Manik, Nandini, and their daughter Kairavi are having a good family time with each other. Their little daughter is lying in between them on the bed and asking questions about her parent’s love story which is her favorite topic. 

Kairavi:- Daddy, Did you propose to Mumma for marriage? 

Hearing her question the color of Manik’s face drained whereas Nandini laughs wholeheartedly. 

Nandini:- ( while controlling her laugh ) Ya… he did most uniquely. 

Kairavi:- ( excitedly ) wow! Really? Tell me, Mumma, how did daddy propose to you for marriage? 

Nandini closed her eyes and laughed again remembering the hilarious proposal. Whereas Manik palms his face remembering his craziness for her. 

Raj:- so… it’s final! Manik and Nandini’s wedding is fixed for next week. Agreed? 

Raman:- ( while raising his hand like an innocent kid ) I disagree! 

“Who cares?”, Manik murmurs while rolling his eyes whereas Ishita spat angrily. 

Ishita:- shut up no one is asking your opinion.

Hearing her, Manik feels relief. He is happy knowing that someone is taking his side from the Murthy family. 

Manik:- ( happily ) agreed! I am so excited about my wedding. 

Suddenly he looks at his soon-to-be bride and the frowns on her forehead make him worried. 

Manik:- What happened, Nandini?  Aren’t you happy with the dates? 

Nandini:- ( innocently ) No…. I am happy with the wedding dates. But I am not happy with the wedding. 

Hearing her, Manik slips from the couch, hurting his bum and Cabir falls back from the couch in shock, scaring his mother. Whereas Raman danced in victory because his daughter finally got her brain back. 

Raman:- thank god! Nandini got her brain back. 

Ignoring everyone Nyonika walks toward Nandini and caresses her cheeks while saying in the sweetest voice. 

Nyonika:- Nandini… What happened? 

Nandini:- Maa…… ( pointing at Manik who is looking at her only with the most innocent pout ) He didn’t propose to me for the wedding so how can I marry him? You know I dreamt of him proposing to me but in reality, he didn’t attempt. 

Manik:- But we both know that we are going to be married to each other. So, what is the need for the proposal? 

Nandini: In the same way… We both know that we are made for each other. So, what is the need for marriage? 

Listening to her answer, everyone claps except Manik. He sulks like a kid and pouts innocently. Hearing Nandini’s demand, Nyonika stood up and ordered Manik. 

Nyonika:- Manik, I don’t know anything. If Nandini wants a proposal then you should plan it. 

Kairavi:- Aww… Granny is love. Mumma, she loves you more than daddy, right? She supported you and ordered daddy to do as you say. ( Gushing over her grandmother ) Aww… I also want a mother-in-law like Granny. 

Manik’s eyes pop out because her statement is not less than any heart stroke for him. And to add to his miseries Nandini commented eyeing Manik hiding the mischievous shine. 

Nandini:- But Baby… Rishab has no mother. So How can you have your Mother-in-law? 

Manik groaned angrily while the mother-daughter duo giggled. 

Manik:- ( to Nandini ) you love to irritate me, right?

Nandini:- ( pouting innocently ) What have I done? 

Manik groaned again but this time because of love. Her innocent eyes and cute pout always trigger his hardness which results in one more passionate night of theirs. Not wanting to let go of the same opportunity, he pecks her lips tightly giving her a small heart attack. 

Nandini’s mouth opens in utter shock when she realizes that her daughter is beside her. She pushes her husband back and turns her gaze towards her daughter who is giggling while palming her eyes. 

Nandini:- ( angrily ) Manik, are you mad? Kairavi is here. 

Manik:- but she didn’t see anything. Look at her, her eyes are closed. 

Nandini glares at him, seeing his audacity to reason, whereas the little Kairavi replies after a second. 

Kairavi:- ( chirpily ) Daddy, I saw everything. I closed my eyes after watching it. 

Manik banged his head whereas Nandini shot daggers at her husband. 

Kairavi:- Mumma please don’t change the topic. Tell me fast, How did daddy propose to you? 

Manik:- ( grumpily ) I didn’t propose to her. She forced me to do so. 

Nandini:- ( lovingly ) Ya… and you fulfilled my wish effortlessly. You know Kairavi… your daddy proposed to me most uniquely. 

Kairavi:- ( excitedly ) Really? 

Nandini:- Yup!!!

Manik is standing in front of Murthy Mansion with his family and friends. 

Cabir:- Manik, How will we call Nandini out? 

Manik:- ( with a smirk ) I know how to call her. Just wait and watch. 

He moves back and murmurs something to his family who smirk too. 

Baalika Tumhare Sapno Ka Raajkumar, Aa Raha Hai

Varmala Doli Baarat Saja Ke Dulha, Cha Raha Hai

Shubhmangal Savadhan

Raman hears these lines and rolls down from the bed after recognizing the voice. 


Nandini too wakes up and instantly runs down. 

Raman, Nandini, and Ishita trio come out and the scene in front of their eyes is no less than some dream. They look around with wide eyes and try to know what is happening. 

All of their friends are dancing on the road and the shocking thing is Raj and Nyonika also dancing with them in wedding attire. But seeing Abhimanyu, Cabir, Navya, and Mukti with them, Raman lost his temper. 

Hey Ya… Hey Ya…

( Hey Ya Hiriye Sehra Bandh Ke Main Toh Aaya Re

Hey Ya Doli Baarat Bhi Saath Mein Main Toh Laaya Re )… (2)

Ab Toh No Hota Hai Ek Roz Intezaar

Soni Aaj Nahi Toh Kal Hai Tujhko Toh Bas Meri Honi Re

Tenu Leke Main Javanga, Dil Deke Main Javanga… (2)

Suddenly Manik enters with his all-time attitude while riding a horse. Each word screams the volume of love. He is dressed in wedding sherwani giving goosebumps to his soon-to-be bride. He gets down from the horse and walks towards his ultimate direction i.e HIS GIRLFRIEND. 

Nandini feels dizzy but Raman catches her on time. She is on cloud nine seeing her wish getting fulfilled. She is not able to digest the fact that her boyfriend literally brought THE WHOLE BARAT in the morning to take her with him. 

Raman rubs his eyes and looks ahead only to see Manik in a proper wedding dress. His breath hitched seeing him here and understanding the meaning of his lyrics. He comes ahead and hides his daughter behind his back. 

Hey Ya… Hey Ya…

Aa Keh De Zamane Se, Tu Mere Ishq Ki Hai Daastaan

Hey Ya… Hey Ya…

O Janiya Keh De Bahane Se

Main Tera Jism Hoon, Tu Meri Jaan

Kuch Na Chupa

Mushkilon Se Milta Hai Aisa Sona Pyar

Soni Cheez Tere Jaisi Na Mujhko Na Mujhko Khoni Re

Tenu Leke Main Javanga, Dil Deke Main Javanga… (2)

Manik cringed his face and pulled his lady love ahead from Raman’s back. He caged her in his arms and sang the above lines while locking his eyes with hers. 

Nandini beamed in happiness and encircled her hands around his neck. She kissed his cheeks and accepted his proposal wholeheartedly. She gives her reply, in the same way, skipping his heart. 

Kar Diya Hai Tune Mujhko Yun Bekaraar

Maahi Keh Diya Duniya Se Main Teri Main Teri Ho Gayi Re

Tere Naal Main Aavaangi, Sasooral Main Jaavaangi

Hey Tenu Leke Main Javanga, Dil Deke Main Javanga

Hey Ya… Hey Ya…

Kairavi:- Woh!!!… Daddy, you did so much for mommy! So romantic… 

Manik:- Yup!… you know why I did all this? 

Kairavi:- why? 

Manik:- ( looking at Nandini with soft eyes ) Because her wish is like a command to me. 

Kairavi:- you love mommy the most? 

Manik:- THE MOST!!! 

Kairavi:- ( poutingly ) more than me? 

Manik chuckles seeing Kairavi’s insecurity whereas Nandini giggles knowing his answer. 

Manik:- MY CUTE LITTLE VIXEN, tell me one thing…… Do you love your mommy the most or me? And please be honest. 

Kairavi is lost in deep thoughts but answers after a minute. 

Kairavi:- ( excitedly ) I love mommy the most. 

Manik pouts hearing her answer but he is not surprised by her answer as he knew about it. He pouts dramatically just to gain his daughter’s attention.

Manik:- Why so? 

Kairavi:- because mommy fulfills my every wish. If I want aloo paratha or chole bhature….. She cooks everything for me and sometimes saves me also from your scoldings. 


Although these words were somewhat true but not the whole truth. He loves her the most no matter how many kids she delivers. The place she holds in his heart is irreplaceable until he dies. 

The love birds shared a cute eye-lock confessing their love once again without any words. Their eye-lock is broken by a cute little vixen. 

Kairavi:- That’s why you love mommy the most? 

Manik:- Yup!!! ( to Nandini ) I LOVE YOU, MOMMY. 

Nandini:- ( smilingly ) I LOVE YOU TOO, DADDY. 


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