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31. REBIRTH! “Manik….” Nandini called him in a weak tone but it was enough to get his attention. He sprung up quickly and looked at her. He cupped her cheeks with a smile seeing her awake. “How are you? Did you feel any pain? Wait…… let me call the doctor.” She whimpers in pain, making

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30. CRUEL FATE! Manik cries in the crook of her neck and asks forgiveness, “Please, forgive me. This is happening because of me. You are in pain because of me, we lost our baby because of me. Everything is happening because of me.” Nandini tries to say something but her condition is not stable. She

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28. HER PAIN! Two to three men with proper weapons and face coverings enter Nandini’s house efficiently. During previous months they were aware of all the doors locks and windows. They also know that Manik changes the main door locks every week and this week’s password is a relatively easy task for them to do.

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