Manik dragged Nandini and took her away from Harshad’s eyes, rightfully. Anger took over his senses that’s why he is not thinking straight. Whereas Nandini is getting irritated with his actions but didn’t speak a word until now. 

Manik took Nandini in a corner and pushed her against the wall while covering her in a dominating manner. If someone else would be here in her place then she would die because of fear but she is NANDINI, the REBELLIOUS GIRL! She is also giving him glares just like him, making him annoyed. 

Ma:- what were you doing with him? 

The fierce girl inside Nandini woke up instantly hearing his question which didn’t go well with her. 

Nan:- why?………… Are you blind? Can’t you see what we were doing? 

Manik’s temper rises, seeing her questioning back without answering him. 

Ma:- ( sternly ) answer my question, Nandini. 

Nandini looks at him with annoyance because she is already angry with him. Now, she is determined to irritate him more because she is not scared of him. She looks deep into his eyes with the same intensity and says. 

Nan:- ( with a lip tight smile ) WE WERE HAVING SEX!………. Ok? Now move aside, I have lots of work. 

Manik gasped palming his mouth hearing her answer but the next second banged his head on the wall. Now the intense atmosphere changed into a war zone. 


Nan:- ( with fake innocence ) don’t you even know that?…… Hell is a place where Ayyappa fries sinful peoples like you in hot oil. 

Manik rolls his eyes and cursed himself for asking the stupid question knowing her nature well. 

Ma:- you guys were talking, I know! 

Nandini exclaimed excitedly, making him frown. 

Nan:- finally, you got your eyes back. I am so happy for you, Mr. Malhotra. 

Manik palmed his face listening to her nonsense talks. He knows that he is in deep shit now. Today, he pissed her to no end. That’s why she is behaving like her favorite brother, Cabir! But still, he wants to alert her regarding Harshad.

Ma:- look Nandini, Harshad is not like as he shows. 

Listening to this, Nandini palms her mouth in shock which is absolutely fake. Manik understood her expressions and brace himself for another stupid remark of her. 

Nan:- He didn’t look like that. I mean …… are you sure that he is more into boys? 

Manik’s brain burst into pieces hearing her. Today she is getting in his brain instead of his nerves. He holds her head and tries to gather his lost pieces of brain. Before he could compose himself Nandini burst another bomb on him. 

Nan:- oh…. Now I know why he is asking about you from me?………………. ( excitedly ) Manik, he is interested in you. I saw the shine in his eyes whenever he talks about you. ( punched his chest in a teasing manner ) Lucky you! 

Manik held his heart which started beating rapidly because of his girlfriend and moves back in shock. 

Ma:- ( annoyingly ) why can’t you behave like a sane girlfriend? Why can’t you get jealous if someone has feelings for me? I will go mad if someone has those thoughts about you. 

Nan:- ( while raising her eyebrows ) do you want me to get jealous of Harshad? 

Ma:- definitely not with him. I asked randomly. 

Nandini smiles beautifully without giving any answer to him. Manik closed his eyes and joined their forehead before cupping her cheeks, lovingly. 

Ma:- Harshad, is not like what he shows. He is a demon in a human figure. He can go to any extent to harm me. He likes to snatch what’s mine and YOU ARE THE ONLY TREASURE THAT I NEVER WANTED TO SHARE WITH ANYONE. Stay with me or with anyone among the family and avoid interacting with Harshad. He can harm you to destroy me which I never wanted. 

Nandini nods silently and kisses his palm making him happy beyond limits. 

Ma:- ( sternly ) Now the most serious thing, stay away from Cabir. He is spoiling you to no end. 

Nandini giggles instead of getting scared from his red eyes making him sulk like a kid. 

Ma:- ( annoyingly ) why my angry eyes don’t work on you? 

Nandini locks her eyes with his while caressing the skin under his eyes making him exhale loudly. 

Nan:- because they ( Manik’s eyes ) know who is the real boss. 


Both giggle on their bickering. Out of nowhere, Manik got lost in her giggles forgetting about their surroundings. He kissed her forehead and murmured. 

Ma:- I am sorry! 

Nandini looks at him with different emotions and opens her mouth to say something but Manik says further. 

Ma:- I am sorry for hiding that thing from you and ignoring you the whole day in my ego. 

Nan:- you should be sorry for keeping a secret from me. But I am also sorry for overreacting. ( mischievously, earning a glare from him ) I should be the one who acts maturely when the other one has some mental issues but I failed in that. I am sorry for that too! 

Saying this, she snakes her arms around his neck while taking him in a soul-searing hug. Manik too wraps his arms around her back and lifts her slightly. 

Nan:- ( murmurs in his ear ) I am also sorry for avoiding you throughout the day but my intention was not bad, trust me. 

Manik tightens his arms around her waist and places a soft kiss on her neck while saying. 


Nan:- by the way Manik, you should keep apologizing for every mistake no matter who was at fault. This will make you a MOST WANTED BOYFRIEND. 

Manik shoots daggers at her who giggles in return making him pout cutely. 

Ma:- ( accusingly ) Now, you are behaving like a typical girlfriend. 

He said making her giggles turn into laughter. She hits her forehead with his slightly and snuggles into him while rubbing her soft cheeks on his stubbles. Both of them are lost in the moment, unaware of their surroundings. 

Suddenly Nandini felt someone approaching that’s why she opened her eyes to witness a girl coming towards them. Her mind again starts working mischievously. 

Nan:- ( whimpering in Manik’s hold, scaredly ) MANIK, LEAVE ME YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS WATCHING US. 

Manik is lost in her touch that’s why this statement really scared him like hell. He pushed her back in an instant and started apologizing cutely for being caught. 

Ma:- I am sorry, Nandini……

He comes out from his zone hearing the girl’s voice who encircles her arm around his bicep. 

Sona:- ( Manik’s fake girlfriend) what are you doing here with her, Manik? 

Manik cringed his nose in irritation and detached himself from her while Nandini’s giggles were constant in the background. Ignoring her, he focuses on his Nandini and pulls her ear, making her wince in pain. 

Ma:- Are you playing with me? 

Nan:- ahh…… ( innocently ) Why would I play with you? I am not a kid and you are also not some toy train that I would play with you. How stupid! 

Ma:- ( rolling his eyeballs ) Not again! 

He pulled her ear harder which didn’t turn off her mischievous mode. 

Nan:- ok…ok….. I will tell the truth. First, leave me. 

Manik thinks that she become serious and will not crack any stupid statement from now on that’s why he left her ear. Nandini rubs her ear cutely while cursing him with beautiful-beautiful words. 

Nan:- ( with sincerity ) You are wrong, I am not playing with you in fact, you are playing with your girlfriend. ( pointing Sona ) After having such a cute and hot girlfriend you are still playing with my feelings. How could you? 

Manik rubs his face frustratingly and goes very close to her making her move back. He sniffs her for a second and asks. 

Ma:- Are you drunk? 

Instead of replying in no, she says. 

Nan:- NOT YET!!!

Sona chirped in mid-breaking their bickering session. 

Sona:- Manik, are you playing with me? 

Ma:- chup hoja, meri behn. ( keep quiet, My sister ) why are you following me? 

Sona:- woh….. Mr. Cabir instructs me to follow you. 

Ma:- ( angrily ) Today, I will not leave that bastar*. He is behaving like an EX-GIRLFRIEND in my love life. 

Nandini giggles but their short comedy nights are stopped by Aryaman who comes to ask Nandini for a dance. 

Aryaman:- Nandini, will you dance with me just as a friend? 

Listening to the question, Manik got to roast in the winter without any tandoor or stove. His ears start erupting smoke and his fist automatically curls up. 

Ma:- ( while gritting his teeth ) don’t you think that I should join you for a dance “JUST LIKE A FRIEND”. 

Aryaman:- ( confusingly ) but it’s a couple’s dance…… 

Ma:- ( sarcastically ) so, what? You and me would make a perfect couple. 

Before Aryaman could say further, Nandini chirped in the middle, enthusiastically. 

Nan:- No, I don’t think so because you and Harshad look good together and he also has a crush on you. Then, why don’t you approach him? 

Manik’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped down. Taking the opportunity Nandini ran away followed by Aryaman. Sona closed his mouth while saying. 

Sona:- take it, easy man, your jaw dropped on the floor. 

Ma:- SHUT UP!!! 

To be continued…

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