A school where free education is given to everyone who can’t afford them. 

A boy is running in the corridors searching for someone desperately. Well, he is looking for a girl. He searched for her in every classroom or staff room but couldn’t find her. At last, he moves towards the canteen area and there he finds her sitting and having coffee with another teacher. He goes towards her and sits beside her tiredly. 

The girl:- Cabir, what are you doing here?

Yes! The boy who is running in the school corridors is none other than CABIR DHAWAN. A very good friend of the girl named SHEHNAAZ.


A shy and fun-loving girl. She is beautiful inside out. In the world of selfish people, she is the most selfless girl with innocence. Loves to spread happiness. She can’t see anyone sad. Has a very small family circle whom she can call hers. This includes her KAKA, her FRIENDS, and most important her BOYFRIEND who is her everything.


A joker personality. Always irritate his friends with his baseless pj’s. There is only one thing that keeps him sane and i.e. HIS FOOD. Above all this, he is a true friend. He can do anything for his family and friends.

Cabir:- yrr… Shehnaaz, can’t you see how tired I am? So, ask me something to eat first. Waiter …… ( Waiter comes there and asks for his order )

Cabir:- one corn pizza with extra cheese, one coke, french fries, and one veg burger. This much is ok for now.

The waiter goes from there. Shehnaaz is sitting there gasping at him.  

Shehnaaz:- Cabir, how much will you eat?

Cabir:- ( stuffed his mouth with a burger ) Shehnaaz please mere khane par nazar mat lagao. ( Don’t keep eye on my food )

Shehnaaz nods her head in disbelief murmuring some harmless curses to him. 

Shehnaaz:- tumhara kuch nahi ho sakta.  ( You are hopeless )

Cabir is still eating and ignores her completely. After eating everything he slumped down on his chair. Shehnaaz Pat’s on his shoulder.

Shehnaaz:- ohh yaha kyu aaye thai yeah toh batao. ( Why did you come here? )

Cabir immediately sat straight and cursed himself for forgetting the most important thing. He makes a crying face knowing the consequences of his delay. 

Cabir:- Umm… sorry Shehnaaz I forgot to tell you. Your boyfriend wants to meet you now. He is waiting for you at XYZ place.

Shehnaaz:- ( angrily ) you are telling me now and tell my so-called boyfriend that I don’t want to meet him.

Cabir:- ( horrified ) but why?

Shehnaaz:- because my so-called boyfriend has not been answering my calls for the last two days.

Cabir:- ( requesting ) please, Chali Jao naa ( please go there ). He must be waiting for you. 

His pleading tone melts her and she agrees to go there with a determination to give him a hard time. 

Cabir:- thank you. There is a dress for you in my car, you have to change and then go. 

Shehnaaz:- ( while rolling her eyes ) now, where should I change? Can’t I go like this? ( Pointing towards her attire )

Cabir:- it’s your boyfriend’s request.

Shehnaaz:-  ( irritatingly ) ahhhhh….. I am not gonna leave him. 

Cabir:- ( murmurs ) As if he will let you go. 

Shehnaaz’s friend ( who is sitting with them from the beginning ):- Shehnaaz Don’t take tension, there is an empty classroom on the 2nd floor. You can change there.

Shehnaaz gives her affirmation and then the Cabir goes towards his car to bring her parcel.

After taking the parcel Shehnaaz goes towards the empty classroom to change her dress while cursing her boyfriend. She doesn’t have to take any half-day leave from the school because it’s almost the off-time of the school.

She changed her dress into a beautiful orange one-shoulder frock and opened her hair leaving some traces on her face. She applied pink gloss on her lips and kept her look as minimal as she can because her boyfriend loves her that way. She wears matching heels which were sent by her boyfriend.

She came out after changing her dress and seeing that any boy can fall in love with her, undoubtedly.

Cabir:- I must say Shehnaaz if I am not married, or you don’t call me bhai then, I am the one who is gonna date you. ( after a pause ) Seriously, girl, you are looking so beautiful. Your boy is gonna have a  hard time.

Shehnaaz blushes listening to him but makes a poker face and replies.

Shehnaaz:- don’t flirt with me, Cabir. You know the consequences of it. Isn’t it?

Cabir went into a flashback and gulped hard remembering the scene when her boyfriend beat the hell out of him only because he flirted with her. 

Cabir:- ( pleading ) please don’t say this to him.

Shehnaaz nods in understanding and giggles seeing the effects of her boyfriend’s anger on him. Finally, Cabir led her towards the car where the driver was already waiting for them. 

Cabir:- bus……  My work finishes here. Now you can go and enjoy your day. 

Shehnaaz sat inside the car with excitement to meet her boyfriend after being in a long-distance relationship. The car drove towards the desired destination. 


One lady is running here and there guiding all the servants.

lady:- Ramesh, yeah waha rakho ……. Haa.  Aur khane ki tayari ho gai na saara khana uski pasand ka hona chahiye. ( Ramesh keeps this…. There….yes!..right. Did you prepare the food? Make sure that all the items should be his favorite.)

Old lady:- Why are you taking so much stress? Just relax.

lady:- maa, How can I relax? My son is coming back today after some stupid 8 months of business training. I don’t know why he ( glaring at her husband ) sent him there and that too for so long.

man:- Arey… I didn’t send him there. It was his wish. He wants to go and it’s for his better future. 

The lady is none other than MRS. VARSHA MALHOTRA and the man is none other than her husband MR. PARVEEN MALHOTRA.




A classy couple of the town. A couple of their ethics and traditions. Parveen is the CEO of the Malhotra enterprise whereas his wife is a housewife as per her wish. They both love their son a lot. Varsha is a little possessive of her son.

Varsha:- It’s for his better future. ( Irritatingly imitating him ) aap toh kuch boliye hi mat ( don’t you dare to say anything please. )

Parveen:- aree…

Old man:-  Chup ho jaa putar. Koi bhi apni patni se nahi jeet paya toh tu kya cheez hai . ( Shut up my son  ……No one will win over their wife )

Old woman:- ( glaring at her husband ) What did you say?

And the old couple is none other than MR. VISHAMBER MALHOTRA and his wife MRS. YASHODA MALHOTRA. The elder Malhotra. 



( Senior malhotra’s )

Both are like poles apart and don’t know when they fell in love with each other. If one is hot as fire then the other one is cold as ice. The symbol of love and understanding for all their relatives and friends. They can understand each other before the other one can say anything. They fight a lot too which blossoms their love more. They love their son and grandson a lot and treat their daughter-in-law as their daughter. 

Vishamber:- ( scared ) aa …. Nothing baby.

Yashoda:- ( widened her eyes ) ishhhh… Thodi toh sharam karo aap. Kids are here. ( keep some shame, kids are here )

Everyone giggles seeing senior Mrs. Malhotra’s blushing face. All of them are unaware of the storm which is approaching them. 

To be continued…

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