Manik is standing outside the MALHOTRA MANSION from where everything started. Maybe this is the only place that will see HIS END AS WELL. This is the same place that brought him into this field and this is the same place that snatched everything from his hands from his mother to his sister. That’s why he hates this place so much. But now, he is standing here just for HIS LOVE. It would be a lie if I said that he is not scared. Yes, he is scared but, not of Dikshit but for his Madam Ji i.e. Nandini. He doesn’t want to lose her at any cost. 

Taking a deep breath, he stepped and all the flashes came back. He saw his little self running on the grounds behind his sister who was teasing him with the name “Shorty”. He chuckles at the memory, “Didi If you were here then you would see how tall I become.” Suddenly he realizes what he is doing and composes himself. “Manik, you can’t be weak. Back up, My boy, back up… You are a monster.” Gathering himself he walked inside with his usual dangerous aura and called Dikshit but didn’t find him anywhere. This made him frown and worried for Nandini. Although he is not aware of Nandini’s condition. His heart does not let him be at peace until he sees her. 

He starts finding her in the whole mansion as mad and hears a commotion from the backyard. He didn’t take a second more before running into the backyard only to find Nandini lying on the floor bruised while all the men were standing around her, lusting on her body. Her condition crunched something inside him and a lone tear fell with the thought that she was at this stage because of HIM. Dikshit did this to her because of him. 

He ran towards her, calling her name but the guards stopped him, making him yell like a monster. “Leave me, bast*rds, Leave me… I will not let you live… Leave me!” He struggles in their hold like a demon, making it difficult for them to keep him in place. Six men are unable to keep a single MONSTER at their mercy. 

Hearing his shout, Nandini stirred difficulty and opened her eyes a little to look at him. As soon as her eyes land on him, a fresh trail of tears makes the way from her eyes with a shiver, “MANIK…” She felt alive seeing him here, seeing him around her. She knows that he would take her back from here, from this hell. Her fingers flickered and her lips uttered enough loudly to gain his attention, “Manik…” 

He heard her in the noisy surroundings and looked into her eyes. His body stopped struggling, making the men shocked. All his limbs become lifeless seeing the tears and helpless in her eyes. He heard her again but this time her voice was not that loud, “Our baby…” She cried hysterically while his eyes went down and saw her lying on her stomach. His breath became heavy when he noticed a blood stain on her pants and in a second his eyes got wet too. He ran towards her pushing every damn man and kneeled pulling her in his lap, delicately.

“Are… Are you fine?” His voice trembled asking this from her. He can see her pain through her eyes but he can’t do anything. Nandini has no energy to reply, still murmuring timidly, “Please, take me home.” He died thousands of times hearing her pleading with him to take her back to THEIR HOME. “We… we will go. Don’t worry, I will take you back.” This is all that he can utter to comfort her at this moment and continues, “But please, try to keep your eyes open and relax a bit.” 

They heard the footsteps and Nandini looked in front to see a man walking towards them, royally. Manik too looked at the man and clutched his hand, furiously because he was none other than DIKSHIT MALHOTRA

Dikshit comes forward and sits on his royal chair while looking at the couple sitting in each other’s arms on the floor. “Hey, my child, what a pleasant surprise!” He exclaimed with the fakest smile. “Manik, what are you doing here with my pregnant daughter-in-law?” He smirked while Manik was just waiting for the perfect time to snatch his smile. “Doesn’t your mother teach you to take care of your pregnant wife?” He said with concern dripping from his words and continued, “Ya, she must have taught you to take care of your wife NOT YOUR MISTRESS, Right?” 

Manik shouts at him but can’t do anything because Nandini is in his arms which he doesn’t want to let go at any cost. “Dikshit, you have a problem then deal with me don’t involve her and my baby because the consequences won’t be good. Be a man and fight with me rather than harming her.”

His tone angered Dikshit a bit and said, “Tch! Tch!… That’s why I always say to not let any woman near you because they make you weak just like you are, Manik. See yourself, you are sitting in front of me near my shoes. Doesn’t it show you your right place?” 

Manik ignored him and focused on Nandini who needed him the most. He rubs her arms and murmurs in her ears to give her strength to bear the pain, “Nandini, please stay calm. I will take you out from here soon, trust me.” Then, he looks at Dikshit and turns red in anger seeing him lusting on HIS NANDINI. “Dikshit, come to the point directly. What do you want from me?”

“The Malhotra blood spoke… I like it! Directly on point, no hiding behind the bushes.” Dikshit chuckles and looks at Nandini, “Although I wanted her from the day I saw her photo. By the way, both father and son have the same choices, great!” He stopped seeing Manik who was ready to kill him but he didn’t care and continued, “But then I got the information that you impregnated her, and as you already know I won’t taste used materials.”

That’s it, Manik stood up and held his collar, punching his nose, making him bleed. At that moment, men loaded their guns. Some pointed them at Manik while some pointed the gun at Nandini.

Seeing Nandini at the gunpoint, he leaves Dikshit who cleans his nose and sits on his previous chair with a smirk. “So much love for her that you couldn’t even see her at the gunpoint.” He looked at the man who was standing behind Nandini and winked at him with an evil smile. 

The man come forward and held Nandini’s neck, pressing her back at his front while poking his di*k at her back. Manik yelled, “Hey!… K@mine leave her…” But he can’t do anything because he was caged by another team of men. He saw how tired and disgusting she was feeling right now. “Dikshit, let her go and I will do whatever you say.” Nandini looks at him swiftly, shaking her head negatively, having no strength to say something. 

Dikshit smirks and says, “So, come and place your head on my foot.” Every man laughs except Manik and Nandini until she shouts, “No, Manik!” He chuckles and his man bends a little and sucks her neck, making her struggle. Seeing the scene Manik screams, “FINE! But first, leave her.”

Dikshit nods and the man moves back leaving Nandini on the floor. Manik walked forward with a heavy heart but he couldn’t do anything. This is the only way to save her from the mess. He kneeled on the floor, Nandini looked at the scene with tears because she couldn’t see him like that.

In a blink, Manik held Dikshit’s leg and pulled him onto the floor while the bullets’ sounds echoed in the background, making everyone shocked. AMIR’S GANG with KAUSHAL is finally here to help Manik. He saw Kaushal and the gang at the doorstep hiding them from Dikshit waiting for the correct time to attack them which he provided. 

Manik saw Nandini’s condition which was deteriorating. He pushed Dikshit who hid himself while he ran to her and covered her body with his body, becoming her shield. He picked her up in bridal style and ran inside to save themselves. He can’t go outside from the main door because of the chaos. That’s why he thought to take her out from the back door. He informed Kaushal, “Kaushal, I am taking her out from the back door. She needs a medical facility right away and I can’t wait here anymore.” Kaushal gave him the way to enter the house covering him and went back to shoot some more criminals. 

To his bad luck, some men followed Manik with Dikshit. Manik runs to save them because he has no gun to fight with them and his priority is to save Nandini. He reached the Terrace and locked themselves in the store room. He cupped her cheeks and she cried like a kid in his arms, “It’s hurting so much, Manik.” He knows she is in immense pain but is staying strong like always. He too has tears while she continues, “They killed our child…” She hiccups because of crying so much, “THEY KILLED OUR BABY.” 

He cries as well in the crook of her neck and asks forgiveness, “Please, forgive me. This is happening because of me. You are in pain because of me, we lost our baby because of me. Everything is happening because of me.” 

Here, Dikshit and his men are finding them at every place. 

To be continued…

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