Cabir smirks seeing Nandini’s face which is turning red because of possessiveness. Soon a girl enters after getting permission only to increase her anger. The girl was wearing a short dress with a deep cleavage cut. Anyone can agree and fall for her hotness but not Nandini’s Shyboy who shifts closer to her. 

Seeing the girl, Manik remembered his first encounter with her, and all the bad memories struck him back. She is also one of the girls who called him stupid and ugly by passing bad comments on his clothing. But this time he didn’t feel bad because now he was more confident. The girl approaches them unaware of the glares Miss Fireball is shooting at her. 

Rash:- ( To Cabir, extra sweetly) Sir, you called me? 

Nandini:- ( With a lip-tight smile ) Miss Hanky, first of all, please throw that extra sweet tone of yours. I am scared that I will get diabetes because of you. 

She hated the tone she used for her brother. With her act, she can guarantee that she is trying to impress her brother which she won’t let happen. Whereas Manik laughs like a kid hearing her sarcasm and Rash gives them an angry look for insulting her infront of her crush i.e. CABIR. 

Rash:- ( Rudely, to Nandini ) Will you please stay out of this, I am not talking to you. 

With this rude tone, she enters Manik’s unlike list while Nandini rolls her eyes because this is a daily routine for her. Cabir also fists his palm as he can’t see anyone talking to his sister with this tone. His protective side woke up. 

Cabir:- ( Sternly ) Miss Rash, I am warning you not to use that tone with her. 

Rash:- ( Embarrassingly ) Sorry Sir. 

Nandini smirks seeing her embarrassed face while Manik shifts further behind her when Rash passes him a murderous look for smiling at her expense. Not wanting to make the situation worse, Cabir speaks before Nandini can murder her.

Cabir:- Rash, you have to assist Manik for his first playback recording this weekend while Nandini will do your work. 

Rash nodes with a heavy heart because she doesn’t want to work with Manik. She finds him unattractive and clumsy because of his specs. In all this, no one notices Nandini who is burning with anger and jealousy whereas Manik is also not happy but he has to follow his boss’ order. 

Nandini:- ( Threatens with gritted teeth, to Cabir ) Sir, I think you should think once about this. 

Cabir ignores her threat which will cost him a lot in the future but for now, he dismisses them. Rash held Manik’s hand tightly and dragged him out, making Nandini gasp seeing her audacity to touch her Shyboy.

Nandini:- ( Exclaimed ) How dare she touch MY SHYBOY!  

Cabir looks at the volcano in front of him and for a second the sight scared him to hell. But he can’t do anything now. The pit is already dug for his corpse. 

Nandini:- ( Angrily ) Count your last minutes on your fingertip, Brother. Soon you will have your lunch with the god.

Hearing the seriousness in her tone he gulped hard and looked at her back who stormed out like thunder, making his photo frame break once again. 

Cabir:- ( Wiping his sweat ) She is joking, right? 

He has no answer to this question but time will tell. On the other hand, Manik is not able to focus on his vocals because Nandini is not beside him. He realized that he could work properly only in the presence of her or else he would become a complete mess. Above all, he does not feel comfortable around Rash because of her rude behavior toward him. Now and then she scolds him for his little-little mistakes which Nandini never did. She always makes him understand sweetly. 

Manik:- ( Cribs ) I am missing you, Fireball. 

This is the first day in the office since he joined and Nandini is not beside him, making him realize her importance in his life. He can’t function without her. 

Outside the room, Nandini is looking inside through the glass door, at how Rash is behaving with her Shyboy. She is touching him here and there not inappropriately but still she can’t digest that. She narrowed her eyes seeing Rash bending down to Manik’s level may be correcting him for something, showing her bre*st line but she noticed Manik didn’t pay any heed to her. The volcanic lava is erupting inside her seeing the closeness between them but she is restricted from entering the room because of stupid protocols. 

Nandini:- ( Lovingly ) Hayee… My innocent Shyboy. ( Looks at Rash, angrily ) Is hanky ko agar maine washing machine mai nahi dhoya na toh mera naam bhi Nandini nahi. ( If I don’t wash this hanky in the washing machine, then my name is also not Nandini. )

Before she could do anything to protect her Shyboy from the torcher girl, a boy approached her, bringing her back from her zone. He is none other than Naman Choudhary who is head over heels in love with Nandini like some random boys in the office but he is not aware of the fact that she is already taken by MANIK. 

Naman:- Nandini, will you please check this file before I present it to Ma’am?

Nandini gets busy with work while he is entertaining her with jokes, making her forget her anger. They are talking like long-lost friends and joking while walking in the corridor when Manik catches them. 

Just a moment back, Manik is practicing with full concentration but his heart is not with him today. His restless heart is wandering in the corridor behind Nandini who is laughing and talking with A BOY. He is jealous and murmurs a curse to the boy. He knows that every second guy in the office has a crush on his Fireball but no one has enough courage to come and talk to her but now, that boy is enjoying her company which is supposed to be his.    

Rash saw him looking at Nandini and the boy Naman. She smirks and says to create a misunderstanding between them just because she is jealous of Nandini. Nandini got a boyfriend and got the attention of every guy that’s why she is ready to burn their selfless love. 

Rash:- ( Looks at Nandini, disgustingly ) She is like that only. She always seduces boys and dates them until she is satisfied with them. ( Turns her attention towards him ) I am surprised this time that how come she dates you? You are not close enough to the boys she dated till now. 

Manik:- ( Suspiciously ) What do you mean? 

Rash:- I am damn sure that she is using you for some purpose and will leave you soon. I think she is just dating you to get rich because she thought you would become a big superstar which you will not, I am sure. 

Manik wanted to laugh at her stupidity because she thought that Nandini was behind him for money and fame. “Haha… Rich? She is BOSS’ SISTER. She owns the company where we work then, why would she need money, stupid girl?” He wanted to scream that but restrained himself. 

Manik:- How do you know that she dated many boys? 

He is aware that this girl is trying to break their relationship which he won’t let happen. He can’t imagine a day without her nor did she. He is mature enough to understand the hidden motive behind this.

Rash has no answer to his question because Nandini has never dated any guy before Manik which he knows. Boys are the ones who always roam around Nandini for her attention because of her beauty. For a moment in the past, he also thought why Nandini chose him but now he knows the answer. She chose him because HE TRULY LOVES HER, NOT HER OUTER BEAUTY. 

He saw Nandini going towards the canteen for lunch with that boy and this made him sad. He left all his work and pushed Rash a little away while walking out impatiently without waiting for her reply. 

Manik:- I need a break, I am going for lunch. 

He entered the canteen and saw Nandini sitting with that same boy and were about to start their lunch. Unknowingly, this brought tears to his eyes. The boy held a morsel in front of Nandini to feed her but before that, his patience broke. 

Manik:- Sweetu, what are you doing here? ( Held Nandini’s hand ) Come with me, Mumma sent lunch for both of us. 

Naman:- Listen, young man, I am not what you are thinking. I am straight. So, go and find some other man whom you can call Sweetu. 

Manik:- ( With narrowed eyes ) I am calling my girlfriend, not you. 

Naman:- Girlfriend? 

Before he could say anything further, he brought Nandini out and took her to their usual place i.e. their personal jamming room. He opens her mouth to scold her but she beats him in that. She touches his forehead, cheeks, arms, and everything, making him confused.

Nandini:- ( Angrily ) Us kalmuhi ne kya khila diya hai mere Shyboy ko? 

To be continued…

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