Nandini reached her home and looked at Manik who was chopping veggies for lunch. “Manik.” She called him sweetly while biting her lips and he looked at her instantly with worry. “Nandini.” He approaches her with a worried look and asks questions not giving her enough time. “Are you fine? What are you doing here at this time? Please tell me, are you fine?” She tried to say something but he didn’t let her complete it and held her hand, “Let’s go to the hospital.” 

“I am coming from there only.” Hearing her, he became shocked and yelled. “You are not fine, right?” He gives her an accusing look and continues, “Why didn’t you inform me?” Nandini rolled her eyes and tried to say something but he didn’t let her complete the sentence, “Why am I scolding you in fact it’s my fault. I didn’t look after you properly. I am aware of your vomiting every day and how you scrunch your nose seeing the food.” He kept scolding himself, making her angrier but stopped in the middle hearing her, “I AM PREGNANT.” She yelled, gaining his attention while he couldn’t believe his ears. “What?” He asked dumbfoundedly while she repeated with moist eyes, “Yes, I am pregnant. We are going to be parents.” 

He palmed her cheeks and looked into her eyes still not believing her words. “I… I am… going to be a father.” He asks while she nods positively, making him smile. He laughs wholeheartedly and squeals excitedly, making her laugh as well. Out of nowhere, she asks, “Manik, do you want this child?” His excitement went down the drain, “Why wouldn’t I?” He asks and continues, “If I am mature enough to have s*x with you then why would I hesitate to take the responsibility of OUR FIRST CHILD.” 

His answer cleared all her doubts, “I thought you would have second thoughts about the pregnancy.” He understood her emotions and kissed her forehead before erasing her negative thoughts, “Nandini, I may not be a good person or a boyfriend but I will make sure that my profession will not cause any harm to you or our baby. I will not let my criminal side hinder our child’s care.” 

She gets overwhelmed hearing him and immediately captures his lips for a soul-searing kiss, turning him on. He caged her in his arms making sure not to hurt her or his baby. This time she is the one who dominates the kiss while he only reciprocates her. She slid her hands into his t-shirt and played with the hem of his trousers, showing her needs. He held her hand before she could remove his lower clothes and broke the kiss. 

Nandini asked frustratingly, “Why did you stop me?” He chuckles and kisses her cheek before saying, “I won’t continue until I get a green signal from your doctor.” She cribs like a kid, “Ahhh….” He pecks her lips with a giggle while she informs him, “By the way, the doctor called you tomorrow.” He nods, “Why don’t we go right now?” She rolls her eyes at his eagerness, “No, we will go tomorrow.” He nods and asks, “You didn’t have breakfast properly so, should I make something for you?” 

She circles her hand around his neck and says, “I just want to lay next to you only.” Without saying anything, he quickly picked her up and brought her into their bedroom. She changed into comfortable clothes and lay in his arms to cherish the moment. 

He raised her top and tugged it under her bre*st to have a clear view of her stomach where their baby would grow. He roams his hand on her stomach, “I can’t even imagine that we created a baby.” Nandini laughs at his words while he continues, “I think now my life will come back on track.” Look into her eyes with immense love, “Thank you for coming into my life. I can’t even imagine this happiness without you.” Saying this he kisses her stomach and forehead thanking her once again. 

They kept talking and celebrating the news with a few hugs, kisses, and a little bit of naughty touches. Suddenly he becomes silent which she notices, “What happened to you suddenly?” He shakes his head negatively not wanting to stress her but she forces him and he asks with uneasiness, “I feel like this is a temporary happiness in my life like every time.” 

“Why are you saying that?” Nandini asks and he answers while shrugging his shoulders, “Because I always lost the one to whom I wanted all my life. First, Mumma then, Didi…” He stammers at last and she understands his situation because of his past. “Manik, I promise you that I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU. NOT IN THIS BIRTH OR ANOTHER. I WILL ALWAYS COME BACK TO YOU NO MATTER WHAT.” Somewhere he looks convinced while she continues with a naughty smile not realizing that someday her words will come true, “BUT YOU HAVE TO PROMISE ME THAT YOU WILL WAIT FOR ME IN EVERY BIRTH.” He caught his naughty smile and said to tease her, “Why will I wait for you? I will find a new girl and love her.” She makes an angry face and their fight starts. 

On the other hand, Dikshit got all the information regarding Nandini long back but is waiting for the correct time to teach Manik a lesson using her. He planned a trap for her already but won’t implement that because of Manik who always stays with her like a shadow. But he is sure that soon he will get a chance. 

And he got that chance the next day as one of his men who was following Nandini saw her entering the hospital with Manik. After enquiring about her they got to know that she had an appointment with a gynecologist. They threaten the doctor easily and get to know that she is going to be a mother. The man didn’t even take a second to inform Dikshit, the same who was overjoyed hearing the news, “Oh… so, I am going to be a grandfather, not bad…” He laughs devilishly, “This is going to be interesting to snatch two lives at a time. TCH… TCH… TCH… Manik is going to have a tough time. Keep an eye on her and give me every minute-to-minute detail.” 

Manik and Nandini are enjoying their beach date when they are joined by Cabir and Navya. They also got to know that Navya was two months pregnant. Both the men pampered their girls like no other. 

One day, Manik asks, “Nandini, when will you marry me?” She looks at him with wide eyes and calms down in the next second, “You didn’t ask me that before.” He bites his lip and continues, “I am asking right now, so tell me.” She thought for a minute before saying, “I will marry you after delivering the baby.” He asks, “Why so late?” She kisses his cheeks and answers, “I easily get tired so I can’t take the stress of weddings and rituals that’s why we will think about that later.” He nods positively, giving in to her demand. 

Soon three months passed and tomorrow they had their first sonography. Both are excited to see their baby for the first time. Nandini exclaimed, “I can’t believe that tomorrow we will see our baby.” Manik too smiles looking at her cute baby bum that is noticeable which indicates that their baby is growing. At the right time, Nandini got a call from Cabir which she received on the second ring, and what she heard shocked her to the core. Seeing her condition, he asks worriedly, “What happened, Nandini? Who called you?” 

She didn’t answer and switched on the TV. He heard the news, Yes, you heard it right. The blast happened in the UVW Police station this morning around 10. Police are refusing to give us any further information but we expected that some of the officers were burnt alive in the blast while some were taken to the hospital. Keep watching NEWS ABC for breaking news. Reporter Tanish with a cameraman Vishu.

Nandini’s eyes turned moist because it was her station where she served all these months. She sat on the bed in a shocked state while he rubbed her back, “Don’t worry Nandini, It will be fine.” She looks at him crying and pleads, “I want to go there.” He shouts surprisingly, “What! You can’t go there, Nandini. Can’t you see the visuals, it would be traumatizing for you and the baby. Above all, we don’t know who was behind that, so I can’t take the risk of sending you there.” She pleads and almost begs, seeing her behavior he finally reaches a solution that he would go and look at the situation. If needed, he will help to find out the person behind that. “I am going but, promise me that you will look after yourself and the baby.” She nodded, crying hard, and sniffed on his chest while he kissed her forehead unknown to the fact that this would become THEIR LAST TOUCH

He walks out instructing her to lock the door properly. She looks at him going out and calls while he turns instantly. She says with moist eyes and unknown emotions, “I WILL WAIT FOR YOU.” He smiles and answers, “I WON’T DISAPPOINT YOU AND WILL CALL YOU SOON. I LOVE YOU.” To which she responds with a flying kiss, “I LOVE YOU TOO.” 

Outside their home, a man saw Manik going out and informed his boss, “Boss, everything is going as per your plan but there was a little difference.” The boss frowned and asked, “What?” The man replied, “Instead of that girl Manik went out to enquire about the blast.” The boss smirked and commanded, “Not bad, Not bad! Go, bring that girl to me, and don’t forget to break her few bones before bringing her here so that Manik will die a hundred times seeing her condition.” Saying this, he cuts the call and smirks while smoking. 

To be continued…

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