After spending a whole night in each other’s arms Sidharth feels a little better but Shehnaaz is still on her guilt track. To make her mood good, Sidharth took her to the temple at her request. She is praying to her god for making everything right but the god has some different plans for them.

Whereas Sidharth is staring at Shehnaaz smilingly. He never gets bored while admiring her. He can look at her 24×7 without giving a damn about his surroundings. 

Sidharth:- ( thoughts ) oh…god…she looks beautiful in every outfit but in Indian attires, she looks divine. She is looking proper patola in this Punjabi suit.

He said while looking at his lady love who is wearing a simple white Patola suit with a shimmer dupatta. Her long wavy open hair is the cherry on the top. Sidharth is admiring her doe eyes which are closed, her cute nose, and pouty lips which are irresistible. Before he could go down further someone smacked his head from behind making him wince in pain. He angrily turned back but the next moment his anger subsided seeing the lady standing behind him.

Sidharth:- ( shockingly ) Dadi…… aap yaha? ( You here? ) 

Yashoda:- Why?…… Can’t I come here? 

Sidharth got nervous at her stern remark. He smiles sheepishly while rubbing the back of his neck. 

Sidharth:- yes you can…. I was just asking. 

He stammers and the other lady pulls his left ear making him shout in pain again. 

Sidharth:- o…a….ouch!! Ouch!!! 

Hearing his shout Shehnaaz turns around too and witnesses the scene. She got worried seeing him in pain. She can’t see him in pain even a bit but here someone is deliberately giving him pain that she can’t bear. 

Shehnaaz:- ( pleading ) a… aunty Ji, please leave him. It must be painful for him.

Seeing her state, the other lady who is none other than Kiran Dixit, leaves him with a big grin making him grumpy. 

Kiran:- ( asks Sidharth ) What are you doing here? 

Sidharth:- ( frowned ) Ummm….. this is the temple. People come here to pray. 

Yashoda:- ( sarcastically ) Really? Then, What are you doing here? As far as I know you, you don’t trust all these.

Sidharth:- ( nervously ) wo..h. Shehnaaz wants to visit the temple, that’s why I brought her here.

Kiran:- ( teasingly ) oh ….. whenever I asked you to take me to the temple you always made excuses to avoid coming here. Now, you bring Shehnaaz here himself. Am I dreaming? 

Sidharth:- ( bluntly ) so…what? I am her soon-to-be husband. I have to fulfill my wife’s every wish, not like your husband who sleeps after selling all the horses. 

The ladies squeals like a teenager whereas hearing his reply Shehnaaz’s cheeks turned red. She avoids looking at anyone to avoid any type of teasing but Kiran notices her red cheeks and pulls them while gritting her teeth out of love. 

Kiran:- aw…. So cute. 

Sidharth:- ( panicked ) dadi…. Leave her cheeks.

Saying this he pulls Shehnaaz away from her hold, making her sad. 

Kiran:- ( with a bad face ) you are so bad Sidharth. Her cheeks were so soft like jelly. I want to pull it more. 

Sidharth shoots daggers at her without any shame whereas Shehnaaz is turning redder and redder because of blush. 

Yashoda:- ( smilingly ) bad…nahi possessive hai. ( He is possessive, not bad ) 

Kiran nods with a smile seeing the couple who are madly in love with each other. 

Kiran:- ( excitedly ) Shehnaaz, don’t you have any sister? 

Everyone frowned hearing her question. Seeing their confusion she clarifies herself.

Kiran:- arey, I also want a granddaughter like you Shehnaaz. ( Pouting sadly ) I know she ( pointing towards Yashoda ) will tease me because she has such a cute daughter in the form of you. I also want to show off.

Hearing her Shehnaaz looks at her dumbfoundedly because she is behaving like a kid. Whereas Yashoda smirks victoriously, teasing her more.

Sidharth:- ( possessively ) sorry dadi…. She is a rare piece and this piece is already MINE

He pecks her lips in front of everyone showing his complete right on her. Shehnaaz gasps and looks at him with wide eyes. 

Shehnaaz:- SIDHARTH… 

Yashoda slumped seeing the romantic version of Sidharth but Kiran held her firmly, saving her from falling. 

Yashoda:- ( rubbing her heart ) all this is so new for me. 

Kiran:- ( shockingly ) for me too!!!

Sidharth giggles seeing everyone’s state. 

Yashoda:- Shehnaaz, are you sure that he is our Sidharth? 

Shehnaaz just hummed, not able to form a proper sentence. She is hiding due to shyness. Her cheeks are warmer than any other day. They spend some more time with their usual giggles but suddenly Yashoda turns serious. 

Yashoda:- ok…. When you both are here then follow me. I have some work with you guys. 

Everyone looks at her in confusion but nevertheless follows her. They all came and stood behind her.

Yashoda:- ( looks at Sidharth and Shehnaaz ) Shehnaaz takes this thread ( handling her a thread ) and you both tie this around this tree. It’s believed that when a newly married couple ties this here they will have a happy married life ahead.

Shehnaaz:- but, we are not married yet.

Yashoda:- I know, but I know my Sidharth too. He will not waste any time before marrying you.

Sidharth blushed and rubbed his nape to control his blush making both the ladies laugh.

Yashoda:- ( pleadingly ) or Sidharth, I know that you don’t believe in all this but do this for me, please.

Sidharth:- I can do anything for you my young dadi…you don’t have to say please.

Both Sidharth and Shehnaaz did everything as per Yashoda’s instructions. After completing all the work they take Yashoda or Kiran’s blessing who blessed them with a whole heart.

Kiran:- Sidharth, What do you think to do next?

Sidharth:- ( chuckled sadly ) honestly speaking, I don’t know, What I will do next? But I am sure that I will not leave Shehnaaz for anyone.

Yashoda:- ( annoyingly ) you don’t have to leave this cute doll for that ANNABELLE DOLL.

Listening to this Shehnaaz burst out in laughter as she understood that Yashoda referred to Innaya as Annabelle doll. Seeing her laugh everyone looked at her with a beautiful smile.

Kiran:- ( caressing Shehnaaz’s hair ) hamesha haste raho. ( keep smiling )

Sidharth:- dadi, Can you tell me why dadu fixed my marriage with Innaya?

Yashoda:- ( after taking a deep breath ) it’s a very long story and I can’t say.

Sidharth:- Why?

Kiran:- ( dramatically ) mai batati hu….ek samay ki baat h…. ( I will say….once upon a time….)

Yashoda smacks her arm for acting dramatic. 

Yashoda:- shut up!!!

Sidharth:- ok, don’t say. I will find out myself.

Saying this he grabs Shehnaaz’s hand and walks out angrily.

Yashoda:- ( in disbelief ) and I thought that he lost his angry young man image after meeting Shehnaaz.

Here Sidharth reached Shehnaaz’s house with a determined face. He directly goes toward Kaka’s room to have a talk with him regarding his decision. Otherside Shehnaaz is walking here and there with a worried look. 

Shehnaaz:- Waheguru, What do I do? Sidharth is so angry please make sure that he will not do anything stupid in his anger. ( biting her nails in tension ) Shehnaaz think…. think something you can’t just sit and see…… ( after a brief moment ) IDEA!!! 

She happily stood up and dialed one and only Cabir’s number.

Shehnaaz:- Cabirrrrr, Where are you?

Cabir:- Shehnaaz, I am at a restaurant. Why anything serious? 

Shehnaaz fills him with every small detail of the event which happened yesterday in her and Sidharth’s life, making him worried.

Ca:- I am on my way… Shehnaaz. Don’t worry.

To be continued…

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