Murmuring harmless curses to Sidharth, Shehnaaz picks up her dress from her bag and gasps while the Shukla ladies laugh. 

The dress comes out with a proper hanger, not even one but almost all the dresses and her accessories have hangers that mean Sidharth packed everything that comes in his hand. Shehnaaz glares at Sidharth who passes her a sheepish smile and covers his head with a blanket to avoid her anger. 

Shehnaaz didn’t keep quiet and yelled, making the other ladies laugh. “SIDHARTH!… TUNE HOTEL WALO KE HANGERS KO BHI SAATH MAI PACK KAR DIYA.” Before she could say anything more, Preeti di dig in her suitcase and emptied it only to find some weird items such as Iron, bathrobes, tea and sugar sachets. 

Seeing the items from his corner eyes, Sidharth palms his face and prepares himself for another round of lectures. “KUTTE!… TUNE HOTEL WALO KI IRON KO BHI NAHI CHODA?” He heard Shehnaaz yell and palms his face while trying to cover up the damage to keep his self-respect, “MUJHE KYA PATA THA KI YEAH IRON HOTEL STAFF KI HAI… MUJHE LAGA TERI HAI TOH MAINE PACK KARLI.” He spoke whatever came into his mind to save himself from scoldings from the three precious ladies and continued with an attitude, “WAISE TUJHSE THANK YOU BOLNA CHAHIYE MUJHE… EK TOH TERA KAAM KARA AUR UPAR SE CHILLA RAHI HAI, MOTI.”

Shehnaaz makes a bad face and puts her hands around her waist to show her anger but she doesn’t know how cute she is looking at this time in Sidharth’s eyes. She looks at Rita maa and complains, “LO SUN LO, MAA…THANK YOU BOLU MAI ISKO…. KISKE LIYE?” Rita Maa looks at her and hides her giggles seeing Sana’s cute anger while she continues showing tea sachets to Sidharth, “YEAH JO TEA PACKETS LAYA HAI ISKA KYA KARU?… CHAI BANAKE PIYU?” 

“TOH AUR KYA KAR SAKTI HAI?… ACHA HAI NA MERE GHAR KI CHAI-PATTI BACHEGI.” Sidharth replied with his ever-so-cool attitude, making her annoyed to another level. 

“KUTTE….” Shenaaz curses and shoots daggers at her dear Kullu who is whistling like a gentleman. 

“SIDHARTH, JAB TUJHE PACKING KARNI THI TOH THODA SOCH SAMAJH KE TOH KARTA.” Rita Maa comes to support Shehnaaz and tries to give some brain to her son. 

Sidharth looks at his mother who is defending Shehnaaz with full rights and is up to scold him for packing which he hates. He gives a glare to Sana and then puts his point of view, “MAA, MUJHE PACKING NAHI KARNI THI. ( Pointing at Shehnaaz ) WOH TOH USNE MUJHE BLACKMAIL KARA ISILIYE MAINE ISKA KAAM KARA AUR AAB YEAH HI CHID-CHID KAR RAHI HAI.” 

“WOH BECHARE HOTEL WALE KYA SOCH RAHE HONGE MERE BAARE MAI KI… MAI CHOR HO?” Shehnaaz ignores Sidharth’s comment and cries dramatically thinking about the hotel staff. 

“ABEY GADHI!… TEA SACHETS CHURANE SE KOI CHOR NAHI HO JATA.” Sidharth said to stop her cries. 

“MAI IS HANGERS KI OR IRON KI BAAT KAR RAHI HO…” Shehnaaz clears the reason for her cries and looks at Rita Maa with a crying pout, “MAA… DEKHIYE NA ISNE TOH MERI BEZATI HI KARA DI HAI…. AAB MAI KAISE UNHE MUH DHIKAU GI?” 

“TUJHE UNHE MUH DIKHANA HI KYU HAI? WOH KOUNSE TERE CHACHA-MAMA HAI…” Sidharth comes with his sarcastic comment and giggles at his answer. But Shehnaaz cries harder and he knows she is doing drama. “DRAMA NA KAR AUR KAAM KAR… KAL WAPAS KAR AAYIYO UNHE YEAH.” 

Shehnaaz stops her cries in a second and replies, angrily, “MAI NAHI JAUNGI, TU JAYEGA.”






Shehnaaz opens her mouth to come back with one solid answer to win the argument but is startled by hearing a shout from Rita Maa. “CHUP KARO TUM DONO…” Hearing her, the room went dead silent and Shehnaaz put a finger on her lips, cutely. Rita Maa continues, sternly, “ KYA BACHO KI TARAH LADH RAHE HO.” 

“MAA, MAI NAHI YEAH MOTI…” Sidharth says to show himself as a poor boy whose girlfriend is at fault. For a second, his eyes met Sana’s red ones and he gulped scaredly seeing her anger but he was again shushed by Rita maa, “CHUP! SIDHARTH…” 

“ARE… MAA, LADNE DETE NA KITNA MAZA AARAHA THA. AISA LAG RAHA THA KI BIGG BOSS LIVE DEKH RAHI HO.” Neetu di said with a sulking face seeing the argument which was abruptly stopped by her mother. 

“CHUP!” Rita maa scolded her and cupped Sana’s cheeks with motherly love and said, “SANA, TUM ESE CHODO AUR APNA CUPBOARD SET KARLO. KAL SIDHARTH YEAH WAPIS KAR AAYEGA AUR UNSE MAFFI BHI MANG LEGA.”

“PAR MAA…” Sidharth tries to deny but how does anyone deny their mother? One glare from Rita Maa and Sidharth is quiet like an innocent boy. 

“AAB SONA NAHI HAI TUJHE?” Rita maa asked Sidharth, seeing his sulking face. 

“PAR YEAH GALAT HAI…” Sidharth again tries to deny his mother’s order seeing how HIS MOTI is giving him a victory smirk, making him annoyed. But before he could say anything Rita Maa glared at him and he lay down on his bed, huffing. 

Leaving the topic here only they all start helping Shehnaaz in arranging her cupboard whereas Sidharth is admiring the bonding between his ladies. He felt blessed seeing them enjoying each other’s company while HIS MOTI is making them laugh at her antics. 

“SHEHNAAZ, TUMHARE PASS TOH KOI KAPDE HI NAHI HAI PAHANE KE LIYE.” Rita Maa said after noticing that she has no perfect clothes to wear at home whereas Sidharth too noted down this. 

“HAA… KYUKI MERE SAARE KAPDE TOH PUNJAB MAI HAI NA…… KOI NA MAI SHOPPING PAR CHALI JAUNGI KAL……… AAP CHALO GAI?” A sad Shehnaaz replied. She is always a target of haters who criticize her clothes as she doesn’t have a personal designer who can design clothes for her. But still, she tries her best to style herself as best as she can only for her fans, and her true fans love her in every style even in her nightwear. 

“YEAH BHI KOI PUCHNE KI BAAT HAI. HUM SAB KAL TUMHE SHOPPING PAR LEKE JAYEGAI AUR KHOOB SAARI SHOPPING BHI KARAYE GAYE.” Rita Maa said while caressing her fluffy cheeks and kissing her forehead with all motherly love. She continues to change her mood, “PAR TAB TAK TUM MERA SUIT PEHNLO COMFORTABLE RAHOGI.” 

“HAYEE SACHI!… AAPKO PATA HAI, MAI PUNJAB MAI BHI APNI MUMMY KE SUIT PEHNTI THI BHUT MAZA AATA THA.” Shehnaaz chirped excitedly whereas Sidharth looked at his mom shockingly because she had never treated any of his past girlfriends like this. Well, his past girlfriends are not homely as Shehnaaz is. She takes place in everyone’s heart with her innocence and down-to-earth attitude. 

“TOH YAHA APNI IS MAA KA SUIT PEHNLO, CHALO ” Rita maa replies lovingly because she never met any girl who has no issues with wearing old clothes. In the glamor industry clothes matter the most and here this girl is ready to wear her used clothes too, happily. From this one thing is clear in her mind that SANA IS DIFFERENT FROM ALL OF SIDHARTH EX’s AND IS THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR HER SON. She is happy that finally, her son found a perfect match for himself. 

Rita Maa took Shehnaaz inside her room and handed over a blue-colored suit that had golden patches. The suit is decent and pretty and Shehnaaz is happy with her outfit. She wears that suit and puts the dupatta around her shoulder while opening her hair creating a decent look. Her face is devoid of any makeup but still, she glows like a star. 

“KISI KI NAZAR NA LAGE MERI PUNJABAN NU. BAHUT KHOOBSURAT LAG RAHI HO SANA.” Rita Maa praised the little doll who is looking prettier in the blue color. She put a dot of black kohl behind her ear to keep evil eyes away from her. 

“HAYEE, SACHHI!?” Shehnaaz asked excitedly while giggling like a teenager. The ladies nod making her glow more with happiness, “KASAM LAGE SACCHI-SACCHI BOLO”

“SACHI MAI, DARLING. TU EK DUM PATAKHA LAG RAHI HAI.” Neetu di compliment her with a laugh seeing her behaving like a kid. Preeti di too compliments in her broken Punjabi, “Tusīṁ bahut sundar lag rahē hō”. 

Hearing her broken Punjabi Shehnaaz giggles but also appreciates her for taking an effort and saying gaining their attention, “RUKO, MAI SIDHARTH KO DIKHA KE AATI HOO APNA SUIT.” 

To be continued…

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