Manik is running here and there to find Cabir for the last 5 minutes. He is angry with him because he spoiled his girlfriend to no end. After a struggle of more than 5 minutes, he finds him in a corner with Navya spending some private time. Seeing him having a romantic time with Navya his blood boils. 

Ma:- here, my girlfriend left me for the fake one and he is enjoying it with his girlfriend. ( while gritting his teeth ) You are gone Cabir……………

He angrily walks towards them whereas Cabir is unaware of the upcoming storm. 

Cabir is busy romancing with his girlfriend and enjoying it completely. He caresses Navya’s waist and murmurs in her ear. 

Ca:- your soft-soft waist feels like butter that I want to spread on bread and eat it until I get famished. 

Then, he caresses her arms with the tip of his fingers and again murmurs near his ear. 

Ca:- and your hands are not less than some chicken pieces. I want to devour it my whole life. 

Navya rolls her eyes at his statement and whins in annoyance. 

Nav:- Cabir, FOOD AGAIN! Are you praising me or your food? 

Ca:- uff….. Navya first concentrates. 

Navya nods without having any other option and the next second trembles because of his torcher. As he caresses her lower lip making her close her eyes in pleasure. 

Ca:- and your lips are the world’s most delicious lips. 

Ma:- How do you know? Have you tasted others’ lips too? 

Manik’s remark brings Navya back on earth whereas Cabir is still lost and says nonchalantly. 

Ca:- yaa….. I have but all are nothing in front of you. 

Listening to his answer, Navya pushed him back, making him gasp. 

Nav:- what did you just say? 

Cabir moves back scaredly when realization draws upon him but Manik comes ahead and puts his arm around his neck. 

Ca:- Manik, what are you doing here? 

Ma:- ( with a lip tight smile ) following your steps. 

Nav:- ( confusingly ) what steps? 

Ma:- steps to spoil someone’s romantic life by adding another girl. 

Ca:- when I spoiled your romantic life? 

Ma:- ( angrily ) you spoiled everything!….. You spoiled me, my girlfriend and my father too. 

Ca:- ( getting offended with his last words ) one second…… one second…… I agree that I spoiled you and Nandini but when I spoiled your father? 

Nav:- Cabir, leave that first answer to me Have you kissed anyone before me? Why didn’t you tell me? 

Hearing her question, Cabir starts sweating whereas Manik smirks. 

Ma:- anyone?…………. Didn’t he tell you about Madhuri, Tina, Ruby….. 

Ca:- ( stopping him in mid ) Bhai, what are you doing? Why are you adding salt to my sugar-like romantic life? 

Ma:- ( with a lip-tight smile ) because you converted my innocent girlfriend into a sizzling one which is very hard to handle. 

Cabir is hell confused listening to all these allegations whereas Navya left from there leaving them at their cost. 

Ca:- Navya,…… wait! He is lying……. Madhuri, Tina, Ruby are not girls………… 

Ma:- ( fake shock ) Ohhh…… that means you are also behind boys. 

Ca:- ( angrily ) yes! 

Before he continues, Navya comes back and hears them. 

Nav:- Cabir, I didn’t expect this from you. 

Ca:- baby, they are not girls. They are my pet dogs whom I named like girls. 

Nav:- what? 

Ca:- I am telling the truth. We will discuss this later, you go and enjoy. I need to handle my CRIBBING BABY

Nav:- who? 

Instead of Cabir, Manik replied. 

Ma:- ME!………. 

Navya giggles and goes from there. 

Abhi:- what is happening here? 

Abhi joins them as soon as Navya leaves from there but the two best friends are busy glaring at each other. 

Ca:- ( frustratingly ) what is your problem, Manik? 

Ma:- my problem is you! You spoiled Nandini to no end. Do you know she is pairing ME WITH HARSHAD?

Abhi’s and Cabir’s eyes shot open hearing him.

Abhi:- what do you mean? 


Unintentionally, Cabir chuckles, making him angrier. 

Ca:- wow, good choice, Manik. 

Listening to him, Manik grabs his collar but Abhimanyu becomes the savior. 

Abhi:- Cabir, why are you spoiling her? 

Ca:- arey………….. What did I did? 

Ma:- you taught her the wrong words. 

Ca:- ( nodding his head in disbelief ) I did nothing…… I just prepared her to face the world all alone. 

Their discussion comes to a halt because of the announcement which was done by the bride herself. 

On the other hand, The Sangeet ceremony is going smoothly with lots of performances and teasings. At last, the bride and groom climb the stage with a motive. 

Alya:- Manik, we ( she and Dhruv ) want you to sing a song. A romantic song and create a romantic atmosphere before we end the day. 

Manik denies, immediately breaking everyones’ heart who was waiting to hear his soulful voice. 

Dhr:- Don’t deny, please…… ( teasingly ) you can use this opportunity to confess your feelings to your girlfriend, once again. 

Manik agrees the next second because now the matter is about his feelings. He is ever ready to make her feel special and this is one of those moments. He climbs the stage with his guitar and wears his mask. ( I hope you guys remembered that the party is a Masquerade party where everyone wears a face shield to hide their face. ) The wedding organizer dims the light to give a light soothing atmosphere and a spotlight falls on Manik. 

After settling down, he looks around for HIS NANDINI who are standing in front of his eyes and giving him naughty looks. First, he became confused seeing her looks but soon her gestures cleared his confusion. She is eyeing him and Harshad time-to-time praising their Jodi. He rolls his eyes annoyingly, making her smirk wider. 

Ma:- focus Manik focus…………. She is just trying to distract you. 

Manik closes his eyes and composes himself while taking a deep breath. He starts imaging Nandini because she is his inspiration. He can’t sing any romantic song if that wouldn’t mean for her. After a minute or so he opens his eyes to sink in the brown eyes which are waiting to hear his voice. 

Nandini looks at him with pure love leaving her naughtiness behind knowing that now he is going to sing for her, ONLY FOR HER! Their eyes meet and boom……. The fireworks start. 

Dil ka dariya beh hi gaya

Ishq ibadat ban hi gaya

Khud ko mujhe tu sonp de

Meri zaroorat tu ban gaya

Manik sings these lines with no music while his eyes are on her whereas Nandini’s eyes are also not leaving him. He sings with so much intensity that gives her goosebumps. The atmosphere also turned upside down. All the couples were drawn into the spell of love. 

Baat dil ki nazron ne ki

Sach keh raha teri kasam

Tere bin ab na lenge ik bhi dam

He is not singing these lines, he is showing her his reality that now he won’t live a single second when she will not be beside him. For a change, Raman is also falling in love with his voice. Raj and Nyonika were feeling so proud of their son. The shine in their eyes depicts how much they are blessed to have such an amazing daughter and son. 

Tujhe kitna chahne lage hum

Tere bin ab na lenge ik bhi dam

Tujhe kitna chahne lage hum

Nandini’s eyes got slight tears hearing his feelings towards her. Surely, these are not just words for her. These are his feelings which he is conveying through this song. 

Tere saath ho jayenge khatam

Tujhe kitna chahne lage hum

Soon the floor is filled with couples who are diving in the pool of love. All the couples are dancing with their partners and seeing this Aryaman approaches Nandini for a dance which she agrees in a daze. Although she is moving her body slowly and rhythmically, her eyes are not leaving THEIR OWNER. Aryaman is a long-forgotten case for her.

Manik’s eyes darken seeing HIS NANDINI in someones’ arms. He left his guitar and walked down in her direction while singing. “Iss jagah aa gayi chahatein ab meri” 

He pulls Nandini in his arms with a jerk while singing “Chheen lunga tumhe saari duniya se hi” and glares at Aryaman for putting his hands on his girlfriend. Whereas Nandini didn’t say a word because she is waiting for this. 

He caged her waist in his hold and pulled her closer even if it was possible. “Tere ishq pe haan haq mera hi toh hai”. Both move their body at a slow pace while Manik’s eyes are locked with Nandini.

“Keh diya hai ye maine mere Rab se bhi”. He declared that Now, God also knows that she belongs to him, ONLY TO HIM. His fingers moved back and are moving on her back, effortlessly changing her into jelly. Whereas his words, his possessiveness, his way to show his right to her are too much for her to handle. 

Jis raste tu na mile

Us pe na ho mere kadam

Tere bin ab na lenge ik bhi dam

Tujhe kitna chahne lage hum

Nandini encircles her hands around his neck while joining their foreheads. She is on the edge of falling in love with him again and she didn’t mind it at all. She is aware of her surroundings but who cares when your boyfriend is making you feel so special. Their proximity, closeness, and chemistry are the talk of the night. 

Everyone is gossiping about the girl who is dancing with Manik. They are too curious to know about the girl who stole his heart. Nandini is still a secret girlfriend of Manik in front of the world. As they all are wearing their masquerade masks while dancing that’s why everyone is unable to recognize her. 

Tere saath ho jayenge khatam

Tujhe kitna chahne lage hum

As soon as the song ends Nandini comes out from his spell and hugs him with all her love making him feel content. 

To be continued…

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