Vishember:- ( dejectedly ) yes!…… I CHOOSE MY PROMISE ABOVE LOVE FOR MANIK’S GOOD. 

Yashoda gets shocked and waits for his explanation. 

Vishember:- we don’t know who that girl was? From where does she belong? Is she with Manik because of love or money? We don’t know who her parents were. Her upbringing, her character……. 

Yashoda cuts him in the middle. 

Yashoda:- so, according to you, Innaya is the right choice for Manik. 

Vishember:- absolutely! 

Yashoda:- ( with a sad smile ) you always ask why I love Manik more than anyone? Did you know why? 

Vishember nods negatively and waits for her answer. 

Yashoda:- because I saw your shadow in him. He is exactly like you from outside as well as inside. ( with a beautiful smile ) Same anger issue, same cuteness, and have the same tendency to judge a person in a single glance. So, how can you even think that he has chosen the wrong person for himself? 

Vishember got silent hearing her and looked down due to embarrassment. 


Varsha:- ( with hatred ) Nandini, is not the right choice to be Malhotra’s daughter-in-law. She is a clever girl. Don’t you see how she separated our Manik from us? 

Yashoda:- Manik is not a kid anymore, Varsha. He knows what is good for him and what’s not. 

Parveen:- Maa, why do you always defend Nandini? 

Yashoda:- because I saw what you guys ignored. ( remembering the moment when she saw a happy Manik with Nandini in the temple ) 

Vishember:- Yashoda, close the topic here only. 

Yashoda:- why? Don’t you guys have more points to argue for Innaya? 

Varsha:- Maa, why are you against Innaya being Manik’s wife? 

Yashoda:- I am not against Innaya. It’s just, I didn’t find her enough capable to be with my Manik. 

Varsha rolls her eyes again because this is her regular dialogue. Seeing everyone’s expressions Yashoda stood up from the chair leaving her tea. 

Yashoda:- ( while looking into Vishember’s eyes ) you did right by sending Manik away from here because you guys don’t deserve HIS ANGEL. I pray to Waheguru that you guys will realize your mistake soon before it becomes too late. 

Saying this she left leaving the trio in deep thoughts.

The next morning, in California, everything is going smoothly. Today is MANAN’S SANGEET CEREMONY for which everyone is preparing with whole heart leaving the groom and bride. Both are sulking because Cabir arranged a choreographer who is teaching them some amazing dance moves SEPARATELY. Cabir’s this move spoiled Manik’s all intentions to romance with his soon-to-be bride with an excuse of dancing. 

Manik is cursing Cabir who is giggling at his failed attempts at romance. 

Manik:- I CURSE YOU, CABIR…….. Your leg will break as soon as you climb the stage for your dance performance or Navya will perform with another guy in front of your eyes. 

Cabir laughs hysterically, making him annoyed beyond limits. 

Cabir:- I won’t mind if Navya dances with someone else. I am not as possessive as you are for your wife. 

This statement makes Manik madder. He cursed the day when he met this creature. 

The scene is the same on the other side too. Nandini is also missing her Manik like hell but she is not pronouncing it. On one hand, she is missing him or on the other, she is excited also to meet him in the evening. 

The entire day went like that for Manik and Nandini. Evening arrives making Manik excited because within some time he will meet his lady after a struggling day. Nandini is also excited to see his expression when he sees her in his chosen dress. 

Manik is getting ready with the help of Cabir who is very well aware of his excitement for meeting Nandini. 

Cabir:- Manik, yr…… keep patience….. Nandini is not going away. 

Manik:- Shut up!….. I want to be in the venue before Nandini reaches there. 

Cabir:- but you can’t go there alone. 

Manik:- ( frustratingly ) Now what!! I should take a BARAT. 

Cabir:- arey, I mean you have to enter the venue with Nandini. So,….. 

Understanding his statement, Manik became happy and ran towards Nandini’s room hearing his incomplete statement. Cabir looks at his retreating figure and completes his statement in a low voice. 

Cabir:- so, you have to go to pick Nandini. 

He shakes her head in disbelief seeing the desperate boyfriend. 

On another side, Manik reaches near her door and settles her look and hair before knocking on the door impatiently. The girls come out and smirk seeing the groom at their doorstep. He greets them excitedly saying “HEY”. 

The girl:- Hello, sir! Do you want anything? 

Manik glares at them for teasing him at this point. The girls giggle and give him a way to go inside without making him angry. He enters inside and locks the door before turning around to face Nandini’s back. With just having a look at her back, his heart went abroad. He gulps hard and walks towards her who is unknown to his presence and is struggling with her sandals. 

Nandini:- oh god! How can I wear this…… ( whining like a kid ) ahh……… 

She is having a problem in bending down to wear her sandal because of her heavy dress. Manik looks at her struggle and smiles seeing her whining like a kid. He stood behind her and breathed near her ear making her numb. 

His hot breaths fanning her neck made her weak. She stands straight and closes her eyes. 

Manik:- ( in her ear sensually ) May I help you? 

Nandini didn’t reply because she is not in a condition to say anything. Manik smiles victoriously and bends down in front of her to tie her sandal. As soon as he places his hands on her feet, She moves back hesitantly. 

Nandini:- Manik you can’t do that! It’s not right…… 

Manik:- shut up, Nandini! I don’t mind helping my wife to get ready. 

Nandini still nods no but Manik didn’t bulge from his place and finally completed his task with flying colors. He stood up and looked at her from top-to-toe making her blush with his intense gaze. 

Manik:- ( in his punjabi accent ) aaj tussi bahut sohne lag rahe ho ji….. 

Nandini’s lips stretched into a big grin hearing his words and accent. She too tries to copy his accent but fails miserably. 

Nandini:- tussi… bhi bahut sohne-sohne ho ji. 

Hearing her, Manik laughs hysterically, making her pout. 

Nandini:- didn’t I spell it correctly? 

Manik cups her face while laughing and replies. 

Manik:- you did it well….. But it sounds funny from your mouth. 

He giggles and kisses her cheek while gritting his teeth seeing her cuteness. 

Nandini:- ( with tomato red cheeks ) shall we go? 

Manik:- ( while biting his lower lip to stop his smile seeing her shyness ) why don’t we skip the function? 

Nandini’s eyes shot open and her shyness went into the dustbin. 

Nandini:- Manik, it’s our Sangeet. How can we skip it? 

Manik:- yes, correct! IT’S OUR SANGEET….. Then, why don’t we celebrate it alone with each other? 

Nandini stomped her foot, getting annoyed with him who laughed at her cute expressions. 

Manik:- ok….ok….. Don’t spoil your mood. Let’s go……. 

Saying this, he forwards his hand and Nandini places her hand on his who intervenes it tightly. 

Both reach the venue hand-in-hand and everyone goes “aww” seeing them. Their height differences, their attires, and their love for each other make them unique from all. Their beautiful and broad smile is like a cherry on the cake. 

Kaka comes and puts a black kohl’s dot behind their ears to keep them away from every evil eye. Soon the ceremony started and at last, the bride and groom climbed the stage to perform. 

Both danced rhythmically on a slow romantic song with a broad smile intent. 

Out of nowhere, Manik comes behind Nandini and picks her up while circling her hands around her waist, who smiles brightly. This step is not choreographed but it comes with the flow. He twirls her making her giggle which brings a smile to his face too. 

They ended the dance before anyone lost control of their senses. Manik cups her face and places his lips on her forehead whereas everyone hoots, making them blush. 

Manik:- ( whisper in Nandini’s ear ) just one day love then, you will be mine completely and I will not let anyone come between us. 

Nandini:- ( while looking into his eyes ) I AM ALREADY YOURS, MANIK. 

Manik smiles with happy tears and soon the day comes to an end on a happy note. Just one more day and they will reunite with each other till forever. 

Manik is lying on his bed but the sleep is far away from his eyes. 

Manik:- tomorrow you will officially be mine Nandini. I can’t wait for this night to pass. 

Unwantedly he closed his eyes keeping his excitement away but the next second his phone rings. He becomes happy THINKING that Nandini calls him. He picks up the call immediately without seeing the caller id. 


The caller:- YES, MY LOVE! 

Manik understands that she is not Nandini and asks confusingly. 

Manik:- WHO? 

The caller:- INNAYA…………..

To be continued…

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