Both Manik and Nandini are in each other’s arms feeling bliss after a hot and tiring workout. She is clinging to him like a baby while he doesn’t mind pulling her closer and closer. She is resting on his broad chest and their legs are tangled with each other. 

Manik is caressing her hair and kissing her head every second. 

Manik:- we are spending time like this after a decade, right? 

Nandini looks up, placing her chin on his chest. 

Nandini:- I was in your arms till morning, like this. And you are saying that we are spending time after a decade. 

Manik:- ( with a cute pout ) Still those few hours were not less than a decade for me. 

Saying this he tightened his arms around her, making her chuckle. 

Nandini:- sometimes you behave like a kid. I don’t know how well you handle OUR KID

Hearing about THEIR KIDS Manik’s eyes shine like a diamond and a sudden excitement rushes into his system. He swiftly turns their position, taking her beneath himself. 

Manik:- ( excitedly ) are you planning to make me a dad? 

Nandini:- ( encircling her hands around his neck ) You are loving me day and night without any protection. So, what do you think will happen next? 

Manik:- Hm…. But you don’t know about my wife, Mrs. Malhotra. She is more clever than I thought. Don’t you know that she hide that condo* box that was gifted by Cabir? 

Nandini’s eyes widened because of shock. She didn’t know how he got to know that. The words stuck in her throat. Manik giggles seeing her expressions. 

Manik:- ( teasingly ) By the way, I like your idea. But you need some training in hiding things because a washroom cabinet is not a safe option for hiding such precious things. 

Nandini whines and cries with a bad face whereas Manik enjoys the show with his whole heart. 

Nandini:- How did you get to know that? 

Manik:- I am smart, Mrs. Malhotra. Although I love your actions. 

Nandini:- ( innocently ) I didn’t want a hindrance between us and at the same time I wanted to go with the flow and let Waheguru Ji decide our future. 

Manik:- ( lovingly ) I knew your intentions. That’s why I was quiet. 

Nandini nods and again snuggles in his arms to seek his warmth. Her stomach growls due to hunger, which grabs Manik’s attention out of nowhere. He looks at the time and finds it’s 4 in the evening. He feels guilty for forgetting about lunch because of anger.  

Manik:- Sorry… because of me you also didn’t have lunch. 

Nandini:- Don’t be sorry, Manik.

Manik just hummed and untangled himself to get down from the bed. 

Nandini:- Areee…. where are you going? 

Before answering her, Manik wears his trousers and bends down while cupping her cheeks. 

Manik:- I am going down to bring some snacks for us. Until then, you get fresh. 

Saying this he fused his lips with her head making her fall in love with him all over again. 

Nandini:- Why are you going? I will go and bring something edible for us. 

She tries to stand up from the bed but is stopped by Manik who didn’t want to trouble her. 

Manik:- No need, Nandini. I am going and I will not let you go down in this state when we have an audience downstairs. 

Listening to him, Nandini realized that indeed she is not in a condition to go down. Her hair is all messed up and her vermillion is also smudged on her forehead because of the sweat. The nail marks on her shoulders and the bite mark which is still fresh on her collarbone will give clear indications to everyone about the happenings. Understanding his thoughts she let him go. 

Manik comes out of their room and locks the door behind knowing Nandini’s condition. While inside Nandini palmed her face after realizing something. 

Nandini:- He didn’t let me go because of these marks ( eyeing her love marks which are given by her dear husband ) but he himself went down without a shirt. 

If Nandini carries the marks of their passionate intimacy then Manik also had those love marks which was proof of their hard makeout. Although there were a few nail scratches on his back and shoulders it is visible because of his bright skin tone. The marks were bright red as it is fresh which is caused by Nandini’s stronghold when he took her on the ride of pleasure. 

Without caring about anyone he walks inside the kitchen and starts preparing something light for his wife. Soon he is joined by Yashoda who is shocked to see him in the kitchen. 

Yashoda:- ( with wide eyes ) OH…. MY….. GOD!!!…… What did I see? 

Manik:- You saw your one and only MANU… in the kitchen. 

Yashoda:- Ya… but what is he doing here? 

Manik:- Your Manu is preparing snacks for his wife. 

Yashoda:- Correction Manu, you are preparing coffee, not snacks.  

Manik:- ( while scratching his head ) I know but….. I don’t know about cooking so I thought of preparing coffee for both of us and serving it with some cookies. 

Yashoda nods her head in disbelief seeing her stupid grandson. 

Yashoda:- what is the benefit of having a 6 feet height when you don’t know even C of cooking? 

Manik:- ( cribs ) Dadi………. 

Yashoda:- Shut up! Move aside, I will cook something for you both. By the way, Where is your shirt? 

Manik again scratches his hair in nervousness and murmurs slowly which is not audible. 

Yashoda:- raise your voice a little or else I will break your bones with this belan. ( rolling pin ) 

Manik:- ( with a cute pout ) I forgot to wear the shirt. 

Yashoda:- Thank god, you didn’t forget to wear your trousers or else we would see what we haven’t. 

She is a little angry with him for not wearing the shirt but didn’t show it. His marks were visible which she didn’t want Innaya to notice. She is very well aware of Innaya’s jealous soul and her obsession with Manik. Whereas Manik Malhotra is busy beating the coffee to make it delicious for his wife. 

Out of nowhere, a thought strikes Manik’s mind and he couldn’t stop himself from asking his grandmother. 

Manik:- Dadi… I want to ask you something, should I? 

Yashoda:- Why did we come here without prior notice? Is this your question? 

Manik:- No… This is your house. I am yours as well as Nandini. You guys can come here anytime. 

Yashoda:- Then, why did you act like that? 

Manik:- At that time I was not in a proper mindset and seeing everyone here those memories triggered me. 

He is referring to the day when his family rejected his love, HIS NANDINI, and forced him to marry Innaya. 

Yashoda:- I understand! Ask… what you want to ask? 

Manik took a deep breath and repeated his question in mind before voicing it out with proper words so that no one could misunderstand his intentions. 

Manik:- That day…. You guys rejected Nandini and forced me to marry Innaya. Even though Dadu ( grandfather ) put conditions in front of me to choose between MY FAMILY and MY LOVE. I mean….. This never happened before. Dadu never opposed my decision and never ever forced me for anything. Then, why suddenly he….. I mean…… you understand what I am saying, right? 

Yashoda:- Because he was bound by a promise. Promise to make you marry Dixit’s daughter, Nandini. 

Manik:- ( confusingly ) Nandini? But she was not alive, right? I mean to say… Arjun Bhai thought that she was alive but there was no clue about her. Moreover, no one told me about this alliance before. 

Yashoda:- because you were a kid back then and Nandini is also not here. So we thought that there was no chance of this alliance. But…. 

Manik:- But… what? 

Yashoda:- Divya adopted Innaya because of Avantika’s illness and she forced Dixits’ to ask your hand for Innaya. Your Dadu thought if not Nandini then why not Innaya? 

Manik:- so… for a mere promise he was forcing me to ruin my life after marrying Innaya.

Yashoda:- ( dejectedly ) Kind off!… 

Manik:- This is ridiculous.

Yashoda:- I know… but now he realized his mistake and he is trying to accept Nandini. He is exceptionally guilty of what he did. I am not defending him…… but he is guilty of choosing Innaya for you. Innaya is not as innocent as she shows herself and your dadu got to know that. 

Manik is finding it difficult to digest her words. His heart is wanting to accept whatever his Dadi said and forgive his grandfather. But his mind is going elsewhere. His mind is finding a loophole unknown to the fact that the misunderstanding between him and his grandfather is going to increase. His thoughts are broken by Arjun who comes inside the kitchen. 

Arjun:- Thank god!… Manik, you are here. I want to talk to you about something. 

Manik:- Yes, say. 

Arjun:- ( nervously ) Umm… not here. Will you come to my room? And alone, please don’t bring Nandini. It’s important. 

Manik:- ( confusingly ) Ya… ok. 

To be continued…

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