Shehnaaz is humming a sweet melody while getting ready to kick-start her day. She is wrapped in a simple violet-colored saree giving a competition to the angels. Her cut-sleeved blouse with a V-neck shows her milky white skin. Her dripping wet hair wetted her back while she parted her hairline and applied a thick stroke of vermillion with a smile. Her neck is adorned with the simple nuptial chain of Sidharth’s name and her big golden earnings completed her natural look without a tint of makeup. Her bangles are making the sounds that act as a lullaby for Sidharth who is sleeping while snuggling into a pillow imagining it to be his wife. 

Shehnaaz is almost ready for her first cooking session after the wedding. She planned to prepare Sidharth’s favorite dishes and make his day. She picked up the bright red lipstick to apply it which will go with her look. 

At the same time, Sidharth opens his sleepy orbs and the first thing he witnesses is his wife who is looking tempting hot in a violet-colored saree. He didn’t tell her but this is the fact that she looks more gorgeous in sarees. He instantly gets hard-on whenever he sees her in a saree. On top of the thing, her saree is almost wet from the back because of her wet hair giving him a perfect view of her curves. He gulped not wanting to tire her early in the morning. 

His sleepiness flew away in a second after having a look AT HIS WIFE. His wife….. Sounds so good to his ears. He wants to shout it and inform every soul present on the earth that she belongs to him, she is his wife. With this mere thought, he felt happy and possessive of her. But he cringed his eyebrows seeing her picking up the lipstick to apply it and the next second shout making her startled. 

Sidharth:- STOP!!!!!

Shehnaaz becomes a statue and the lipstick falls which she is going to apply. She turns around hastily to look at him and Sidharth comes towards her with long steps. Not giving her enough time to understand anything he pulled her towards himself making her collide and fussed his lips with hers’. 

Shehnaaz’s hands gripped his shoulder blades naturally while his lips were sweetly working with her lips. She is clueless about his actions as she is too numb to react. 

Sidharth’s hand moved down from her back and took a firm grip on her as* making her gasp again. He smiles in the kiss knowing her condition while he squeezes it tightly to tease her more. 

Shehnaaz rolled her eyes, feeling his hands on her hips which are squeezing them with a passion while her mind is still not able to process the kiss. His hands are massaging there making her throat dry. She didn’t know how her wet self was appealing to him. 

After a moment, Sidharth breaks the kiss and joins their foreheads while both of them take deep breaths. He cups her cheek and places a gentle kiss on her forehead to calm her. Calming their breaths his hands again moved down and rested on her hip making her choke with his extreme sensual touches. 

Shehnaaz:- Are you fine, Sidharth? 

Sidharth:- ( with a cheeky smile ) Now I am fine!…… 

Shehnaaz rolls her eyes seeing his cheeky smile. 

Shehnaaz:- What happened to you suddenly? Why did you shout? 

Sidharth:- to stop you from applying lipstick. Now my work is done, you can continue. 

Shehnaaz:- ( confusingly ) But why did you stop me? And what work? 

Sidharth:- ( rubbing back of his hair ) woh…… I wanted to kiss you but didn’t want to anger you like last time. 

Hearing him, Shehnaaz remembered yesterday’s scene. They were outside their office building but before she could move out of the car Sidharth pulled her towards himself and smooch the hell out of her lips making her breathless. He is over-excited because they are going to enter their office with a married tag, so the kiss comes out because of excitement. 

Shehnaaz looks at him with an open mouth, grinning like a kid. Out of nowhere, she looked at herself in the mirror, and anger rushed into her veins seeing her reflection. 

Shehnaaz:- Sidharth, you wiped my lipstick! 

Sidharth:- ( innocently ) So what can I do? I love its taste. 

Shehnaaz:- ( glares at him ) What do you mean by “I love its taste”? This is my lipstick, not some candy……..

Sidharth:- ( with a poker face ) I am talking about your lips. 

Shehnaaz palmed her face listening to his comment. 

Shehnaaz:- you ruined my lipstick, Sidharth. How can I go inside? I don’t even have a spare lip balm too. 

Sidharth:- ( confusingly ) What is the relation between your lip balm and the office? 

Shehnaaz:- ( frustratingly ) Ah…… you won’t understand. ( angrily ) If you ever ruined my lipstick then I won’t allow you to kiss me for a whole day. 

Saying this, she went out angrily banging on the door making him pout. 

Sidharth:- Maine kya kiya yaar? ( What I have done? ) 

Poor Sidharth is not able to understand what went wrong. But he understood that she was angry because he smudged her lipstick. 

Shehnaaz comes out from memory lane hearing Sidharth. 

Sidharth:- Now, are you happy? I didn’t ruin your lipstick. I kissed you before you applied it. 

Shehnaaz smiles and places her head on his chest while hugging him which makes his day more beautiful. She placed a chaste kiss on his chest seeing his cuteness. 

Shehnaaz:- sorry, I overreacted last time. 

Sidharth:- don’t apologize. I won’t mind because you have all the right to scold me. But I seriously don’t understand why you reacted that way. I didn’t commit any crime.

Shehnaaz:- you smudged my lipstick and without lipstick, I won’t look good.  

Sidharth:- what rubbish!…. You don’t need those fake colors, you are naturally beautiful. And ask me, how tempting your lips look without a tinge of an artificial layer. 

Saying this he rubs her lower lip with intense eyes, shuttering her soul. Shehnaaz turns her gaze because of her shyness. 

Sidharth:- By the way, Where are you going? 

Shehnaaz:- nowhere….. 

Sidharth:- so, why are you dressed up like this? 

Shehnaaz:- Sidharth, I am a newly married woman, and the new bride is dressed up like this. 

Sidharth:- oh…. I am also a newly married man, so….. Should I also dress up like that with sherwani and all? 

Shehnaaz laughs hearing him and Sidharth chuckles at his statement. 

Shehnaaz:- ( with a giggle ) now, go and bathe. I am going to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for my newly married man. 

Sidharth pulled her more into himself even if it was possible.  

Sidharth:- Why doesn’t a newly married woman give a bath to her newly married man? Sounds good, hmmm? 

Shehnaaz:- Sidharth, did you have anything in your head except romance? 

Sidharth:- for now it’s only Shehnaaz……. Shehnaaz running in my head and heart.

Shehnaaz:- ( sternly while pushing him back ) Mr. Malhotra, go and have a bath. You are getting late for the office. 

Sidharth:- one second…… one second…….. Who is going to the office? 

Shehnaaz:- You!…

Sidharth:- ( with sharp eyes ) And who decided that? 

Shehnaaz:- Your one and only wife. 

Sidharth:- I am not going anywhere. It’s my wedding vacation. 

Shehnaaz:- ( authoritatively ) you have no options, husband. 

Saying this she walks out royally. 

Sidharth:- ( surprisingly ) When my sweet Shehnaaz turned into a typical bossy wife? 

While in the kitchen, Shehnaaz first performs some rituals as per Suhana’s instruction because she doesn’t belong to a Punjabi background and even there is no lady who will teach her all this.

She prepared a sweet dish i.e. KHEER which is Sidharth’s all-time favorite. She sent Suhana for rest as she wanted to do everything for her husband with her own hands. She prepared a simple breakfast and tea as per Sidharth’s liking. First, she poured kheer into a bowl and kept it in front of god’s idol. 

Soon Sidharth comes down all dressed up to go to the office but with a grumpy pout. He is not in the mood to go to the office but what could he do when his Mrs. ordered him? 

At the same time, Shehnaaz comes out with his tea and breakfast. 

Shehnaaz:- ( poking his cheeks ) Are you going to the office with this balloon face?

Sidharth didn’t reply giving her a silent treatment but Shehnaaz giggled seeing his efforts to ignore her. She bites his cheek and gives a quick suck making his eyes wide. Without any words, she settles down on his lap while he immediately wraps his hands around her waist wanting to keep her close. 

Shehnaaz bought a spoonful of kheer in front of his mouth and gestured for him to have it. Sidharth had it and the next second his eyes got closed and he moaned in pleasure. She smiled seeing his expressions and by his facial expressions, she understood that he liked it. 

Sidharth:- you cooked it for me? 

Shehnaaz nods while feeding him another bite who had it like an excited kid. After 6-7 bites, little Kheer is stuck on his lower lip which he is unaware of because he is cherishing his favorite sweet dish which is prepared by her.  

Shehnaaz sucked that little kheer from his lips, giving him another shock of the day. 

To be continued…

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