Ma:- ( angrily ) don’t you dare to look at her like that…… 

Harshad:- why? Is she yours? 

Ma:- it’s none of your business. 

Saying this he went away leaving a smirking Harshad behind. 

Manish:- ( eyeing Nandini ) Is she that important to him? 

Harshad:- what was her name, dad? 

Manish:- ( with his dirty smirk ) Nandini!…….. Why? Did you like her? 

Harshad:- she seems interesting. I want to know her. 

Manish:- then go have a chat with her. 

Harshad nods and goes to talk with Nandini. While on the other side, the functions are going in a full swing. The bride and grooms are busy greeting the guests and their family members are practicing for their performances. 

All are so involved in their performances that they forgot about Harshad and Manish being around. The performances went really well. All enjoyed wholeheartedly and the atmosphere became lively again for Murthy’s and Malhotra’s. But throughout the ceremony, Manik and Nandini didn’t have a word with each other. They kept glancing at each other but didn’t dare to initiate a conversation. 

Both are equally stubborn. They both want the other to come for a talk. Well, Manik is determined to not melt in front of her this time and Nandini is also determined to not bow. 

But at the same time, Manik is sulking like a kid seeing the other men’s eyes on his girlfriend. He is murdering everyone for keeping their eyes on his girl and Cabir is giving him moral support just like a best friend. 

Ca:- look at that brown shoe boy…….. He is trying to impress Nandini with his science talks. 

He said while pointing at that particular boy who is trying hard to make a friendship with Nandini. 

Ma:- what? 

Ca:- arey….. He is also a doctor, so he is trying to make an impression on her with his knowledge and experience. ( with a sympathetic face ) You know in their case Science is a common thing and in your case, Science is a forgotten case. You were a failure in that subject. 

Ma:- ( gloomily ) what is the need to have a common interest? I am a topper in business and music while she is a science topper and we both know the process of family planning, life sorted!

Ca:- what sorted?………… just look at them……. They are looking like a match made in heaven. 

Cabir is all set to brainwash his best friend. 

Ma:- ( in a jealous tone ) what?…… just look at his height…….. The Eiffel tower will look like a baby in front of him. 

Ca:- ( hiding his smile ) but Manik, your’s, and his height are almost the same. 

Manik shoots daggers at him for comparing him with that random doctor, making him scared.

Ca:- I am just saying…… by the way, Take my free advice, prepare yourself to sign BREAK-UP PAPERS. 

Manik grabs his collar making him choke. 

Ma:- What are you trying to do? Why are you pairing her with anyone? She is already mine! And what break-up papers? 

Ca:- ( with his dirty smirk ) are you jealous? 

Ma:- ( avoiding his eyes ) no…. Why would I get jealous? 

But soon his eyes fell on the most unexpected scene. His anger reached to the sky seeing Nandini laughing with that doctor boy. 

Ma:- ( angrily ) soon this doctor will do his own surgery. I will take the charge to drop him at the operation theatre with a few blood bottles and syringes. 

Cabir giggles hearing him. 

Ca:- jealous? 

Ma:- hell yes!……….. 

Ca:- I think that she purposely made you jealous so that you go and pacify her. 

Ma:- I don’t think so…..

Ca:- ( cutting him in mid ) I have a plan…… 

Ma:- what? 

Ca:- why don’t you make her jealous too? 

Ma:- the shitty plan……….. just like your brain. 

Ca:- huh? 

Ma:- she won’t get jealous. I know her!……….. You can call this her blind trust in me or she is habitual to all these as I am always surrounded by fangirls. 

Ca:- ( trying to complete his statement ) Or she knows your zero level in flirting.

Manik smiles sheepishly knowing that it’s true. He can’t flirt with a stranger. He didn’t even know how he ended up proposing to Nandini. 

Ca:- just give it a try……. 

Ma:- ( suspiciously ) why am I feeling like you are digging my grave? 

Ca:- ( innocently ) I am just trying to fulfill my duties as a friend. 

Ma:- ( sarcastically ) ya… duty of burying a friend to decrease the population. 

Ca:- ( dramatically ) oh… I am not that type of friend. Just trust me…. I will handle everything. 

Saying this he left a confused Manik behind. Out of nowhere, Manik’s eyes again move towards Nandini’s direction. He becomes restless seeing her laughing with that Doctor-boy. 

Ma:- ( angrily ) aaj is doctor ka…… D.O.C.T.O.R…… sab alag ho jayega. ( today, I will separate D.O.C.T.O.R from his name ) 

He angrily walks towards them but before he could do anything, a girl comes forward and intervenes her hand with Manik’s gaining Nandini’s attention. 

The girl:- ( asks Manik ) where were you, baby? 

Hearing her not only Nandini but Manik too choked on her drink. The girl rubs Manik’s back to soothe his breathing which is stuck in his throat. 

The girl:- be careful, baby…… 

Suddenly, Manik’s gaze fell on Cabir who winked at him. Now, he understands that it’s his plan and he too goes with the flow to make Nandini jealous. He holds the girl’s waist but his hands are not touching her waist from any angle as according to him only Nandini has the right to be touched by him. 

Manik:- relax baby, I am fine now. 

The girl rubs her hand on his chest making Nandini’s eyes sharpen. Whereas Manik removes her hand as soon as possible feeling a little uncomfortable but the damage has been done already. 

The doctor:- hello, Mr. Malhotra. ( forward his hand for a handshake ) 

Manik grabbed his hand immediately with a motive to remove his hand from the girl’s waist as soon as possible and to give him a nice lesson to touch his girl. He squeezed his hand a little too hard while saying. 

Ma:- hello to you too….. ( eyeing him and Nandini ) What are you guys talking about? 

The doctor:- oh, nothing just Hospital stuff. 

Saying this he turns towards the girl waiting for her intro. 

The girl:- ( pointing Manik ) HIS GIRLFRIEND! 

Hearing her answer, Nandini again chokes on her drink and gives a “WHAT THE HELL*” Look to Manik who is also confused. 

The doctor:- ohh…. So, you are his secret girlfriend. Nice to meet you, mam. 

They were all disturbed by a female voice who approached that doctor and intervened her elbow with his. 

The doctor:- ( to Nandini ) Dr. Nandini, meet my fiance…… NISHA. I told you about her, right. 

Manik’s eyes come out from its sockets and look at Cabir for giving him wrong information about him. Whereas Nandini greets Nisha warmly. 


Nandini leaves her sentence in the middle and waits for knowing the girl’s name while her gaze is fixed on Manik’s face. Knowing her intention, Manik turns his face scaredly and waits for the girl’s answer as he also doesn’t know the name of the girl who is pretending to be his girlfriend. 

The girl:- Sona….. My name is Sona. 

Nisha:- nice to meet you, Sona. 

The doctor:- ok! So, Nandini, I should take a leave. Will meet soon. 

Nan:- sure………

Soon they left, leaving the trio. Manik gulps seeing Nandini’s piercing gaze. 

Nan:- ( with a lip tight smile ) so miss Sona, from when you guys are dating?

Sona:- from the last 2 years…. 

Nan:- Oh great! ( while looking at Manik who is finding Cabir to strangle him ) you are so secretive, Mr. Malhotra! 

Ma:- huh!.. Nandini, you are getting everything wrong. It’s your brother’s idea. 

But Nandini walks ahead ignoring him, Manik too wants to follow her but Sona stops him. 

Ma:- ( pleading ) let me go, sister. My love life is at the edge of breaking. 

Sona:- ok, but my payment for the drama I did. 

Ma:- asks Cabir. 

With this short answer, he went to find HIS ANGRY GIRLFRIEND who is hiding.

Ma:- ( angrily ) Cabir, I will not leave you….. Because of you, I am stuck in this situation.  

After the struggle of 30 minutes, he finally located Nandini, but the person beside her who was talking with her caught his attention. The person is none other than HARSHAD SAXENA who is talking nicely with her. 

Manik walks towards them and Harshad notices his presence. To see his further move, Harshad grabs Nandini’s hand gently and places a kiss at the back of her hand, making her surprised. Manik gives him a glare which is caught by Harshad making him smirk. 

Ma:- ( sternly ) what are you doing here, Nandini? 

Nandini looks at him surprisingly because for the first time he used that tone with her. 

Harshad:- Manik, my brother!…. How are you? 

Ma:- ( angrily ) didn’t I tell you to stay away from her, Harshad? 

Harshad:- yaa…. You did! But you know, I can’t stay away from beauty. 

Ma:- go to hell with your beauty!……….. 

Saying this, he grabs Nandini’s hand and takes her away from Harshad’s eyes, rightfully. Nandini too follows him with stunned expressions. 

To be continued…

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