Two to three men with proper weapons and face coverings enter Nandini’s house efficiently. During previous months they were aware of all the doors locks and windows. They also know that Manik changes the main door locks every week and this week’s password is a relatively easy task for them to do. They break into the house and sneakingly enter the empty bedroom. 

According to them, Nandini should be in her bedroom this time. Suddenly one of their men shouts in pain because Nandini hit his head with a flower vase. She heard the voice when they sneaked inside the house, being the alert officer, “Who are you and how dare you enter my house? Do you even know who I am?” She hits another man in his stomach, making him wince. 

The men understood that she was not going to be their easy target. She is not as weak as they thought her to be. Talking in their eyes, they made a plan, one grabbed her hand but being a fierce officer she kicked his cock, making him cry. She is giving them a tough competition. Hitting the three men, she almost made their condition worse and grabbed her phone to dial Manik’s number. Getting the perfect opportunity, one man hit her stomach earning a loud shriek from her.

On the other hand, Manik reached the police station and looked at the building which turned into ash. He spotted Cabir and approached him. “How did this happen?” He asks while Cabir shakes his head and answers, “Something is not right.” Manik asks, “What?” 

“I don’t know, but this blast is not just to create terror. There must be some other motive for them.” Cabir says, suspiciously. “How can you be so sure?” Cabir replies, “The blast happened during the lunch time around 1 to 2 pm. Most of the officers were out for lunch. If their motive was to kill police officers then they would have chosen some other time than that.” 

Manik asks, “So, what do you think it could be?” He looks at him and answers, “Don’t know. Do you have any information about this?” Manik nods negatively and says, “My gang is not involved in this. I was also shocked when I got this blast news.” 

Cabir asks, “By the way, what are you doing here?” Manik answers, “I am here on Nandini’s behalf. She was tense when she got the news, so I came here to help you.” Cabir thanked him and suddenly he remembered something and asked, “I got the news that Dikshit is here.” Manik nods affirming his news while he continues, “Give me his location. I want him behind the bars.” Manik laughs, “Now, what has he done that you are desperate to get him?” He replies, “He started the drug dealing campaign again and this time I want him under me. I got permission from the above to encounter him as soon as possible.” 

“So, what would I get in return?” Manik asks while he rolls his eyes, “I am letting you roam freely in the city after knowing all your crimes. Is that not enough for you?” Before they could converse more, Manik received a call from Nandini which he picked on the first ring but instead of her sweet voice, he heard her loud painful shirek. He gets worried and asks impatiently, “Nandini… Nandini… Are you alright?” He got no answer from the other side of the call except her shouts. He runs towards his car followed by Cabir, he understands that something is not right with Nandini which scares Manik like hell. 

Other side Nandini bends down on the floor holding her stomach which hurts like hell. The men smirked because they got her weak point. This time another man kicked her stomach while her cries worsened, “MY BABY!… NO PLEASE, NO…” She cries in front of them pleading with them to not hurt her baby while they laugh. Manik heard everything but he couldn’t do anything except yelling on the call, “Nandini…. Wh… Who are they? Please, please… stay strong… I am reaching…” 

But to his dismay, Nandini didn’t hear anything because she was bearing the pain. The man held her hair and banged her head on the wall, making it bleed. Other twisted her hand, “PLEASE… NO… I BEG YOU… LEAVE ME… PLEASE…” Manik heard her pleas and yelled, “Hey, you!… Whoever is you, I won’t leave you alive. Just wait! Your death is coming to you…” Saying this, he accelerated the car, driving it at the maximum speed whereas Cabir dialed his team to order them to reach Nandini’s house, urgently. 

Here, the man dragged Nandini out of the room through her hair and pushed her on the floor. She fell on her stomach which acts like a last nail in the coffin because she felt blood flow. Soon her pants got a heavy red spot which made the men laugh, “Aww… Little officer lost her baby, so sad!” While the other one said mockingly, “Should we keep a two-minute silence for the baby who left the world before coming into the world.” 

Nandini cried feeling the extreme pain in her abdomen but stood up with courage and shot a man with her revolver. The other two were shocked and snatched the revolver from her hand hitting her again. This time she lost her strength to fight back but uttered something so that they could hear her, “HE WON’T LEAVE YOU… LET HIM COME ONCE.” Saying this she gives them an evil smirk, making their blood boil. They kicked her face this time to remove that smirk and dragged her outside.

As soon as their car left the premises, Manik’s car entered and stopped at the same spot after 2 minutes. He got late with just 120 seconds, his bad luck. 

Manik ran inside the house and looked at their messed up home. This home won’t look like their happy palace anymore. Seeing the room’s condition they understood that Nandini gave those men a tough competition but his worries deepened not finding her anywhere. “Nandini… Nandini… I am here now, no one can harm you. Please, come out.” He shouts but receives no reply. 

“Manik!” Cabir shouts and Manik runs towards him with the hope that he found his Nandini. He pointed at the dead body and Nandini’s gun. Manik couldn’t take a second more to recognize the face of the dead man, “He is Jaanu, leader of Amir’s east gang.” He informed Cabir who picked up the gun with hanky and smelled it. “He is shot by this gun only.” 

But Manik didn’t hear any of his talk because he was busy thinking why Amir did this to him. Amir is well aware of his love for Nandini, so why did he send Jaanu to harm her? Without wasting even a second, he ran out to get answers from Amir. He reached his house at a jet speed and directly walked inside loading his gun in his right hand, looking smoking hot with those red eyes and sweaty body. 

Amir was talking with Kaushal on some project when Manik barged inside and directly took Amir at gunpoint. Everyone gasped and loaded their gun while pointing it at Manik.

Amir gestured to his men to keep their guns down and look at Manik who was breathing like a raging bull. He asks politely, “Kya hua?” ( What happened? ) Instead of replying, he asks, showing his aggression, “KAHA HAI WOH?” ( Where is she? ) 

Kaushal came forward to calm Manik but Amir stopped him knowing him very well. Manik is not a person you can deal with when he is angry and this time he is not just angry but he can see he is in fear of losing HIS LIFE, HIS JAAN, HIS NANDINI. 

Manik shouts bringing Amir back from his thinking, “Maine pucha kaha hai Nandini?” ( I asked, where is Nandini? ) He replies, “How would I know, Manik?” He pressed the gun on Amir’s forehead who didn’t even flinch, “You know everything because you sent Jaanu to harm MY NANDINI AND MY BABY.” Amir asks, “Your baby?” 

Before Manik could say anything, his phone rang and he picked up and heard Cabir, “Manik, I am  sending you a video, watch it.” He shouts in return, “Is this a time to watch your f*cking video?” Cabir answers in just two words which was enough to grab his attention, “It’s about Nandini.” 

Throwing his gun on the table he played the video in which Nandini is crying while lying on the floor tied by ropes. He could see her lifeless body which was hardly breathing. Then, he heard a voice that he could recognize even in his dreams, IT’S DIKSHIT, sitting on a chair while keeping his shoe on Nandini’s palm. “Hello, My son, How are you? Don’t worry, my daughter-in-law and my favorite grandchild are safe with me.” He laughs, making Manik angrier. He continues, “If you want your dear Nandini then, come to the same spot from where everything started.” The video ended, and Amir and Kaushal also understood what was the matter when Manik ran out. 

Amir commands, “Go with Manik and make sure that he and Nandini are safe.” He says further looking at Kaushal, “You go and investigate everything that happened today with Manik. I want every single detail of him on my table and do investigate how Dikshit came alive from that fire.” 

Whereas Manik is standing outside the MALHOTRA MANSION from where everything started. Maybe this is the only place that will see HIS END AS WELL

To be continued…

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