Nandini walks into their room and finds her little vixen daughter on the bed looking at her new soft toy while making a grumpy pout. Seeing her expression Nandini giggles, making her scoff at her mother. 

Kairavi:- ( irritatingly ) Mumma………… 

Nandini:- What happened to my little vixen? 

Kairavi:- Daddy cheated with me! 

She said in full attitude with an angry growl while crossing her hands around her chest. Nandini nods her head in disbelief seeing her daughter behaving the same as her grumpy husband. 

Nandini:- Now, what happened? 

Kairavi:- Daddy said that he will buy a pet dinosaur for me but he brought this soft toy dinosaur. 

She said pointing at the dinosaur’s soft toy that her dad just bought for her. 

Nandini:- ( smirking ) If you are his daughter then he is your father and much smarter than you. He is a businessman who can turn any situation in his favor. 

She is correct. Manik is a guy who never accepts his defeat until the last moment. He can find loopholes in every situation just like today. He promised to buy a dinosaur for her which he did readily but he didn’t mention that it should be alive or real. 

Kairavi:- I hate him…….. He cheated with me. 

Manik:- Whom you hate, little vixen? 

Kairavi didn’t reply and walked away with an attitude giving a cold shoulder to her father who looked at her in astonishment. 

Manik:- ( to Nandini, accusingly ) In this whole world only you and your daughter dared to walk away giving cold shoulder to the MANIK MALHOTRA

Nandini:- ( angrily ) My daughter?…… She is your daughter. Did you see her attitude? Her attitude is bigger than her nose just like you. 

Manik:- ( with narrowed eyes ) I don’t have an attitude, MRS. MALHOTRA. 

Nandini:- And I have two horns on my head, right? 

Manik:- ( in a genuine tone ) No!….. You have four horns. The two horns recently grew beside the older ones. 

Nandini’s ears start erupting smoke making Manik scared for a second. Without saying anything she runs behind him who is on his toes seeing her anger. 

Nandini:- ( angrily ) stop!….. Attitude king! I will not leave you now. 

Manik:- ( Naughtily ) I know that you are a Vampire who loves to drink her husband’s blood and today you proved it right. 

Nandini:- ( while gritting her teeth ) Vam…… vampire! 

Manik:- no….. It’s VAMP-HEIR because you are Vamps’ head. 

Nandini:- Now, this head ( pointing at herself ) will cut your head into two pieces. 

Instead of getting scared of his wife, he goes all aww on his wife. He didn’t have enough of her. The more he watches her antics he falls more for her. The way she pouts and the little swelling tummy of her with her more puffy cheeks are enough to give him a tough time. She looks adorable in her maternity frocks with the swollen tummy which he is proud of. Whenever he sees her, her teenage romantic boyfriend wakes up. 

Nandini is running behind him for more than 5 minutes but still is not able to catch him. He looked back and seeing her huffing he understood that it was enough. He can’t make her run more. 

In a swift, he turns around and picks her up in bridal style while taking two long steps towards her. 

Nandini scoffed and wriggled in his hold. 

Nandini:- ( angrily ) Put me down…… I will not leave you. 

Manik:- even I didn’t want you to leave me but now running is enough. 

Nandini wriggles more in his arms and tries to pull his hair. But her smart husband is dodging her efforts. He took her to the bed and lay her down while hovering over her. He makes her comfortable and rubs her back to calm her down whereas his gaze is fixed on her face which is his favorite.

After a moment, he bends down his head and gives her enough access to pull his hair. 

Manik:- Now… you can pull my hair as much as you can. 

Nandini smiles lovingly and pulls his hair once but he doesn’t even hiss. 

Manik:- enough? 

Nandini hummed and snuggled in his chest making him smile at his sweet little wife. She is going to be a mother again but her actions are still the same as before. 

She rubs her face on his broad and clear chilled chest which made him feel ticklish. 

Manik:- What happened to my vixen’s mother? 

Nandini:- ( cutely ) Vixen’s mother is angry because vixen’s daddy will not spend time with her like before. 

Manik:- ( shocked ) Liar!!!!

Nandini giggles which gives him enough satisfaction. 

Manik:- ( in a full Majnu tone ) I love your giggles the most. 

Nandini:- More than me? 

Manik:- ( after thinking a lot ) Maybe yes!… 

Nandini:- Then I will not giggle from now on because I don’t want you to love anyone more than me. 

Listening to this, Manik laughs and hits her head slightly. 

Manik:- stupid! 

Nandini giggles again and gives a bite on his chest making him wince in pain. After the wedding, this became her favorite job. Whenever she lies close to him, she does the same and somewhere Manik likes it too. He likes or either loves whatever she does. 

Both of them are quiet for a long time but the silence is comfortable. Out of nowhere Nandini looks up from his chest and at the same time, Manik looks into her eyes. 

Nandini:- ( lovingly ) I want a kiss. So, please kiss me. 

This is not shocking for him as he is habitual of her raging pregnancy hormones for intimacy. He caresses her cheek and murmurs with the softest tone. 

Manik:- I am yours. So, take it yourself. 

Nandini pouts but bends forwards and captures his lips for the slowest kiss ever making him groan because of immense pleasure. His hands are protectively wrapped around her waist to keep her safe and stable. 

After the short kiss, Nandini moves back while Manik gives a sweet genuine smile in return. This is their daily routine. They always take out time for each other no matter how busy they are. 

Nandini:- ( caressing his cheek ) You know how much I love you, right? 

Manik:- ( innocently ) No! Tell me, how much do you love YOUR HUSBAND? 

Nandini rests her head back on his heart while replying. 

Nandini:- I can’t say because I don’t have the proper word in my vocabulary to describe it. 

Manik:- ( Naughtily ) but I know some workout or actions which show my love for you a bit. Should I show you? 

Nandini’s cheeks turned crimson red and taking advantage of the situation Manik turns around taking her beneath. 

Manik:- it’s showtime, Mrs. Malhotra. 

Nandini:- ( in a horror ) What show time? It’s daytime! Kairavi is in the next room. She will come anytime.  

Manik:- ( with a bad face ) My daughter is smart like me. She is not like your Cabir Bhai who comes on all odd timings. 

Nandini slaps his bicep hearing such words for her Cabir Bhai. 

Nandini:- Don’t bring my Bhai in between? 

Manik:- ( with narrowed eyes ) I didn’t bring him anywhere, he comes in between us all the time. 

Nandini:- Manik….. 

Manik:- Nandini, shut-up! Let me focus on you. Are you ready? 

Nandini:- ( sternly ) NO!!! 

Manik:- ok! 

Saying this he dipped his face in the crook of her neck making her shocked. Before his lips could suck the life out of her neck, she pushed him back. 

Nandini:- Manik, I said no. 

Manik:- ( innocently ) Don’t you know, whenever girls’ says No…..it means Yes. 

Nandini rolls her eyes at his lame excuse to get what he wants. 

Nandini:- you know what, from tomorrow I will pack two lunch boxes. One for you and one for Kairavi because you will also attend school from tomorrow. You need to learn some ethics. 

Manik:- Oh… ethics! Let me show you my ethics. 

Not giving her any chance to say or do anything, he captures her lips lovingly. The kiss is all about LOVE and THEIR LOVE. Nandini curls her toes because of the love he is showering on her through intimacy. 

But before their kiss led to some intimate moments, Kairavi barged inside while giggling. 

Kairavi:- Mumma……….. 

Hearing her shout, Nandini pushed Manik so hard that made him fall from the bed with a roll. 

Manik:- ( while rubbing his bum ) Ah…. ouch…. I HATE YOU KAIRAVI KI MUMMA. ( KAIRAVI’S MUMMA ) 

Kairavi:- Daddy, What are you doing on the floor? 

Nandini:- ( Naughtily ) Woh… Baby Daddy fell from the bed in asleep.  

Listening to her, Kairavi laughs and helps her father to get up. 

Kairavi:- ( with a smirk ) Daddy, from now on you will sleep in my baby cradle. So, that you will skip such accidents until My little sibling comes. 

Nandini:- ( gushing over her smart daughter ) oh… my smart baby. I think my soaked almonds are working. 

Manik:- ( cringed her face ) this two mother and daughter will turn me mad one day. 

Nandini + Kairavi:- And that day will come soon. 

Manik nods his head in disbelief and lies down beside Nandini taking her daughter. 

Manik:- Tell me one thing Kairavi, Did you learn this art from your Cabir Mamu? ( Cabir uncle ) 

Kairavi:- ( confusingly ) which art, Daddy? 

Manik:- ( with a lip tight smile ) THE ART OF DISTURBING ME AND MY WIFE. 

The little Kairavi didn’t understand it while Nandini palms her face. 

Kairavi:- ( innocently ) Cabir mamu didn’t teach me this but I will learn this art also. 

Manik:- Oh… my little vixen daughter, you already have this art inbuilt. No need to take extra effort. 



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