“TU GUSSA TOH NAHI HAI NA AAB?” After a moment, Shehnaaz asks again, making him palm his face seeing her nature. 

Sidharth says irritatingly while closing his eyes to engulf the sleep, “NAHI HU, MOTI. CHAL AAB SONE DE…” 

But how can His Moti let him sleep in peace? She pouts cutely and tightens her arms around his waist while saying, “NAHI, TU GUSSA HAI MERE SE… MUJHE PATA HAI.”

Hearing her, Sidharth turns to face her while making a bad face, “AAB MUJHSE ZYADA TUJHE PATA HAI KI MAI GUSSA HU YA NAHI… GADHI HAI TU PURI KI PURI.”

“SIDHARTH!… AGAR TU GUSSA NAHI HAI TOH KISS KAR GANDI WALI.” Shehnaaz cribs while shifting towards him, decreasing the gap between them giving him goosebumps.

Suddenly, something happened to Shukla Ji. His body stiffens when her breath directly falls on his chest raising the room temperature. His eyes turned dark brown, finding her so close to him on his bed. He cupped her cheek while stroking her cheek with his thumb pad and murmured with a chuckle, “KITNI GANDI?”

“BHUT GANDI WALI…” Shehnaaz replies with a giggle and forwards her forehead for a kiss not knowing the dirty thoughts of Her Shukla Ji. But when she didn’t get a kiss for a minute she cribs again, “JALDI KAR NAHI TOH MAI HURT HO JAYUGI…” Saying this she closed her eyes waiting for his lips to make contact with her forehead. 

Sidharth smiles and hovers over her while placing his lips on her for a slow and tempting kiss. For a second, Shehnaaz widens her eyes but feeling his love from the kiss, she closes her eyes to feel the moment. Both are sucking each other’s lips with love. There was not a single second of lust between them. She caresses his back whereas he tightens his arms around her. 

After a minute or two, they parted away with broad smiles on their lips. He lies down beside her and laughs seeing her red cheeks whereas she hides in his chest feeling shy because of the kiss. 

“ITNI GANDI KISS SAHI HAI? AAB HURT TOH NAHI HOGI?” Sidharth asks to tease her because it rares when she shies away from him. 

“SIDHARTHHH…. MUJHE SHARAM AARAHI HAI TERESE.” Shehnaaz says, hiding in his arms not even daring to look at his face. 


Shehnaaz pouts and looks at his face, making him chuckle. “PAR PHIR BHI MUJHE SHARAM AARAHI HAI TERE SE TOH MAI KYA KARU, MARJAU?”

Sidharth giggles and pushes her slightly to have a good sleep, “CHAL AAB JA AUR MUJHE THODA SONE DE… MAI BAHUT THAK GAYA HU TUJHE YAHA JO LEKAR AAYA ITNI SUBAH.”


“ABE CHAL NA… JA, JAKAR KAAM KAR APNA.” Sidharth pushed her out of the bed, making her wince annoyingly. Still, she gets up to arrange her clothes in his cupboard. 

She opened Sidharth’s cupboard and pouted sadly, seeing no space for her clothes. Although she has no extra clothes, she still needs some space to keep her personal things. 

“Yāra sidhāratha, maiṁ āpaṇē kapaṛē kithē rakhāṅgā? Ithē kō’ī thāṁ nahīṁ hai.” Shehnnaz said in her Punjabi language, making him frowned. 

At the same time, his sisters and mother entered THEIR ROOM and heard Shehnaaz’s statement. “HUH?” The trio asked at the same time, gaining Sidnaaz’s attention. 

“ABEY GADHI, SEEDHA-SEEDHA HINDI MAI BOL MUJHE TERI PUNJABI SAMAJH NAHI AATI.” Sidharth said irritatingly as he tried a lot to understand the language she spoke but his attempts failed miserably. 

“SIRF MERI PUNJABI YA SAB KI PUNJABI SAMAJH NAHI AATI TUJHE?” Shehnaaz restored with narrowed eyes making the Shukla’s sisters giggle.

SHEHNAAZ, ISE CHORH YEAH TOH PAGAL HAI. TU MUJHE BATA KYA PROBLEM HO GAI HAI?” Rita maa comes ahead to solve Shehnaaz’s problem as she is bonding with her unknown to anyone. She loved her innocence and chirpy nature during the Bigg Boss but now her manners and caring nature are winning her heart again.

At the same time, Sidharth looks at his mother with wide eyes when she calls him “PAGAL”. He heard that when a daughter-in-law comes home, the husband starts changing but here his mother is changing and always taking Sana’s side. She is calling her only son “stupid” and giving love to that GADHI. He comes out from his thoughts hearing Shehnaaz. 

“MAAJI, ISKI ( pointing at Sidharth ) CUPBOARD MAI TOH JAGAH HI NAHI HAI MERA SAMAN RAKHNE KE LIYE. TOH, MAI APNA SAMAN KIDHER RAKHU?” Shehnaaz cribbed like an innocent kid making everyone smile. 

“BUS ITNI SI CHEEZ KE LIYE RO RAHI THI TU, GADHI. RIGHT WALI CUPBOARD KHOL…” Hiding his smile Sidharth remarked in an irritating manner making her scoff at his rude nature. 

Following his order, Shehnaaz opens the right-side cupboard only to hear a few gasps from her back while her eyes shine brightly seeing the empty cupboard. 

Mrs. Shukla and Shukla’s sisters are rubbing their eyes seeing Sidharth’s smartness. He already emptied one of his cupboards for Shehnaaz which means he is sure that she won’t deny staying here. But they don’t know the Possessive Sidharth Shukla who could do anything to bring HIS MOTI to his home. 

Shehnaaz is on cloud nine knowing that Sidharth took so much effort for her. She smiles excitedly and says, “I LOVE YOU, BEBU. TU KITNA ACHA HAI…” 

Hearing her, Sidharth tries hard to hide that red tint from his cheeks but damn… his cheeks are turning redder by the passing second which earns teasing smirks from his sisters. 

“OH…OH…OH… TOH MR. SHUKLA PURI TAIYARI KARKE BAITHE THAI APNI SHEHNAAZ KE LIYE, KYA BAAT! KYA BAAT! KYA BAAT!” Neetu Di teased who is always on her toes to tease her little brother. 

“HAI NA?… MUJHE BHI YAKIN NAHI HO RAHA KI…….. IS CHANT SHUKLA NE MERE LIYE ITNI MEHNAT KI.” Shehnaaz says, If there would be some other girl then she would blush to hear Neetu di’s teasing but she is Shehnaaz who lightens up a little late much to Sidharth’s relief. 

“AGAR YEAH TOPIC KHATAM HO GAYA HO TOH… THODA KAAM BHI KARLO.” Sidharth says rudely and lies down on his royal size bed with a clear intention that he wouldn’t help anyone in setting Shehnaaz’s cupboard. 

“TU KITNA PAPPI HAI, SIDHARTH? MERI HELP BHI NAHI KARWAYEGA…” Shehnaaz cribbed with a bad face, seeing him lying peacefully. Although she expected nothing else from him. 

“CHAL BE PAKA MAT… MAI THAK GAYA HO. MUJHE SONA HAI…” Sidharth dismissed any kind of emotional drama and decreased the AC’s temperature to have his beauty sleep. The ladies give him nasty looks. 

“KOI NA SHEHNAAZ, ISE CHODH MAI TERI HELP KARATI HO.” Rita maa comes ahead to help her with both Neetu and Preeti di who are also ready to help this little chirpy bird. 

Neetu di picks up her suitcase and open it while placing it on the bed in front of Sidharth. Seeing the messed-up condition of her clothes in the bag, Shehnaaz greets her teeth in anger. Not a single cloth is placed neatly while her accessories are floating here and there. 

“AISE KAUN PACK KARTA HAI SUITCASE, SIDHARTH?” Shehnaaz asked angrily, giving another heart attack to the ladies. 

“YEAH PACKING SIDHARTH NE KI HAI?” Preeti di ask with horror and waits for Shehnaaz’s answer. Other ladies were waiting anxiously for her answer too. 

Without knowing anything Shehnaaz nods, hitching their breath while Sidharth tries his level best to hide his face from his ladies and murmurs, “AAJ YEAH MOTI MERA JULOOS NIKAL KAR HI RAHEGI”. 

“SIDHARTH KABSE PACKING KARNE LAG GAYA?” Rita maa also asked not believing what she heard from Shehnaaz. Her lazy-lad son packed Shehnaaz’s bag while he never packs his own bags. 

“BIWI KA KHOOF HAI, MAA…….. BIWI KA KHOOF ACCHE-ACCHE KO SUDHAR DETA HAI TOH YEAH KIS MITTI KI MURAT HAI.” Neetu di whispers which were heard by Rita maa and Preeti di. 

But Preeti di corrects her statement, “HONE WALI BIWI KA KHOOF.” While Rita maa gushed over the changes her son is showing them, “MERA BETA SUDHARA HUA KITNA ACHA LAGTA HAI.”

Murmuring harmless curses to Sidharth, Shehnaaz picks up her dress from her bag and gasps while the Shukla ladies laugh. 

To be continued…

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