Manik cries in the crook of her neck and asks forgiveness, “Please, forgive me. This is happening because of me. You are in pain because of me, we lost our baby because of me. Everything is happening because of me.” Nandini tries to say something but her condition is not stable. She is having difficulty breathing. He continues, “I should know that love is not my cup of tea. I have no right to have someone close to me because he… he won’t let me be in peace.” He looks at her face, cups her cheeks, and says hysterically, “You… You please, don’t leave me. I can’t live without you. I will take you out from here soon but please keep fate in me. Dikshit snatched my mother and then my sister but I won’t let him take you away from me.” 

He stopped abruptly when he saw the blood stain on her pants increasing. Her three-fourth pants are covered with blood which made him worried. He understood that she was bleeding and if this couldn’t be stopped then, it would be worse for her. He stood up determined to take her out of this hell, anyhow. “Let’s go, Nandini.” He tries to help her stand but she has no energy left. Seeing this, he bends down on the floor showing his back to her, and says, “Come on, hop on my back. I will carry you.” She simply relied on his back while he wrapped his hand around her thighs lifting her protectively. He came out only to see Dikshit and his men finding him so, to save themselves he ran upstairs towards the terrace but someone saw him. 

He comes to the terrace and makes her stand with the support of the grill. Before he could do something or find some help Dikshit barged inside with a devilish smile. He points his gun at Manik. 

Manik covered Nandini while standing in front of her like a statue. She held his arm tightly and whimpered in pain. Dikshit is going to press the trigger but they hear another sound from the back that makes Manik smile because Cabir is standing there in his full uniform.

“Dikshit, surrender yourself or else I won’t let you go from here alive.” Cabir barked while he had no effect because of rage.

Dikshit is full of rage that’s why he has no fear of his death. He shot the bullet that hit Manik on his right arm, making Nandini cry seeing so much blood. Suddenly the uproar happened and in the rush, one of his men pushed Manik which loosened Nandini’s hold on him. As a result, Nandini came towards Dikshit who kept her hostage with a smile. “Tch… Tch… Tch… Manik, your jaan is in my arms finally.” He saw Cabir who was ready to shoot him but before that, he pushed Nandini from the terrace. By god’s grace, she held the railing to save herself. 

“Nandini!” Manik shouts and runs to catch her but Dikshit stops him. To torture him further, he pressed his shoes on Nandini’s hand from which she was holding the railing. “No… Please, don’t… Leave her, please… I beg you, Dikshit.” For her, Manik begs Dikshit holding his legs which calms his ego. “Let her go, please. I will do everything but please, save her.” Manik continues and keeps his head on his feet just FOR HIS LOVE. “If you want then kill me …….. But……. But please……… Please let her go. She has nothing to do with anything.” He pleads while joining both hands to save his love but the man is cruel and doesn’t even bother giving him a damn. 

“I know that she has nothing to do with all this but how can I forget that she is your lifeline? And the motive of my life is to kill you but it will be so much fun to see you killing yourself daily in her absence.” The cruel man spoke with a dangerous smirk, kicking her hands, and making her scream in pain. 

“Manik……. Please don’t plead in front of him. He doesn’t deserve it. Nothing will happen to me.” Nandini said with difficulty. She would love to die but can’t see him plead for her life. “Tch…..Tch…..Tch…., kya Pyaar hai? I am impressed Nandini, you changed this ruthless roadside Gunda (Punk) into a lover boy.” Dikshit said and loved how his son was begging for his mercy. 

But he shows no mercy on the little soul as he is loving Manik’s miseries. He pressed his shoes further with more pressure, making her yell in pain, and not able to bear more, she left the railing. 

“NANDINI…………” Manik shouts seeing her body on the ground and the blood oozing out from her head. He ran down like a manic and took her head in his lap while patting her cheeks. “Nandini……. Nandini…… get up baby. Please….. You are scaring me.” He pleads with tears seeing his love in this condition.

“Manik….?” Cabir reached near them accompanied by Kaushal and other members. Seeing Nandini’s state, tears emerged in his eyes while others had tears seeing Manik’s state. 

“Cabir…… see….. She is not looking at me. She always obeyed you, right? Then, tell her to look at me and call my name.” Manik says while tears are flowing from his eyes and his hands are trembling which are soaked in her blood. 

Cabir walks ahead and checks Nandini’s pulse which is running still but at a very low pace. “She is still breathing. Let’s take her to the hospital,” he suggested and tried to lift Nandini in his arms seeing Manik’s condition. But he pushed his hands back ruthlessly and picked Nandini in his arms, not caring about his injury.  

They left but Kaushal and other members held Dikshit before he could run. Another man dialed Amir and informed him about the situation only to receive a command, “Bring that as*hole here. Manik will take care of him, and Kaushal you go with Manik to the hospital. He may need you and provide me with every minute-to-minute detail.” 

On the other hand, Manik reached the hospital in no time because of Cabir and they admitted her without any formality. The nurse asked some basic questions from them to know her case. Manik also informed her about their pregnancy and by luck Nandini’s doctor was also present there at the right time. 

The doctors take her to the operation theater and Manik sits on the floor while his eyes are stuck at the door where his Nandini just went. 

Seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours but there is no information about her health. Manik looks at the god’s idol which is kept on his right side but doesn’t even spare a look there. He didn’t believe him…… he didn’t believe in God because he snatched everything, from his parents to his love. But he is unaware that his Fate in God is going to return soon. He will again start believing in those idols and THEIR LOVE WILL SOON GIVE A TEST.

After almost 3 hours, her doctor came out with an apologetic face. “Sorry Manik, we tried our best, she had a miscarriage which resulted in excess blood loss and internal bleeding. Her head had 7 to 8 stitches but I can’t think SHE CAN SURVIVE MORE.” 

The floor slipped from Manik’s feet. His body stiffens and fresh tears come, “But… but you can treat her, right? You know her case… you can do it!” His voice trembles but he has hope. He knows his Nandini won’t go anywhere. The doctor continues giving sympathy to him, “Manik, yes, we can stop her bleeding but her internal bleeding is worsening which is incurable.” She pats his shoulder to give him strength, “You have to understand, that we did our best. I fear you have less time with her, so talk to her before it is too late.” Saying this she goes away. 

Manik stood rooted in his place as he couldn’t believe anything. His Nandini can’t leave him here, right? Cabir brought him back to earth, “Manik, go and meet Nandini. She must be waiting for you. You want to make her wait?” He pushed him inside and slumped down on the floor while crying hard seeing THEIR FATE. He knows he has to act strongly but his love for Nandini and Manik can’t let him sane. He is aware of the importance they hold in each other’s life. 

Manik entered the ward and looked at his lifeline. He caressed her hair and kissed her forehead while settling down beside her on the stool. “I want to hate you right now, but I can’t! You knew it, I can’t hate you. I love you enough that I can never hate you for putting me in a situation to see you in this state. Just for once open your eyes, Nandini. I promise I will become a good man with whom you want to marry and spend your whole life. Just once…… please.” saying this he kept his head on her arm and drifted into a slumber because of tiredness. He still has hope for their togetherness. 

“Manik….” Nandini called him in a weak tone but it was enough to get his attention. 

Manik stood up immediately and cupped her cheeks with a smile seeing her awake. “How are you? Did you feel any pain? Wait…… let me call the doctor.” 

To be continued…

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