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32. NEW MANIK! Manik enters the basement with a demonic aura passing chills to everyone’s spines. Kaushal stood behind him and looked in front of the guys who snatched Manik’s happiness. He kept all of them alive so that Manik could have his way with them because they snatched something precious from his friend. He

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45. PROOF!

45. PROOF! After having their brunch Shehnaaz looks at Sidharth suspiciously who is grinning without reason.  Shehnaaz:- Sidharth, what is happening? What is the reason behind that smile?  Hearing her question, Sidharth sits straight and hides his smile.  Sidharth:- what?…… I didn’t get you.  Shehnaaz:- ( with a lip-tight smile ) But I get that………..

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