Vishember:- YOU LIED!…… I never thought that you would lie ever. 

Nandini looks down not knowing what lies he is talking about. She didn’t lie at all. Whereas Innaya is happy and waiting for her insult. 

Vishember:- don’t you wanna know, when and what you lied? 

Nandini nods with her head down. 


Nandini looks at him instantly with confusion written on her face. She is not able to differentiate whether he is saying this sarcastically or just teasing her. Seeing her confusion, Vishember passed a small smile making her cheeks go red. 

The rest of the members’ giggled seeing the blushy Nandini. She looks more beautiful when she blushes and the reason is her husband. But the two ladies, Varsha and Innaya shoot venom at her as they can easily see Nandini’s charm is working on the family members. 

Yashoda walks ahead and caresses Nandini’s head with affection. 

Yashoda:- Go…… and calm your husband before he could burst out at anyone. He needs some peace which you can provide him. 

Before she could continue further, all heard Manik’s yell. 

Manik:- NANDINI………………… 

Arjun:- ( palming his ears ) Gosh!……. He will make me deaf. 

Asha nods, hearing him, and caresses her stomach before speaking. 

Asha:- I hope my child won’t get deaf before coming into this world. 

Manik:- NANDINI……………….. NANDINI…………….. 

The Malhotras’ palmed their faces hearing Manik’s yelling back to back and Nandini immediately replied. 

Nandini:- aa rahi ho….. Manik. ( I am coming……. Manik ) 

Manik:- ( yelled back ) Then, come fast……………….. Or else I will come down and bring you here myself. 

Nandini widens her eyes whereas Yashoda makes a bad face when hearing her grandson. 

Yashoda:- These Malhotra’s are impatient. They can say anything anywhere. 

Nandini:- ( To Suhana ) Aap please sabko room dikha dijiye. ( Please show them their rooms. ) 

Saying this she marched inside her room before her husband could yell again and make her embarrassed in front of everyone. She enters inside and locks the door perfectly as the family is there and she didn’t want any embarrassing moment to happen because she can’t trust her husband in romance. 

Manik is standing at the window side with frowns all over his forehead. Seeing those creases Nandini felt bad. She walks ahead and hugs him from the back while placing a kiss on his spine.

The soothing kiss and her hands which were wrapped around his chest give peace to him. Suddenly the silence becomes peaceful, making him relax. His hard posture slumped down and he turned, losing her grip. 

As soon as he faced her, Nandini read the questions behind those wet eyes of his. His state makes her weak too. That’s why she instantly snakes her hand around his underarms and hugs him tightly resting her head on his chest. Her hold tightens, giving him the solace that he was finding. 

The tears that he was holding fell with a soft whimper on Nandini’s shoulder. 

Manik:- ( controlling his sobs ) Why…… Why are they …… back? Why do they come back into my life when I am happy? Now, what do they want? 

Nandini rubs his back to comfort him and stays quiet. She wants him to let out everything which was running through his mind. 

Manik:- ( with red eyes ) They want us to separate, right? That’s why they are here……….. I know they want you to go away from me. But…… let me warn you Nandini, you are not going anywhere. 

Nandini:- Manik, why are you thinking negatively? They must be missing you so come here to meet you. Simple!!!

Manik:- ( sarcastically ) Huh!…… missing me! No way, those who didn’t care about my love now come here to show their love to me. Not possible! 

Nandini:- Manik, they are your family. 

Manik:- ( emotionally ) yes, I know!……. And all the happy memories started running inside my brain when I saw them. But……. I didn’t forget the way they behaved with you. 

Nandini breaks the hug and cups his cheeks making him bend a little and match her height. 

Nandini:- But I forgot that, Manik. That was the past and we should live in the present forgetting all the grudges. 

Manik:- I can’t forget that and you can’t force me to do that. 

Nandini:- Fine…. Come sit here…… 

She said while making him settle on the bed while she sat beside him. 

Nandini:- Now listen carefully………. 

Manik looks at her like an obedient student making her go all aww on his cuteness. Not wanting to suppress the urge to kiss him, she pulls his face closer and gives a tight peck on his cheek, making him shocked. The kiss was so sudden that his mouth opened like a perfect O. 

Nandini:- I am not telling you to forget anything but you can be polite and try to mend your relationship with your family. You can’t act like a jerk as you already did. You can’t just disrespect your elders and show them the door. 

Hearing her words Manik realized all the harsh words which he used downstairs in his anger. 

Nandini:- Manik, you are doing the same thing which they did. You are also acting like an impulsive man and judging someone before knowing their purpose of coming here. 

Her words bring some sense to Manik’s impulsive brain, making him realize his mistake. 

Manik:- I shouldn’t have behaved like that, right? 

Nandini:- absolutely correct…….. Now, what should you have to do?

Manik:- ( like a kid ) Apologize? 

Nandini:- ( grinning ) Correct……….. 

She stood up enthusiastically and dragged him towards Vishember’s room. 

Manik:- Nandini, I will apologize afterward……. Wait, listen….. 

He is still not happy with the sudden appearance of his family in his life. He needs time to get well with them all over again. There was some kind of wall between them from his side which took time to break. But who will make his wife understand this? 

Nandini:- I know you are scared of him. But he is not that bad and doesn’t worry he will not punish you. 

Manik:- What!……. Scared? Me? No way…… 

Nandini:- Now, go inside…………… 

Manik:- ( horrified ) What do you mean by ‘go inside’? You are coming with me. I am not going alone to the lion’s den. 

Nandini:- ( with wide eyes ) What will I do inside? You made a mistake then go alone to apologize. 

They keep bickering unknown to the fact that a couple is watching them with amusement. 

Vishember:- ( fake coughs ) You guys want to say something? 

Manik and Nandini widen their eyes seeing Vishember and Yashoda in front of them. 

Yashoda:- Nandini, everything alright? 

Nandini:- ah….. ah…… Woh….. Manik wants to say something. ( to Manik ) go ahead. 

Vishember understood why they are here but being Malhotra’s teasing blood he too thought to tease his grandson. 

Vishember:- ( in attitude ) Yes, Manik? 

Seeing his posture, Manik gulps. Whereas Nandini too gets tensed for a second and murmurs. 

Nandini:- All the Malhotras’ have a horrible attitude. They all can kill an innocent child with their glares only. 

Vishember:- Manik, I am waiting……. 

Manik:- um….. I am sorry. 

Vishember:- Sorry for what? 

Manik:- I shouldn’t behave the way I did. But all those words come out because of anger. I didn’t mean that. 

Vishember:- And who gave you brain? 

Manik:- Nandin……. a….  What are you saying? 

Saying this he rubs his neck in nervousness making Vishember smile. 

Vishember:- Thank you Nandini, for giving him some brain that he is lacking……. 

Manik:- ( cribs ) Dadi……………… 

Yashoda:- kyu aap mere Manik ka mazak uda rahe ho? Yeah aab, Shaadi shuda hai toh thodi toh sharam karo. ( Why are you making fun of my Manik? Now, he is married so please keep some shame. ) 

This felt like old days to Manik. He always cribs like this and ends up complaining to his favorite Dadi ( grandmother ) who in return scolds her husband. But soon reality hits him, he realizes what a mess they are in right now. 

This brings a stiff Manik back who is not pleased with their presence. But Nandini is happy as she finds some hope which will help in reuniting them. 

Otherside, Innaya is filling Varsha’s ears against Nandini. This is her favorite work i.e manipulating others. Varsha is her last hope which will help her to get Manik back in her life. 

Innaya:- Maa, did you notice how she was buttering everyone with her innocence. She is doing all this to get in the good books of others so that she will get the honor of being a Malhotra. This is just starting, she will show more care toward everyone to win others’ hearts. Just wait and watch. 

And these words made a deep impact on Varsha’s conscious mind. The unlikeness which she had for Nandini is turning into hatred because of Innaya. 

To be continued…

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