Manik is standing facing Pihu who is looking a little furious. He gulped hard seeing her narrowed eyes which were digging holes in him. 

Manik:- ( Stammers ) Hel…lo, Goooo….d morning. 

Pihu:- What are you doing in my room?

Manik:- ( Pinching his neck ) Your Bui pushed me, trust me. She is at fault. 

Pihu:- Don’t you know that entering a girl’s bedroom is a crime? 

Manik:- When was this law passed? 

Pihu didn’t answer and kept glaring at him, making him sweat. After what felt like an eternity, Pihu asks keeping her acting on point. 

Pihu:- Don’t you want to go now or Should I call my father to escort you out? 

Manik becomes quiet and only answers with his head while Pihu leads the way to drop him at the door.

Pihu:- Come with me… 

He follows her quietly like an innocent child while she asks and he answers innocently.

Pihu:- By the way, how did you reach Bui’s room?

Manik:- With the help of a ladder. 

Pihu:- Ladder? 

Manik:- ( Proudly ) Yup! I stole it from your neighbor’ aunty. 

Pihu:- Then, why didn’t you use the same way to go back?

Manik:- ( Embarrassingly ) Umm… I am scared of heights. I feel nauseous when I look down from a height. Climbing was easy for me because I didn’t look down but descending the same ladder was not my cup of tea. 

Then, he realized something very important which confuses him. 

Manik:- ( Surprisingly ) One second, I didn’t talk about my height phobia with Nandini. Then, how can she know it? She didn’t pester me about the ladder, not even once. 

Both have no idea about this whereas Manik knows he has to ask Nandini. He can’t think about the possibility of Nandini knowing his fear without his knowledge. He looks down when Pihu taps his hand and asks cutely. 

Pihu:- Don’t you feel nausea right now looking at me? 

Showing their height difference while he shoots daggers at her and threatens. 

Manik:- Don’t make fun of my height or else I will tell this to MY GIRLFRIEND

Pihu:- ( Surprisingly ) Girlfriend? Kab hua yeah? ( When did this happen? ) 

Manik:- ( With a cocky smile ) Yesterday. 

Pihu:- Oh… So, what should I call you now? 

Manik:- I am your Fhufa according to the relation. 

Both reached the door and faced each other while talking like best friends. 

Pihu:- ( Cringes her face ) Eww… I won’t call you that. Fhufa doesn’t sound cool. ( After thinking for a second ) Can I call you a ROCKSTAR

Manik:- ( Passes a tired smile ) But I am not a rockstar. 

Pihu:- Not yet but, you will be a ROCKSTAR. 

Manik:- ( With dazzling eyes) Do you believe so? 

Pihu:- Bui and Papa always say that you have the spark of becoming the next rockstar. And I believe them. 

Don’t know why but his eyes become wet. He couldn’t believe that these people kept faith in him and this gave him a boost to work hard for them. He wipes his eyes and without saying anything further, he turns around to walk out but she stops him. 

Pihu:- Suno Rockstar, take this. ( Handing him a key set ) This is the key to the main door and Bui’s room so, next time do come from the door. 

Manik:- ( With wide eyes ) I… I… don’t…

Pihu:- ( Commandingly ) Don’t give excuses and bend down a little…

Saying this she did an action and Manik bent down to her level, confusingly. She whispers in his ear.  

Pihu:- Top secret, Papa always sleeps around 10. 

Manik widens his eyes at this information as he has got the hidden motive behind this and looks at her mischievous eyes. She giggles seeing his expression and kisses his cheek, making him feel this feeling for the first time. He got the feeling that she was his daughter and suddenly he felt love for her. She turns around to go back into the house but is stopped by him. 

Manik:- Pihu, thank you for believing in me ( Pihu passes him a cute smile ), and also thanks for the keys. I promise that I will never misuse these keys.

Pihu:- ( Naughtily ) Instead of this you should promise me that whenever someone asks you about your and Bui’s love story you will always take my name as your NAUGHTY PARTNER.  

Manik laughs at this and murmurs “Pagal hai” ( She is mad. ). She goes into the house while he walks ahead giving a last glance to Nandini’s home. Although he has no heart to go like this, he has no choice. 

On the other hand, Cabir barged into Nandini’s room and found her standing on the balcony. Seeing her, he immediately asks. 

Cabir:- Nandini, who was here? 

Nandini:- ( Yawns cutely ) Bhai, can’t you see, I AM HERE. 

Cabir:- ( Irritatingly ) I am asking about the man. 

Nandini:- ( Acts innocently ) Man? In my room? 

Cabir:- ( Threatens her with his eyes which has zero impact on her ) Don’t try to play with me. 

Nandini:- ( Sarcastically ) Bhai, we are not on the playground so, how can I play with you? By the way, your age of playing is gone years ago. 

Cabir:- ( Yells ) Nandini…

Nandini:- ( Rubbing her ears ) Bhaiya, by god’s grace my ears are perfectly fine and I can hear you so, please lower your volume or else…

Cabir:- ( Furiously ) Or else? 

Nandini:- ( Sings and dances ) Aunty police bulalegi… aunty police bulalegi.

Navya laughs while Cabir palms his face hearing her while she settles on the bed comfortably snatching peace from her brother. 

Nandini:- Bhai, take a chill pill. MY BOYFRIEND WAS HERE. 

Hearing her, Cabir’s ears shot up and his eyes turned red. Navya bites her nails and Pihu too enters the room. 

Cabir:- ( Exclaimed ) Boyfriend? That druggy? Alcoholic? 

Nandini:- Bhaiya…

Cabir:- ( Authoritatively ) Nandini, hear me loud and clear. You won’t date that person. Today you will meet the guy I chose for you, that’s it. 

Nandini:- Bhai…

She opened her mouth to tell him the truth about her boyfriend but he didn’t let her even say a word. 

Cabir:- I don’t want to hear anything. I won’t let you spoil your life behind a guy who is an alcoholic. ( Look at Navya ) Let’s go. 

He marches towards the door and turns back only to say. 

Cabir:- And one more thing, no boys are allowed in this house. Understood? 

Nandini:- What do you mean by no boys? ( Innocently ) Aren’t you going to come back home now?

Pihu:- ( Joins her Bui ) Papa, at least think about me and Mumma. I mean I don’t care because I can get a new father but… But… Mumma… How can she get a new husband at this age? 

Navya looks at her daughter with wide eyes and pulls Pihu’s ear, making her wince. 

Navya:- What do you mean by this age? I can get a new husband, not a big deal. Many boys still fall for my charm. ( Blow air on her nails with attitude ) 

Cabir:- ( Banged his face ) Ladies!… Calm down. I am allowed because…

Before he could complete it, his sister chirped in with a devilish thought. 

Nandini:- Because you are going for a gender change surgery, Right? ( Excitedly ) I love that decision of yours. I always wanted a sister. Now I can get one. Yiepe…… Bhabhi, you were right, Bhagwaan ke dar der hai andher nahi. 

Pihu:- ( Happily ) That means I will have two mummies. 

Navya:- ( With narrowed eyes, to Pihu ) And both the mummies will force you to drink two glasses of milk, ok? 

Cabir:- ( Cries ) Somebody, please give me poison. I want to die. 

Nandini:- Jo hukum mere aaka…. Raja ji ke liye zeher pesh kiya jaye. ( As you say, my lord. Please, bring poison for King Cabir ) 

Cabir bangs his head and turns to go down as he has no reply left to argue with them. Navya follows him but Nandini calls him and throws something towards him which he catches swiftly. His eyes widen seeing the c*ndom sachet. 

Nandini:- Enjoy…

Saying this she closed the door on his face while he stood there in shock. He banged the door and shouted to clear his doubts. 

Cabir:- Nandini… Nandini, who bought this? ( Impatiently ) Tell me…

Nandini:- ( While giggling ) My boyfriend bought this. One or two sachets we used last night now, you can also have fun. Don’t thank me for this. 

Cabir:- ( Angrily ) Go hell with your thank you. Give me his number, I will talk to him. He can’t give you these kinds of things. 

Nandini:- ( Smiles sheepishly ) If not this then, we will deliver my pregnancy reports to your doorstep soon. 

Cabir:- ( Yelled ) What the hell! ( To Navya ) Did you see this? 

Navya:- ( Calmly ) Cabir, she is joking with you. You know your sister very well. She won’t do any such things until she is sure that you will approve of the boy. 

Cabir:- Joking? This is not a joke. ( Banging the door ) Nandini, be in my office at sharp 11:30. You are going to meet the boy whom I chose for you. 

Saying this he walks downstairs while dialing a number whereas Navya nods her head in disbelief. His call was answered after a few rings. 

Cabir:- ( Impatiently ) Meet me in my cabin at 11:30 sharp. 

Before the caller could say anything, he cut the call. 

Manik:- Ok…Si… ( Looks at his mobile screen ) Cut kar diya. ( He cut the call. ) Why did he call me in his cabin? 

But his phone rings again showing Nandini’s name which brings a smile to his face. Before he could say anything he heard her. Saying everything to him she also cut the call just like her brother. 

Nandini:- Meet me in the office at 11:30. I Want to introduce you to Bhai. 

The call ended before he could ask or say anything. 

Manik:- Yeah bhai-behen pagal ho gaye hai kya? ( Does this brother-sister gone mad? ) How can I be available at the two different places at the same time?

To be continued…

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