Nandini and Cabir are glaring at each other while sitting at the breakfast table whereas Pihu and Navya just roll their eyes seeing their eye-to-eye fight. Cabir is murdering the bread sandwich while his sister is eating her favorite Parathas, ignoring his eyes. 

Navya:- ( To her husband ) Will you please pause your aggression? Nandini needs to have her breakfast properly. 

Cabir:- ( Looking at Nandini’s plate ) She is having her second paratha and you are telling me she is not having breakfast properly. 

Nandini:- ( Winces like a kid to gain sympathy from her Bhabhi ) Bhabhi, look at him, he is counting my parathas. 

Navya:- ( Smacking Cabir a little too hard ) Cabir, I will cut your dinner if you ever put an evil eye on her food. 

Cabir:- ( Annoyingly ) By any chance, you forgot that you are my wife and your priority should be me not ( Pointed at Nandini ) HER. 

Navya:- And, by chance, you forgot that ( Pointing at Nandini ) She is my first daughter. She comes first always. 

Cabir:- Sometimes I feel that I am an outsider because you guys made me feel left out. 

Nandini:- Aww… My cutie brother, don’t be a grumpy man. You are my father, mother, brother, sister, bhabhi, son, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and SERVANT. 

Cabir:- ( With narrowed eyes ) SERVANT? 

Nandini nods mischievously, biting her lips. 

Navya:- ( Angrily ) Guys, have your breakfast, or else I will not leave any one of you alive.

Everyone got scared and started eating silently. After having their family breakfast everyone stood up to go to their respective work except Navya who was going to stay at home. Both the brother-sister reached the office together on Nandini’s scooter because of her demand and at the door, they met Manik. 

Manik:- ( To Cabir, sweetly ) Good morning, Sir. 

Cabir:- Good morning, Manik. Are you well prepared for your first video song? Nandini told me that in this track you will sing as well as act too. 

Manik looks at Nandini nervously who is adorning her boyfriend like a love-sick puppy, making him blush. He is scared that she wouldn’t do anything to make him embarrassed in front of her brother. 

Manik:- I am working hard for that sir… but, I am scared…

Nandini:- ( Cuts him in the middle, confidently ) He will do the best, Boss. 

Cabir:- ( Proudly ) I know! 

He pats Manik’s shoulder giving his support and wishing luck. 

Cabir:- Don’t underestimate yourself, Manik. Give your best while she ( Pointing at Nandini ) will handle everything if any mishaps occur. However, she is clumsy but is best when it comes to work.  

Nandini:- ( Angrily ) Is that compliment for me or an insult? 

Cabir:- ( Cooly ) Whatever you think. ( To Manik ) I hope you remember that you have to meet me. 

Manik:- Yes sir, I will be there on time. 

Nodding his head positively, Cabir went inside while Nandini smiled looking at his red cheeks. 

Nandini:- Someone is blushing. Why? 

Manik:- ( Naughtily ) Because someone is staring at me like a creep. 

Nandini:- ( Flirts ) So, what should I do? God created you perfectly, giving you enough muscles in the right places.

His blush deepens while she pecks his lips, giving shock to the watchman who was looking at them, and Manik almost stumbles. She went one step ahead and bit his cheek with mischievous eyes. 

Nandini:- This is my revenge for the morning. 

Before he could say anything, she intertwined her hand with him and walked ahead. He looks at her in shock because of her bold step. 

Manik:- ( Shrieked in fear ) What are you doing, Fireball? Everyone will stare at us. 

Nandini:- I don’t care until you are comfortable when I show my right on you. 

In reply, he tightens his hold and walks beside her with pride. In the lobby, they were stopped by Paras who glared at their intertwined hands and got jealous of Manik. He is head over heels for Nandini but she never pays attention to him and chooses Cheap Manik over him, according to him. 

Paras:- ( Looking at Manik ) I must say, Nandini, you had a very bad taste in boys. 

Nandini:- ( Innocently ) Why are you insulting yourself, Paras? I know, I had terrible taste while choosing my friends, for example, YOU, but you can’t say that in front of MY BOYFRIEND. What would he think about you? 

Manik chuckles and turns his face to hide his grin. No one can win from HIS FIREBALL and today, she proved it again. She is his SARCASM QUEEN

Paras:- ( Angrily, pointing at Manik ) Boyfriend? What did you see in him? 

Nandini:- ( In a sassy way ) The same which is lacking in you. 

Saying this she looks at his private area, making him angry. He understood what she was pointing at and banged his hand angrily on the table while it became so tough for Manik to hold back his laugh. 

Paras:- ( Furiously ) Stay in your limit…

Nandini:- ( Batting her eyelashes) Why? Am I way too expensive for you? Don’t worry, not every man can afford me. 

And here, his Fireball smashed another sixer which hit Paras’s ego. She walks into their room taking Manik who is finding a place just to laugh wholeheartedly. He turns back to capture Paras’ funny expression but sharpens his eyes seeing him staring at her with lusty eyes. He fists his hand because he can imagine what thoughts would be running in his mind seeing her. 

Paras:- ( Staring at Nandini’s figure, lustfully ) You have so much ego, no? I will make sure that I will ruin you so much that you can’t even be with any man. 

Here, Manik and Nandini reached their Jam room but he was in a foul mood because of Paras. 

Nandini:- Now, what happened to you? 

Manik:- Nothing! 

Nandini:- Then, why does the room feel warmer than usual? I feel like someone put me on the stove. 

Manik:- ( Cribs ) Here, I am stressed and you are joking. 

Nandini doesn’t reply because she knows he will open up in a minute and the same happens. The anger, and stress went away, and he complained.  

Manik:- ( Possessively ) He was staring at you like a pervert. He was looking… at your… ( Finding it difficult to pronounce ) Your… back…

Nandini understood what he was trying to say and to be honest, she loved it when he got possessive for her. She feels like the queen who got a king who is madly in love with her.  

Nandini:- ( Teasingly ) So, what is the issue? He was looking at what was meant to be checked out. ( Posing sexily in front of him, showing her curves ) 

Manik:- ( Angrily ) No! He can’t look at you with those thoughts. Being a man, I can imagine what he was thinking and for that, I will not leave him. ( To Nandini, sternly ) I am warning you, if he stares at you like that again then, don’t stop me from punching him. 

Nandini:- ( Happily ) If I get such a cute, possessive reaction from you every day then, I would dress every time to get Paras’ stares. 

Manik gets madder hearing her. He pulled her in his arms and squeezed her butt hardly giving her current. He is aware of his actions and her reaction but he wouldn’t remove his hand from her butt instead he rubs the place to soothe the pain even if he caused her to. 

Manik:- ( Possessively ) No, you won’t dress for him, promise me. 

His act made her so shocked that her voice died. She may be the bold one but whenever he gets possessive of her, he turns her into a timid girl who has nothing to say. She knows that he will get embarrassed after some time remembering the scene and she will tease him like hell too but right now, she can’t stop her blush from appearing on her cheeks. Yup, they got a little bit intimate but this is too much for her. 

Manik:- ( Bringing her back from her zone ) Promise me. 

She looks at his innocent face and hugs him burying her face in his chest. 

Nandini:- ( Blushingly ) First, let me control my blush then, I will promise you. 

Manik:- ( Surprisingly ) Am I making you blush? 

Nandini:- Hmm… ( Still hiding herself in his chest ) 

Manik:- Nice improvement! 

After 5 minutes, she breaks the hug and pecks his lips, making him smile brightly. Suddenly, he remembered something. 

Manik:- Fireball, In the morning, you didn’t pester me to use the ladder to go out, why? 

Nandini:- Because I know, you are scared of heights. 

Manik:- ( With wide eyes ) How? I never told you that. 

Nandini:- Shyboy, you don’t have to tell me anything about yourself. I know everything about you because I always had my eyes on you from the start. 

Manik chuckles and hits her forehead, lovingly. 

Nandini:- ( Sincerely ) I LOVE YOU. 

Manik:- And, YOU ARE MY MUSIC. 

Saying this, he pecks her lips lightly with a blush, making her frown. 

Nandini:- Are you kissing someone else’s girlfriend? 

Manik:- No…

Nandini:- Then, do it properly. 

She pulls him towards herself holding his collar and kisses his lips aggressively only to be stopped by the loud shout of her brother. 

Cabir:- ( With wide eyes ) What the hell is happening here? 

To be continued…

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