All the Malhotras and Murthys are at the dinner table for breakfast. But the situation at the table is not that pleasant for the rest of the members except Raman Murthy. 

The little girl:- ( stubbornly ) Dad, I need a friend, friend, friend…….. 

Manik:- I don’t know anything, KAIRAVI. You are not going to accept that bastard’s friend request. 

KAIRAVI MANIK MALHOTRA, the only daughter of Manik and Nandini. A perfect combination of both of her parents. No one can predict this girl except her mother. 

Kairavi:- But dad, he asked me to be his friend not his Girlfriend. And by the way, he is husband material, not boyfriend material. 

Hearing such words from her mouth, Manik’s eyes popped out. 

Manik:- Who taught you all this? 

Kairavi:- Nanu……. ( pointing at Raman Murthy who smiles mischievously ) 

Manik:- ( with gritting his teeth ) Stop spoiling my daughter, Mr. Murthy…….. 

Raman:- ( smilingly ) I didn’t spoil your daughter, Mr. Malhotra. It’s called Karma. 

Manik:- ( whisper ) I will see you later. 

Raman:- aww…… I am all yours, MY LONG LOST ENEMY. 

Manik rolls his eyes at his cheesy comment but for a time being focused on his daughter. 

Nyonika:- Manik, you are being extra protective of her. Let her do what she wants to do. 

Manik:- I didn’t want to restrict her, mom. But she is too small for all this. 

Kairavi:- ( in attitude while rolling her eyes ) let me correct you, daddy. I am 12 years old. ( to Raj ) Granny, please spell 12 for me. 

And like an obedient follower of his granddaughter, Raj Malhotra did as per her instructions. 

Raj:- T.W.E.L.V.E. TWELVE!…… 

Manik shoots daggers at his father for supporting his daughter every time. While others palm their faces seeing the three-generation fighting over a small issue. 

Manik:- ( with a smirk ) Then, let me correct you further, miss stubborn Malhotra. You are only 11 years 5 months 23 days old only. 

The little Kiaravi looks here and there to come with another remark making everyone giggle at her antiques which are exactly the same as her mother’s. And to her rescue, the all-time rescuer Raj Malhotra comes ahead. 

Raj:- Manik, Don’t forget that you also started dating Nandini from the school. 

Raman:- ( with narrowed eyes ) Yes, if I know that then I will use my whole power and get a Termination letter for my daughter and admit her to another school away from your gaze. 

Manik palmed his face hearing Raman’s one more taunt. It becomes their ritual. He is still not ready to believe that Manik got his daughter. But on the same side, he didn’t care about this as he is habitual of all this from the day when Raman got to know about their relationship.

And being a father of a girl himself, he can relate to those feelings. He also didn’t want to get replaced in Kairavi’s life. He wants to keep her always with him but this is not possible. But at the same time, he knows that this is not the time to get emotional. 

Manik:- ( cribs ) Nandini…….. 

Finally, he calls his all-time problem solver, his wife Nandini. But his wife ignores him like he ignores day and night when it comes to making out. 

Manik:- ( like a kid ) Nandini, at least say something. 

Nandini:- ( cooly to Manik ) Ok…… ( to Nyonika ) Maa…… I don’t want orange juice please bring hot milk for me. 

In the next second Nyonika is on her toes to fulfill her daughter’s wish. Whereas the table went silent hearing Nandini’s demand. Cabir is the first one who comes out from the shock and rubs his ears to check whether it’s working or not? 

Cabir:- ( in a panic to Navya ) Baby, please book an appointment for me with an Otolaryngologist as soon as possible. I don’t want to get deaf before hearing my babies’ cries. 

Kairavi:- ( to Cabir ) Mamu ( Uncle )……. Please book my appointment too. I need that desperately. I don’t want to get deaf at an early age. 

Manik banged his head on the table at his daughter’s dramatic nature which she got an inheritance from her mother’s side. 

The rest are giggling seeing the free comedy show which changed into a thriller when Raj pulled Manik’s left ear making him wince. 

Manik:- ah…… dad!!! What are you doing? Kairavi is watching us. What will she think about me? 

Kairavi:- ( with a heavy voice ) Don’t worry dad…… aise bade-bade gharo mai aisi choti-choti pitai hoti rahati hai, mere babu moshaye…… 

Manik hissed hearing one more filmy dialogue from his daughter who is a crazy fan of movies. Without a second thought, he pulled her ear making her wince. 

Kairavi:- ( yelled ) Granny………

Manik:- ( to Kairavi ) stop showing your smartness in front of me, little rat. 

Before he could say anything Raj pulled his ear once again but this time strongly. 

Raj:- Stop scaring my Partner, Mr. Malhotra, or else………. 

Manik:- ( with a glare ) or else what? 

Raj:- or else I will ban your entry into the home with Nandini staying with us that too for a week. 

Manik’s all smartness and anger went into the drain with his threat. After 13 years of their marriage still he can’t think of staying away from Nandini. 

Kairavi:- ( with a pity face ) Granny, don’t be a thorn in my daddy’s rose-like love story. 

Manik:- ( To Raj ) Why do you always support Kairavi, dad? I am your own blood so for once support me too out of the blue. 

Raj:- yes, you are my blood. But Kairavi is the blood of my own blood. So, she is special. And you won’t understand this until you become a grandfather himself. 

Raman:- ( angrily ) Leave all this crap and tell me why Nandini is having hot milk? When she hates that. 

Well, Nandini hates milk, or I would say she has milk when she is angry or hurt. This is her way to show everyone that she is angry with someone. 

Manik rolls his eyes seeing Raman’s overprotectiveness. 

Manik:- ( lip-tight smile ) It’s her pregnancy hormones. 

Yes! Nandini is pregnant again. Although this time the pregnancy is unplanned and it happened unknowingly. But both of them are ready to accept one more responsibility after their first daughter, Kairavi. 

Raman:- oh…. Then, it’s fine. ( to Nandini ) Do you want anything else, baby?

Nandini:- ( cutely ) Not now……. But I will let you know when I want something. 

Kairavi:- ( with a tired face ) Guys, I think we lost the topic of this meeting. 

Manik:- No miss Malhotra, I remembered everything but unfortunately my answer is the same. You are not going to befriend that little creature. 

Kairavi:- Daddy, he is not a creature. He has a beautiful name, Rishabh. 

Manik:- ( with narrowed eyes ) Little girl, from now on you are not going to defend him in front of me. 

Kairavi:- Daddy………… 

Manik:- Now come you are going late for school. 

Kairavi:- this is your last decision? 

Manik:- ( in attitude ) Yes! 

Kairavi:- but I am giving you a choice. OPTION A:- LET ME ACCEPT RISHABH’S FRIEND REQUEST. 

Manik:- Not possible! 

Kairavi:- ( with a smirk making her father a little scared of the outcome )  OPTION B:- BUY A PET FOR ME OF MY CHOICE. 

Manik:- Fine, I will accept option B. Now say, What type of a pet do you want? 

Kairavi:- A DINOSAURUS…. 

Manik’s eyeballs roll out from their sockets. 


The little Kairavi smirks in victory while Manik shoots daggers at his vixen daughter who is smarter than her mother. But Manik is also the father of this little vixen. 

Manik:- ok, let’s go Kairavi. 

Kairavi jumps in excitement as her father agrees to option A, as per her knowledge. 

Kairavi:- Wait daddy, I will bring my school bag. 

Manik:- Oh… no! No! We are not going to school. 

Kairavi:- ( with a raised eyebrow ) Then? 

Manik:- We are going to buy a pet for you. 

Hearing him, the little Kairavi faints while palming her head with the thought that her father is ready to buy a dinosaur as a pet for her but is not ready to let her befriend Rishabh. 

Nandini:- Ayiaapa, what will I do with both father and daughter? 

Nyonika:- Nandini, control your husband. If he will bring any pet into the house then I won’t leave him. 

Manik:- ( to Kairavi ) O….. Little Vixen comes…… let’s go to buy a dinosaur. 

Nandini nods her head in disbelief seeing her stubborn husband and equally stubborn daughter. No one wants to compromise. 

Raman:- ( murmurs ) the legends were right, HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF. 


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