Manik enters the study room after having the light evening snacks with Nandini only to find the whole gents’ group waiting for him. The seriousness on their faces stirred something in his stomach giving him negative vibes.

Manik:- What happened, something serious? 

Parveen:- ( hesitantly ) Manik, I…. Um…. I mean to say…. We…

He is not able to complete his sentence giving frowns to Manik. 

Manik:- Why did you stop, dad? 

No one said anything because everyone was scared of his reaction when he would get to know about NANDINI’S REAL IDENTITY. He looks at his grandfather who is tensed the most among everyone. He so wants to ask the matter from him but his ego and anger stopped him from doing it. 

Manik:- ( frustratingly ) someone would say anything? You guys are making me worried. 

Arjun:- ( calmly ) Manik, calm down and hear us properly. 

Manik:- How can I be calm, Bhai? Did you see their expressions? Their looks are making me scared and they are standing here like the wax statues. 

Ajay:- Manik… actually the thing is…… 

He takes a deep breath and narrates everything to him from Nandini’s kidnap to Avantika’s trap and lust for the property. He even told him about how they got to know about Avantika’s true colors and how they met Ashok, Nandini’s kaka. 

And finally, Arjun ends the story while telling him that Nandini is his lost princess whom he is finding for the last twenty years. While telling him, he recalls everything which makes him emotional again. 


This information is too much for him. He never thought that Nandini would have that much dark past. He tries to digest everything but his mind and heart are not ready to let him accept this. But his thought process stuck at one point when he realized that someone tried to kill his Nandini who was a few months old back then. 

Manik:- ( angrily ) Is she psycho? ( referring to Avantika ) How can she think of killing a month-old baby? Doesn’t she have any humanity left inside her? 

Parveen walked forward and kept a hand on his shoulder. 

Parveen:- Calm down, Manik. Everything is sorted. She got her punishment. 

Manik:- ( angrily ) What punishment? Is jail sufficient punishment for a lady who snatched a family from a little girl making her an orphan just for the property? And above all, she tried to kill……. ( raging like a bull ) SHE TRIED TO KILL MY NANDINI!! How dare she!? 

Arjun:- Manik, I know that jail is not sufficient for that lady but we are bound by the laws. 

Manik rolls his eyes because if he were there then he would kill that lady who attempted to kill HIS NANDINI

Manik:- ( chuckles sadly ) The main thing is that Bhai….. That you guys don’t love Nandini even a bit. If you did then you won’t let that lady go to jail so easily. 

Arjun:- Manik, you can’t question my love for my sister? 

Manik:- ( angrily ) You know what, I think that Avantika did right by snatching Nandini from you all because you guys won’t deserve her. 

Parveen:- ( sternly ) Manik, you are going overboard. 

Manik:- ( fake amusement ) Oh really? Then tell me, why did you guys bring Innaya here when you know that it all started from her jealousy? She was jealous of Nandini that’s why Avantika thought of killing her.  

Ajay:- ( angrily ) Manik!… keep Innaya away from all this. She has nothing to do with all that. 

Manik:- The truth is always bitter, Mr. Dixit. 

Arjun:- ( calmly ) Manik… you are taking everything in a wrong way. Just calm down and try to understand us. 

Manik:- What will I understand, Bhai? Everything is crystal clear in front of my eyes.

He is not in a good mindset right now because someone tried to kill HIS LIFELINE. He is thankful to Kaka that he took good care of his Nandini and kept her away from the mess that her family created. 

Soon his eyes land on Vishember who is silently watching everything from the start. Something triggered his brain and he angrily looked at his grandfather. 

Manik:- Oh…… Now I know why you guys come here suddenly? How smart you are, dadu? 

Vishember:- What do you mean, Manik? 

Till now he is silent because he didn’t want to interrupt anyone and his relationship with Manik is also not at a good stage. He is a silent spectator because he didn’t want to create a misunderstanding between them. 

Manik:- How can I forget that you are a businessman who never deals when there are chances of loss? How stupid I am! 

Vishember:- Manik, say clearly don’t confuse me with your words. 

Manik:- ( chuckles ) You bought everyone here because you got to know that Nandini is their daughter ( pointing at Dixit’s ) and unknowingly I fulfilled your promise. Then, there is no need to marry Innaya as Dixits’ biological daughter is already my wife. That’s why you did all this drama of accepting Nandini, right? 

Vishember:- ( disappointedly ) You really thought that?….. That…. I came here only because you fulfilled my promise to marry you, one of Dixit’s daughters. 

Manik:- So, what is the other reason? 

Vishember didn’t reply and walked out of the room with his head down hiding his tears from everyone. He can’t believe that they become so apart….. that his only grandson is doubting his intention. 

Parveen:- Manik…. What did you do? 

Manik:- I didn’t say anything wrong. 

Arjun:- ( angrily ) You didn’t even say anything right? 

He too walks out angrily with disappointment. Whereas Manik didn’t realize what he said in his anger? He doubted his grandfather’s intentions who was like a god figure to him. 

Ajay:- I hope that you won’t say all this to Nandini as Arjun wishes to gain her love and trust before telling her about her true identity. 

Before anyone could say or do anything, they all heard Nandini’s loud painful squeal which accelerated Manik’s heartbeat. He ran like a cheetah followed by everyone. 

Within seconds everyone gathered around Nandini in the living area who was sitting on one of the couches holding her bleeding foot. Her blood is flowing like a river while her tears have no stop. Asha is beside her who is trying to pull out the glass pieces from her foot to soothe her pain. 

Asha:- Please….. Let me take out those pieces, Nandini. You need first-aid immediately so let me do it, please. 

Her voice is also ditching her because she can’t see Nandini in so much pain. Both of them developed an inseparable bond within a few days. They both are like sisters from another mother. 

Manik entered the living area and saw his lifeline wincing in pain because of the glass pieces which pierced into her delicate skin. He panicked and kneels in front of Nandini pushing Asha aside, making her shocked. Arjun kept his hand on her shoulder and told her to be quiet for a moment which she obliged. 

Nandini:- ( crying in the pain making Manik worried ) No…. Manik…. Please ….. Don’t touch it……… It’s paining like hell. 

Manik:- ( lovingly ) So, how will I take out these glass pieces from your foot, baby? Let me touch you, I promise I will be gentle. 

Saying this he again tries to touch her foot but Nandini again shouts with his slight touch. 

Manik:- ( with moist eyes ) bear this pain for me, darling……. Please. 

Nandini nods, seeing tears in his eyes that she never wanted to see even on her deathbed. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip to minimize her shouts. Whereas everyone is also feeling Nandini’s pain except a few. 

Innaya is feeling jealous seeing Manik kneeling in front of Nandini like a love-sick puppy and calling her sweet endearments. Varsha is also at the same stage. She didn’t like the way her son was bending down in front of Nandini. 

On the other hand, Manik kept a stone in his heart and ignored Nandini’s painful squeals. He took out all the glass pieces and bandaged them. He looked up and found her losing her unconsciousness. 

Manik:- ( pats her cheeks, panicky ) Nandini… hey, open your eyes…… looks at me, Nandini. ( shouts ) Suhana Ji…… Suhana Ji……. 

Suhana:- Ji Manik baba….. 

Manik:- call the doctor, right away. I am taking her to our room. 

Suhana:- Ji…. 

Manik lifts the unconscious Nandini in his arms and climbs the stairs shooting daggers at everyone. Whereas everyone looks at him with confusion except males who know the reason for his anger. 

Yashoda:- ( looking at Manik’s back ) What happened to him? 

With a disappointed face, Vishember told everyone about Manik’s misunderstanding and anger making them palm their faces. 

Asha:- Is he mad? 

Arjun:- No… he is just protective of Nandini. He doesn’t want any harm near her and his frustration comes out in anger while this accident with Nandini worsens our image in his eyes. 

Vishember:- Arjun is right. Now, Manik will think that I am behind Nandini’s accident as according to him I want to hurt Nandini. 

Yashoda:- may Nandini give him some brain. 

Varsha:- ( angrily ) You are again hoping the same. Don’t you think that everything is happening because of her only? 

Saying this she walks out making everyone hopeless in this matter. 

Kiran:- Don’t know how her hatred will change our situation? 

To be continued…

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