it fast as we are getting late. 

Nodding her head she left for the washroom and completed her work within half an hour. Till now Manik packed everything like their phones and their wedding dresses to lighten her work. 

As soon as Nandini stepped out of the washroom she was dragged by her husband who looked impatient. 

Nandini:- Manik, slowed down…………. 

Ignoring her words, he settled down in the car and drove away, excited about her reaction. 

On the other hand, Kaka left for India, and the Dixit couple also booked the next flight for India because of an emergency. An hour ago, Arjun received a call from his assistant Jay who informed him something which shook his world upside-down. He is going through mixed feelings of happiness and nervousness while recalling the conversation with Jay. 

Jay:- hello sir, there is good news for you. 

Arjun didn’t react much because he is also depressed after knowing that Avantika is out of jail. 

Arjun:- what is it? 

Jay:- sir, we got the information about KRISHNA MURTHY! 

Suddenly, Arjun’s lips stretched into a big smile. He becomes impatient and a sudden hope lightens for him. 

Arjun:- Are you serious? 

Jay:- ( happily ) yes sir, we got the address of her husband’s house. Maybe we will find her there. 

Arjun:- ( with happy tears ) thank you…….. Thank you so much, Jay. I owe you this for my life. 

Jay:- don’t say thank you, sir. It’s my duty. 

Arjun:- ( impatiently ) listen to me, book the next flight to India for me and Asha. I can’t wait any more to meet my sister. Just do it fast. 

Jay:- yes sir. I will mail you the details about the flight soon. 

Arjun:- good………. And are you sure about the address? 

Jay:- yes sir, I verified it myself. 

Arjun:- ok, by the way, what is her husband’s name? 


Arjun:- hmm….. I just hope that we find DAIMAA there. ( Nanny ) 

Don’t know why but he can’t hate the lady who is more than important to him, who gave him the love of a mother without having any blood relation. Krishna Murthy is still a Daimaa for him or will always stay the same. 

Asha:- ( while cupping Arjun’s cheeks ) Relax Arjun, this time I am getting positive vibes. We will find Nandini soon. 

Arjun smiles at her care and kisses her palm. 

Arjun:- sleep baby, you need rest. Already you are tired because of the wedding. 

Asha:- how can I sleep without my husband? 

Arjun smiles and lies down taking her in his arms and starts caressing her hair to relax her muscles with a hope to find his sister soon. 

To be continued…

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