Cabir is jealous of Manik and shoots daggers at him whereas he is looking everywhere except him. Manik blushes while Cabir is angry and envies him because his sister prioritized Manik, not him. How can a possessive brother see this? 

Cabir:- ( Looking at him with narrowed eyes ) My sister has given you importance over me. You must be special, no?

Manik gulps his saliva like a kid getting scared of him. Cabir banged his fist on the table like a typical angry beast, making him scared even more. Suddenly, the door burst open and Nandini barged inside, directly approaching her brother who shifted on his chair knowing the consequences of his act. She glares at Cabir and leans on his chair traumatizing him. 

Nandini:- ( Angrily ) Didn’t I tell you not to scare MY BOYFRIEND? 

Cabir’s voice died long ago seeing her furious. He shook his head in yes while his heart thumped rapidly. 

Nandini:- Then, why are you scaring him? 

Manik:- ( Stammers ) He… he is not scaring me, Fireball. 

Nandini:- ( Looks at Manik, sternly ) Why are you answering? Are you my brother, or by any chance you want me to tie one more RAKHI to you? 

Hearing her, Manik went silent while she placed an ice pack on Cabir’s head to lower his temperature, making the boys shocked. 

Nandini:- I hope this works. ( To Cabir ) Now, you can start your interrogation calmly. I don’t want my boyfriend to get admitted to the hospital on the first day of our official dating.  

Saying this, she left the cabin like the wind. The boys sign in relief because she scares the hell out of them. Cabir looks at Manik sympathetically. 

Cabir:- Are you sure about her? 

Manik took a back hearing the same question again. 

Manik:- ( Hesitantly ) Sir? 

Cabir:- What, Sir? Answer me genuinely, does she put any pressure on you? 

Manik:- ( Confusingly ) Pressure for what? 

Cabir:- Did she kidnap your mother or father to make you confess? Did she force you to fall in love with her? 

Manik:- ( Exclaimed ) No! ( With wide eyes ) Why are you asking that, Sir? 

Cabir:- ( Genuinely ) Because I can’t even imagine that there would be a boy who will fall in love with MY HEADACHE. 

Manik:- ( Getting offended ) Why can’t she deserve love, Sir? 

Cabir:- Huh? 

Manik:- ( Getting furious seeing his expressions ) Why are you degrading her, Sir? 

Cabir:- She is clumsy, won’t get serious in any situation…

He starts to count Nandini’s ill behavior only to be cut by Manik who defends his love, confidently. 

Manik:- No! She is not clumsy. She is just naughty like a baby with a pure heart. She won’t hold grudges against anyone and spreads happiness wherever she goes. For me, these are not her weaknesses. This is her strength, her nature, her positive aura. 

Cabir:- You are in love with her that’s why you are saying all this. I know her more than you, Manik. 

Manik:- ( Rudely ) Sorry to say Sir, but still you are not aware of her true self. 

Cabir:- Manik, think wisely. Move back before this relationship becomes clingy. I have known her since childhood or I would say, I raised her. She buys a toy and plays with that for some days and then throws it away after she gets bored with it. She will do the same with you. ( After a pause ) She will leave you once she gets bored with you. 

Manik:- ( Smiles sarcastically ) Sir, you are saying that she will throw me once she gets bored with me, right? ( Cabir nods ) She is driving her father’s old scooter just because that was her father’s last symbol of love for her. If she loves a non-living thing so much then, think how much love she has for others. If she can bear that scooter for years then, I am sure she will bear me as well. 

Cabir goes silent and hides his smile that was threatening to appear. 

Manik:- Everyone thinks that she is clumsy, uncivilized, or mannerless. But no one is aware of her cuteness. Her pouts which she makes when nothing goes as per her plan, her wide eyes when she puts a whole gol-gappa in her mouth, her anger when anyone tries to demean her loved ones, her clever and sarcastic remarks that can make anyone laugh. 

He went mute when he saw Cabir’s bright smile. 

Cabir:- ( Proudly ) Now, I can say that My HEADACHE CHOSE A BEST MAN FOR HERSELF. 

Manik:- What do you mean?

Cabir:- Last year, a boy sat in front of me on the same chair…

Saying this, he went into the past. 

A man enters his cabin after taking permission. 

Cabir:- ( Looking at the man ) Yes, how can I help you?

The man:- Sir, My name is Nilesh. I am a creative head in the marketing department. 

Cabir:- OK, so, what brought you here? 

The man:- Sir, I won’t hide behind the bush, I LIKE YOUR SISTER. ( Before Cabir could ask ) I know, she is your sister. She told me that herself. 

Cabir:- Sit, ( Gesturing him to sit on the chair in front of him ) Why do you like my sister? 

Nilesh:- Because she is beautiful. 

Cabir:- Hmm… Nilesh, you must be aware of my sister, right? ( After a pause ) She is not a serious type of girl. You can’t trust what she can do next. Overall, she is not a wife material. ( Chuckles ) You must be aware of her naughty acts and pranks. 

Nilesh:- I know, Sir, but I can change her. 

Cabir:- ( With raised eyebrows ) Oh… can you change her because I failed in that work, badly? 

Nilesh:- Don’t worry, Sir, I know, my love would change her. She will understand her responsibilities and will act like a mature woman. 

Cabir leans back on his chair, crossing his arms around his chest, and looks at him with different emotions. 

Cabir:- ( Calmly ) GET OUT! 

Nilesh:- Sorry, Sir? 

Cabir:- ( Furiously ) I said, GET OUT BEFORE I PUSH YOU OUT MYSELF. 

Nilesh stood up with fear seeing his anger but didn’t know where he went wrong. He opened the door and heard him again. 

Cabir:- Come tomorrow to take your termination letter.  

Nilesh:- ( With wide eyes ) Sir? 

Cabir comes out from his memory lane and looks at Manik who heard him attentively. 

Cabir:- I know, how my Nandini is? And frankly speaking, I love her the way she is. ( Lovingly ) She is like a kid who loves to do mischief and that’s why I was scared for her future. I don’t want anyone to change her. Neither do I want her to change herself for other people. Today, you proved to me that you LOVE HER THE WAY SHE IS. YOU LOVE HER NAUGHTINESS, HER STUPID PRANKS, HER ANGER, HER LAUGH. 

Manik:- ( Looking down, embarrassingly ) Sorry Sir, I behaved like that to you. 

Cabir:- Don’t be sorry, Manik. I tested you and you acted just the way I expected from you. ( Manik looks at him ) In fact, I am sorry because I raised my finger on your love. 

Manik:- No Sir! You fulfilled the responsibility of a brother. I can understand your concern for your sister. 

Cabir smiles and frowns the next second when he notices his expression who is hesitating. 

Cabir:- Do you want to say something? 

Manik nods and starts after a deep breath. 

Manik:- Sir, I am nothing right now but I can assure you that I will become the best man for Fireball, and for that, I will work hard. I will try to give everything to her like you did. I won’t let her cry and won’t even try to change her at my convenience. SHE WAS, IS, AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE ONLY WOMEN IN MY LIFE TO WHOM I LOVE TILL ETERNITY AFTER MY MOTHER. I WILL NEVER LOOK AT ANY OTHER GIRL EXCEPT HER BECAUSE ( Chuckles ) MY EYES CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH OF HER SO, HOW CAN I LOOK AT OTHERS? 

Cabir:- ( Proudly ) No need to say that because I can see that in your eyes. ( Palming his hand like a big brother ) And Manik, I never wanted a rich or luxurious life for Nandini because she needs love and family that money can’t buy. I am happy that she got that from you. 

Manik nods, understanding him while he continues. 

Cabir:- By the way, won’t you ask me why I called you here to talk? 

Now, Manik remembered that he called him here to talk about something important. 

Cabir:- I liked you since the day when I saw you in that bar where you used to sing. That’s why I gave you an offer and brought you here because I saw your honesty and innocence. And from the time I spent with you, I started liking you for my sister. Today, I called you to talk about the same, and by god’s grace, my sister fell in love with my choice already. 

Manik looks down shyly knowing that he approved him already for his sister and doesn’t have any problem with their financial differences. He stood up to go with red cheeks, making him chuckle. 

Cabir:- ( Stop him before he can go out ) Manik, take this as advice from an elder brother, don’t let money come between your relationship. Nandini loves you and you love her and that’s enough. 

To be continued…

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